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Riverbend Retreat-Fla Bed and Breakfast

Riverbend Retreat-Fla Bed and Breakfast

Riverbend Retreat-Fla Bed and Breakfast is located between the Alafia Scrub Nature Preserve and the Alafia River in Riverview, Florida. As it is near the Tampa Bay area, this bed and breakfast is also within driving distance to other attractions such as local outdoor golf courses, iFly, TopGolf, and several beaches. This area is a common passing-through point for visitors to more prominent attractions like Walt Disney World and the Universal Orlando Resort. The site also provides several opportunities for water activities such as boating and fishing. For guests hoping to stay indoors, Riverbend Retreat-Fla Bed and Breakfast has a screened-in pool and spa, as well as several common areas.


Riverbend Retreat-Fla Bed and Breakfast is found along the Alafia River in Riverview, Florida, by the Tampa Bay area. The property is at the edge of a small neighborhood bordering the Alafia Scrub Nature Preserve, an eighty-acre space full of walking trails. It is a common area for fishing, boating, and other water activities. According to Kris Hartland, the owner, visitors and passersby also stay there on their way to other Florida destinations such as Walt Disney World or the beach.

In her own words, Kris describes Riverbend Retreat-Fla Bed and Breakfast as "reminiscent of old Florida." The four-acre property houses two main buildings, which consist of the guest house and the adjoining guest house. Additionally, there is a screened-in pool and spa. The two main guest buildings are grey with green metal roofs. Several matching patios are located at the property's front, back, and sides, with outside lounging spaces available. These lounging spaces feature couches and lawn chairs. A beach area next to the river can provide visitors with double beds and a hammock. A stone-brick firepit is also open for guest use on the patio. A gazebo is located in the front yard. Riverbend Retreat-Fla Bed and Breakfast is mainly surrounded by a forested area and is among many palm and oak trees that can provide shade for those staying on the premises. A dock on the river is fully accessible to patrons as well. 

A total of four units are available at the bed and breakfast. While there are two bedrooms at the Guest House, it serves as its own unit and comes with its own living room, kitchen, entertainment center, fireplace, and massage chair. The master bedroom contains a king-size bed with an en suite private bathroom. The guest room also has a king-size bed with a private bathroom. The Emerald House features the remaining three units: Rejuvenate, Renew, and Restore. Each room can be set with either a king-size bed or two twins. Rejuvenate has a private bathroom, while Renew and Restore share one. All of the rooms have sitting corners. Restore has a small exercising area and is recommended for up to three or four patrons. All units have free Internet and air conditioning, and a single TV can be wheeled into the rooms upon request.

The interior of Riverbend Retreat-Fla Bed and Breakfast has mostly wood floors and matching doors. White walls complement them with grey or teal decorations throughout the inside of the property. A common area inside the Emerald House comes with a computer, a dining table, games, books, tea, coffee, water, and a refrigerator. The Rejoice room is another indoor common area that provides a piano, guitar, tambourine, flutes, and a karaoke machine. Visitors can also play table tennis inside the screened-in area. The covered screened patio is outfitted with a pelican bike, yoga mats, weights, and a corral with two bunnies. The previously mentioned glass building features a screened pool with floats, a Blaze grill, a table, towels, and pool noodles. Kris also allows visitors to use kayaks and paddleboards on the river. These are free to use with the condition of signing a release before use. A deck boat is also available for rent. Several outdoor patios around the building provide lounging spaces with sofas and lawn chairs.

A complimentary breakfast is provided each morning and includes freshly-baked muffins, Greek yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, and fruit. Kris has also offered a unique feature that allows visitors to upgrade their meal experience with a personal chef at Riverbend Retreat-Fla Bed and Breakfast. Lunch and dinner are also optional and are made to order for an additional charge. S'more kits are additionally available for use at the firepits. Food allergies and other accommodations are implemented so long as visitors inform the staff ahead of time.

While many visitors of the bed and breakfast are passing through to arrive at destinations such as the beach, Walt Disney World, or Universal Orlando Resort, other nearby attractions exist. They can visit iFly to skydive indoors, search for boat rentals, go to TopGolf, and see other outdoor golf courses within a relatively short driving distance. The Tiki Docks Bar and Grill is a mile away from Riverbend Retreat-Fla Bed and Breakfast and provides entertainment along with either indoor or outdoor dining. The Shrimp Boat is another nearby restaurant that includes a variety of seafood. Circles, a nearby restaurant, has fine dining and casual dining, and Kris says the restaurant is accessible by boat.


For Kris and her husband Bob, the owners of Riverbend Retreat-Fla Bed and Breakfast, an essential aspect of their property's culture is providing their guests with room to breathe, relax, have fun, and go on adventures if they desire. Kris has implemented a motto that she calls "rejuvenate, renew, and restore," which helps her remember what to focus on when it comes to visitors. She also states that providing a hospitable environment is key to the visitor's experience, but she feels that giving guests their space is equally important. While Kris and the rest of the staff offer to do their visitors' laundry and clean their rooms, they will give visitors their privacy and allow them to do their chores if they choose.

Couple and group retreats are frequently planned at Riverbend Retreat-Fla Bed and Breakfast. Kris says she aims for a family-oriented atmosphere that focuses on "food, fitness, finance, faith, and fun." She tries to keep things close to home as she grows her herbs for the menus and provides a non-alcoholic bar and a giant outdoor chess set. Visitors can participate in "restorative health retreats," where they can do yoga and Bible study retreats for religious purposes. 

Visitors of all types and ages visit Kris's property. She says that Riverbend Retreat-Fla Bed and Breakfast sees many repeat guests, with one particular family having visited her seven times in the last four and half years. She hopes for their happiness and feels that she does what she can to make them satisfied. One particular patron left the following review: "The rooms were clean, cozy, and very homey. Many extra perks included such as timely breakfast each morning and heartwarming conversations with the hosts if you choose." Kris operates her bed and breakfast year-round but mentions that her busiest time of year is from November to March. The main Riverbend Retreat-Fla Bed and Breakfast policies do not allow pets or indoor smoking and require guests to be quiet after 10:00 PM.


Kris and her husband Bob purchased Riverbend Retreat-Fla Bed and Breakfast in December 2017 and opened in March 2018. The original building was constructed in 1997. Upon acquisition, few renovations needed to be made to the property, but Kris had to obtain licensing registrations to operate it. She also had the pool resurfaced, decks rebuilt, floors sanded and refinished, and the firepit added.

Kris and Bob had always wanted to own a bed and breakfast. Before owning it, Kris worked in the finance industry. That led her and Bob to establish the Riverbend Retreat-Fla Bed and Breakfast once they obtained it. Kris says she has loved working as a bed and breakfast host, and her favorite part of the job is seeing her visitors.

In the future, Kris and Bob would like to add more on-site activities apart from their retreats. They also want to add a dance floor on one of the decks, build a pavilion, and include more outdoor activities. An additional twelve kayaks or so are within their plans to buy since they currently only have a handful.

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