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Rosehaven Inn/Suites at Curran's

Rosehaven Inn/Suites at Curran's

Rosehaven Inn and The Suites at Curran's are located in Haines Falls, New York. Rosehaven Inn is in a wooded area just outside the village, while The Suites at Curran's are located right on the main street in the village. Haines falls is a very heavily wooded and mountainous area. A majority of the time, people who visit the town are seeking outdoor recreational activities like snowboarding, skiing, or hiking. A current and permanent resident of The Rosehaven Inn is the owner's Maine Coon cat named Ophelia. The cat doesn't typically roam outside of the owner's personal room, although if a guest requests, Ophelia can join them in the common areas of the rest of the inn.


Rosehaven Inn is located on seven acres of wooded land. The property has a walking path, a large lawn, and a wrap-around patio. This classic bed and breakfast has four rooms. The home is decorated in a traditional Victorian style with lots of artwork and unique wallpapers.

Every room has a fireplace and multiple windows. The home's common areas include a sitting room, a large mahogany bar, a game table, and a small library. The wrap around porch has tables and seating for guests to use when eating breakfast and enjoying the mountain and forest views.

Every room has its own private bath with an oversized whirlpool tub and shower, a queen-size bed, extra bed linens with triple sheeting, a hairdryer, an alarm clock, a small refrigerator, and complimentary soft drinks. A large flat screen television, DVD player, and free WiFi are also included. Room number one has all south-facing windows, with a large stained glass window. Room number two has its own separate bath and walk-in shower, along with a walkout patio. Room number three has a separate shower and bathtub with a closet and fireplace. Room number four has a roomy seating area and large windows.

Breakfast is served daily in the large dining area. The breakfast served features homemade baked goods for guests on the go, fresh fruit, savory egg dishes, French toast, and pancakes. Coffee and teas are served all throughout the day. Every breakfast is served on fine dishes. In addition to on-site parking, each guest gets their own house key and access to concierge services.

The Suites at Curran's is a self-catered lodge with four separate apartments rented out for short term stays. The property is conveniently located on the village main street near many shops, restaurants, and outdoor attractions. Guests have complete privacy in the newly renovated suites.

Suite number one is 600 square feet with a large bedroom, an Asian inspired bathroom with a cradled soaking tub, glass shower, a living room, dining area, and modern kitchen. The kitchen in each apartment has a refrigerator, full cooking range, microwave, dishwasher, utensils, and cooking ware.

Suite number two is 350 square feet with a cosmopolitan theme. This apartment does not have a separate bedroom, but the living space is large with a sofa and a fully functional kitchen. A pedestal tub and rain head shower are also featured amenities in this apartment.

Suite number three is 550 square feet with a queen bed and a twin day bed. Radiant in-floor heating spans throughout the apartment and leather club chairs sit in front of the wood fireplace.

Suite number four is 600 square feet with wood, leather, and teal accents. The suite has a large television and a tufted sofa. Each property is just miles away from Hunter Mountain, a popular skiing spot, Kaaterskill Falls, North-South Lake State Park, and many trailheads.


Each of these Tannersville properties were bought and renovated by Kelly Coughlin and her husband. Rosehaven Inn is more secluded in a wooded area on lots of land. The property was created to have a more intimate experience. The property is decorated in a comfortable Victorian style with lots of historical artwork. With many common areas, fresh breakfasts are served daily and fireplaces in each room. This space was made for more intimate getaways. Most of the guests visiting Rosehaven Inn are couples young and old, many of which spend their days either hiking or skiing on Hunter Mountain. Visitors at Rosehaven Inn tend to leave positive reviews regarding the property management, the cleanliness of the rooms, the d├ęcor, and the fresh breakfasts.

Curran's is a more modern escape. The old building was renovated to accommodate guests wishing to have a more personal stay. Here guests can enjoy privacy and independence as they come and go throughout the village. The majority of these property's visitors are native-looking from an escape from their busy lives in New York City. Tannersville is a small village within Haines Falls. The village has a population of just 514 people and relies on tourists visiting the ski resort and state parks to keep their restaurants and shops full. The villagers are restaurant and shop owners, tour guides, ski instructors, and more. Tannersville is very outdoor-oriented and hospitable.


The owner of Rosehaven Inn and The Suites at Curran purchased the properties in 2003 and 2010. Kelly Coughlin and her husband have owned inns in the past, but the Rosehaven Inn is a new experience for them because they live in the home themselves. They have a passion for renovated houses and have renovated many properties and turned them into residence businesses.

They love how personal the Rosehaven Inn is because they actually live in the home with their guests as well. The Suites at Curran are very convenient because they don't have to spend a lot of time at the property, and guests can have a more private stay. Kelly does all of the management and housekeeping for both residences. Kelly loves the business, and the couples appreciate that they get to share their renovated spaces with their guests.

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2003 & 2010

147 Sunset Road
Haines Falls, New York 12436
United States


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Kelly Coughlin

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2003 & 2010
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