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Riverview Bed and Breakfast

Riverview Bed and Breakfast is an inn that is located in Piermont, New York, which is a city that is found near the Hudson River. The bed and breakfast has two suites available for reservation, which go by the names of Alida's Suite and Firehouse Suite. Each unit offers similar amenities, though there are a few differences between the two. Guests also have access to a parking space, Wi-Fi, and breakfast in the morning. The business has a variety of gardens with seating outside. For those who are experienced kayakers, kayaks can be rented from the company to use on the Hudson River. Riverview Bed and Breakfast is pet-friendly and allows patrons to bring their animals to the property and the units. The establishment is open year-round.


Riverview Bed and Breakfast offers two units to guests for reservations, which are Alida's Suite and Firehouse Suite. Alida's Suite is located on the first floor of the building and comes with a private jacuzzi bathtub, a parking space, and a private side entrance that is attached to the porch. A kitchenette in the bedroom offers a refrigerator and a coffee maker, among other kitchen appliances. According to Carolla, the owner, Alida's Suite is slightly larger than the Firehouse Suite. The Firehouse Suite is located on the house's second floor and has its own private entrance, bathroom, and parking space. A few amenities in the Firehouse Suite include a gas fireplace, kitchenette, and a separate porch entrance. During the winter, the porches are closed to shelter a few outdoor plants. The plants are moved outside in the summer, and the patios open up to guests once more. Regardless of which room is reserved, patrons staying at the property will also have a television, access to Wi-Fi, and an invitation to breakfast.

Breakfast is served each morning. During the summer, patrons can request to have their breakfast brought up to their rooms or outside on the porch. Regarding when breakfast is served, the owner mentions that she likes working with occupants to find a time that is convenient for them. She says, "It's what they want because they're the ones on vacation, so I accommodate them as much as I can." Carolla is capable of making accommodations for visitors with specific dietary needs and food allergies, including diets such as vegan and Keto.

Other common areas in the home include a coffee room next to the kitchen, where Carolla may sometimes invite guests to have a cup of coffee and chat, and a wellness center that sells several items, including organic food and wellness products.Outside, many gardens grow various flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Chairs and benches can be found among the vegetation. Kayaks can be rented out to experienced kayakers, and bikes can also be rented. According to Carolla, there are many opportunities for visitors to see birds, fish, turtles, deer, and other animals when they spend time outdoors.

There are a variety of activities that can be done in the vicinity. Due to the fairly close proximity of the Hudson River, people can fish, swim, tube, and kayak down the river. There is an abundant amount of history in the area as well. According to the owner, "George Washington signed papers that separated the United States from England in this city." Carolla also mentions that there is a place called Turning Point. She further explains that when Turning Point first opened in the 1960s, it was a coffee house that often hosted musicians from many different areas, including Richie Hayden and Kris Kristofferson. Musicians still play at Turning Point, and there are even a few famous musicians that sometimes perform there. The owner explains that there are many buildings that are as old as hers or older. She remarks, "The house across the street dates back to 1731. It's one of the oldest houses around here."


Carolla, the owner of Riverview Bed and Breakfast, would like her guests to feel "comfortable, safe, relaxed, and rejuvenated." In an effort to accomplish her goal, she mentions that she tries to be available to patrons as often as she can be. She remarks, "If something goes wrong, let me know. It doesn't matter the hour of the day or night." Carolla strives to interact with occupants as frequently as the visitors would like. She states that she tries to "not be in their way, but [she] tries to give them support when they need or want."

Riverview Bed and Breakfast has several policies in place. Smoking is prohibited inside the building, but there are areas outside, specifically on the porches or in the gardens, where patrons can smoke if they would like. The establishment is pet-friendly, allowing visitors to bring their pets with them on their trips.

Many guests have stayed at Riverview Bed and Breakfast, and a few of them have left reviews of their experience at the inn. A few aspects of the property that are brought up in reviews include the location of the business and the pet-friendly units. One person wrote, "Spacious for my sister and I and pup. Carolla was a great host. The location is close to Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown, and the accommodations were excellent. The best part was bringing my dog and being able to leave him at the bed and breakfast while we ran around Sleepy Hollow." The business does not currently host many events, but the owner, Carolla, explains that she has plans in the future to offer a spa retreat to patrons as an add-on to reservations. The busiest time of year tends to be during the month of October, with the town of Sleepy Hollow drawing in many tourists around this time of year.


Carolla, the current owner of Riverview Bed and Breakfast, explains that she has been running bed and breakfasts since 1983, but she started operating Riverview Bed and Breakfast in 2004. She explains that she was led into the industry because, before entering the industry, she had started renting a room in her house to travelers. She enjoyed it so much that she wanted to expand and do it on a greater level. Carolla mentions that one of her favorite aspects of owning the business is meeting and getting to know the people who come to stay.

In the time she has owned the business, Carolla has made several changes to the home, although she mentions that they are considered more to be "updates in terms of functionality." She notes that most of the updates she made were to maintain the integrity of the building and its history. In the future, Carolla would like to offer "health getaways for anyone who wants to visit the property for a few days and have a wellness experience."

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