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Roddy Tree Ranch

Roddy Tree Ranch is located near San Antonio in Texas hill country. There are 9 units and various activities guests may participate in on the 45-acre property. Also on the premises is 800 feet off river access to the Guadalupe River where guests may fish, kayak, and canoe as they desire. At the center of the property, there is a volleyball court, a basketball court, a fire pit, a catch and release pond for fishing, two swimming pools, and a large pavilion visitors may use at their leisure. Keith and Gretchen, the property owners, strive to give guests a relaxing and memorable stay. Their motto is "Lazy days and stary nights." There is an amphitheater and canteen that host music venues and concerts along with weddings and other events. The property was established as the Roddy Tree Ranch in 1997. Keith and Gretchen have added many of the cottages, buildings, and amenities to the property, and continue to renovate and upkeep the establishment. 


The Roddy Tree Ranch is located in Texas hill country off of highway 39 in between Kerrville and Hunt and right next door to the town of Ingram. The property runs along the Guadalupe River. The ranch is about 45 acres in size and has nine available units for rent. At the front of the property, there is the main office and parking area for vehicles. Near the parking lot is a large pavilion with a small kitchen area that may be rented out and used on special occasions. There is also a recreational area in the vicinity with two swimming pools guests may use at their leisure. Next to the pools is a volleyball court, a basketball court and a recreational field to play outdoor sports. If guests do not have their own ball or games, they may request them at the front office. A fire pit is located next to the recreational field where visitors may gather. All these areas are on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Other activities that can be found at the Roddy Tree Ranch include a catch and release pond with a small dock where guests may fish during the day. There are a few miles of walking paths and trails on the property. At the back of the property, there is a reflection pond with a gazebo and stables with various animals, along with a treehouse and area for children to play. Wildlife can sometimes be spotted on or near the premises, mostly deer. Various parts of the ranch are forested, offering shade, while many of the common areas are more open and often large field areas. 

Each of the nine units has a different style, name, and were built at different times over the course of 25 years. There is the Tree House, RL's Wrangler, Chicken Coop, The Potting Shed, Hi Haven, Caretaker's Roost, The Story Book, Pecan Springs Farm, and Green Gables cottage. Each cottage has a private bathroom and kitchen or kitchenette area, along with wifi, soaps, shampoos, and linens. Depending on the cottage, patrons may have access to a DVD player and a television, a grill, and central heating. 

The Roddy Tree Ranch also has a canteen and amphitheater on the premises which hold up to 1000 people. Musical events are often held there, along with occasional weddings or family reunions. Attractions in the area are mostly outdoors and in nature. Popular destinations include Enchanted Rock, Ganer State Park, Ingram Dam and Lake, and Schumacher crossing. Each of these locations has hiking trails, scenic outlooks, and other recreational activities. San Antonio, Kerrville, and Hunt offer greater opportunities for shopping, museums, and Urban activities.  


The Roddy Tree Ranch's motto is "Lazy days and stary nights." Keith and Gretchen, the proprietors, strive to give guests a relaxing and comfortable stay and hope guests can enjoy the night sky with them. The owners have also made a mission statement to help establish a culture for the property. Keith explains the mission statement, saying, "In 1997 when Gretchen and I started building Roddy Tree, our goal was to have a family resort that would be shared year after year by multi generations. We dreamt of our guests returning, bringing new members of their families to make their own memories here on the banks of the Guadalupe that would last a lifetime." After more than 20 years in the hospitality industry, they are finally starting to see results.

The Lazy Day's Canteen at Roddy Tree Ranch often hosts concerts and other music venues throughout the year. According to Keith, the property is most known for its musical events, and many of the concerts and venues are played by local artists. They are often performing folk, country, and traditional music to the area. One guest said the canteen is a "beautiful venue" with "great music and a good ambiance." Many of the guests staying on the property often seek outdoor activities and use the catch and release pond or the river for fishing. Other guests have often commented on the access to the river allowing guests to kayak, canoe, and raft on the river. 

The establishment has hosted various events such as family reunions, weddings, and the occasional corporate event. Weddings are a popular event on the property. Next to the river on its banks, the property has an established outdoor wedding site, with access to a kitchen, a pavilion, and the Lazy Day Canteen. Guests may decorate the wedding site as they desire. The owners hope their guests have a memorable day. Another guest talking of their stay and experience at the Roddy Tree Ranch said, "Good music and a great place for a wedding venue. Amazing acreage and land right across the street from the river. Good family fun." The property tries to keep light to a minimum at night to allow for better views of the stars. 


Roddy Tree Ranch was established in 1997 by the current owners, Gretchen and Kieth. The property started with seven cottages and lodges, and throughout the years, they have slowly added to it and renovated the older buildings. The Lazy Days Canteen, pavilions, and cottages are among the additions to the ranch. The oldest building on the establishment is the Pecan Springs farm cottage. It was originally built in 1852 near st Louis, Missouri. The house has been shown on Better Homes and Garden TV. It was Disassembled and put back together on the property and has since been renovated to meet modern standards. Keith was a general contractor before entering the hospitality industry. He and his wife fell in love with the property after having experiences there and in the area before owning it. 

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