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River Ridge Inn

River Ridge Inn is located in Norfork, Arkansas. Established in 2001, River Ridge consists of 7.5 acres of land and ten units—six rooms and four rental cottages. The property is near the White River, which is a 722-mile river that stretches throughout Arkansas and Missouri, surrounding the Ozark Mountains. This mountain range covers Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and the southeastern corner of Kansas.


River Ridge Inn sits on 7.5 acres of land, with ten units for guests to utilize, including six rooms located within a singular home as well as four separate rental cottages. The Scud Room contains a full bath, ceiling fan, and two full beds. A scud refers to a freshwater shrimp, which the Scud Room is named after. Fiber Optic Wi-Fi runs through the room, providing quick internet speed with low lag time for the guests. Included with the Wi-Fi is access to a TV and a DVD/VCR player, where media can be consumed. A washer and dryer in the room allow fresh linen for the stay. Gas and charcoal grills go along with a hot tub, exercise room, sauna and much more. Privacy can be found in the room through access to a private patio and pavilion, as well as a dock for fishing.

The Sow Bug room, named after an aquatic insect that is favored by trout, sits on the lodge's lower level. This particular room provides similar amenities as the Scud Room; however, one queen bed is provided instead of two full beds. The Brown Room serves as one of two rooms located on the lodge's lower levels, decorated with variations of tan and brown colors. Two queen beds are located in this room as well as an adjustable heat pump, allowing guests to monitor and control the temperature of their room. One room in particular—the Cut Throat Room—provides the only king-sized bed in the inn and is located on the lodge's upper level to go along with the Brook Room, the Scud Room and the Rainbow Room.

Four rental cottages also are included in the property, starting with the Cut-Bow Cabin, which can sleep up to four people. It should be noted, however, that additional charges are applied after the second person. A king-sized bed and a queen-sized futon are located in the cottage, along with a private deck and pavilion. Other amenities include a full kitchen with a refrigerator, oven, sink and various cabinetry. The Striper Cabin is a new two-bedroom cabin with four queen beds, sleeping up to four, with an additional fee for any occupants beyond that number. An overlook of the North Fork River can be found from the private deck of the Striper Cabin. A Riverside Chalet in the property provides a master bedroom and a loft for guests, sleeping four, with room for up to six guests. Lastly, the Gardenside Chalet provides four queen beds and three bathrooms for the consumers, as well as over 1,300 square feet of space for the guests to use. Several fishing spots are found in the area surrounding Norfork, Arkansas, including the North Fork River and the Norfolk Tailwater.

Branson, Missouri, is a larger city located two hours away that receives more tourists than Norfork. This city is seen as one of the main attractions of staying in Norfork. Branson is known for its theaters and 1800s-themed amusement parks.


River Ridge Inn strives for a "fishing resort" type of approach in the hospitality that they provide, as evident in their rooms and cottages' naming. Each unit is named after various aquatic animals or activities, ranging from Scud to Cut-Bow. Guests who have stayed at the property sometimes mention in their reviews the cleanliness of the inn, as well as the relaxation they experience. One guest said specifically that "[The River Ridge Inn]...is a great place to relax. It provides beautiful landscaping and rivers for everyone to enjoy."

Jim Smith, the owner of River Ridge Inn, mentions that he "strives to provide a relaxing, clean time for each patron that stays at the lodge." One focal point of attraction mentioned in the guest reviews is the city that River Ridge Inn is located in: Norfork. Norfork is one of the earliest settlements in northern Arkansas. One building in particular, the Jacob Wolf House, stands as one of the oldest buildings in the state of Arkansas, dating back to 1829. The log structure was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973, making it a historical attraction to guests in the area. A river flows through the town of Norfork named the White River. The White River runs at approximately 722 miles, stretching from the state of Arkansas to the state of Missouri. Despite being shorter than the Arkansas River, the White River contains nearly as much water, being sourced from the Boston Mountains in northwest Arkansas.


The River Ridge Inn has been operating in business for the last 19 years, having been opened in 2001. James Smith opened the River Ridge Inn in 2001, having initially bought the property as a bed and breakfast. Throughout his time as the owner of the bed and breakfast, James decided to add on to the property, buying additional land and a home next door, where he transitioned his bed and breakfast into an inn. The cottages were soon built after, and the River Ridge Inn home became a lodging space for guests, no longer being a bed and breakfast. The owner lives next door to the inn in a private home.

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