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Rosemont Bed and Breakfast

The Rosemont Bed and Breakfast is located in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas. The private cottage style, pet-friendly units allow for guests to be able to have a relative amount of privacy during their stay. The units each feature either a private garden or patio area, and breakfast can be brought to guests' cottages each morning and left in the fridge, allowing guests to eat their food whenever they would like. With garden common areas and more seating than available occupancy, guests can socialize with others if desired, or keep to themselves and enjoy a quiet stay. State parks and local attractions are nearby both properties. With things to do both within walking distance and a 15-minute drive out of the city, the Rosemont Bed and Breakfast has options for all ages close to the property.


The Rosemont Bed and Breakfast is located in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas. With two locations, the 15th Street building and the Arch Street building, there are a total of 6 private cottages. Each building is located on an oversized city block, Both buildings were built in the 1880s and were originally farmhouses. 

Each cottage has a private entry, self-check-in and check-out, and a private garden with a sitting area. The cottages all have different names and sizes, but all are pet-friendly. The owners are open to any size of pet staying but ask that pets stay off the furniture and bedding. The most popular cottages at the Rosemont Bed and Breakfast are Treetop Cottage and Barkley Cottage. The two units are very different from each other. Treetop features a less traditional style of cottage and has a stairway up to its private entrance and balcony. Barkley Cottage is traditional in its garden views and décor. Barkley Cottage can be rented by itself or together with Hayward Cottage to accommodate more people. There is a connecting door between the two cottages that can be locked if rented separately, as well as a garden with a connecting gate between the two cottages. 

At the 15th Street location, there is a garden common area where guests can socialize together if desired. The garden is fenced on three sides and there is street parking available nearby. There is more seating available for the outside garden areas of each cottage and the common area so guests can bring those they know from the city for a visit as well. At the bed and breakfast, the goal of the owners is to have privacy and separateness for each guest, with an option of togetherness if those staying at the property choose. There is not a communal breakfast area for guests, but, if desired, anyone can bring their food outside in the garden area and enjoy it with other patrons of Rosemont. 

The bed and breakfast was originally a farmhouse, and the owners strive to keep the décor and overall ambiance of the property in line with that. The property has a covered porch and bay windows, as well as intentionally manicured landscaping. Finally, each cottage has its own private porch or garden area.

Breakfast is brought to guests' rooms each morning, if ordered in advance, at no additional charge. There are 6 breakfast options ranging from waffles to pastry to frittatas. Essentials needed for preparing the meal are brought to each cottage and left in the fridge so guests can prepare and eat whenever they are ready. Four out of the six cottages have full kitchens, and the other two have kitchenettes. The kitchenettes come equipped with a fridge, coffee maker, toaster, waffle iron, microwave, and dishes. The most popular breakfasts are the waffles and the frittata. 


At the Rosemont Bed and Breakfast, the owners strive for the policy of having "all the charm and grace of a bed and breakfast, but with privacy and separateness." They do this to try and give guests the combined benefits of staying at hotels and bed and breakfasts at the same time.  

With the location of the bed and breakfast, guests have options regarding activities that are near the property. Fall in Little Rock leads to color changes in the trees and other plants and weather for hiking and biking just outside of the city. Jenkins Ferry State Park is just 30 minutes away from the property, and farther is Hot Springs State Park and Ouachita National Forest. Nearby, there are local cafes where guests can eat out. The city of Little Rock has options for guests before and after the sun goes down. 

Guests who have stayed at the Rosemont Bed and Breakfast have commented on the privacy, contactless check-in, and breakfast available. One guest said "Check-in/check-out is so simple, and our cottage was lovely. The breakfast was great, too." With separateness and privacy as a goal of the owners, guests have mentioned the ability to socialize but keep their solitude, one guest mentioned that they were able to wave to those staying at the other cottages and greet one another, but keep the goal of a quiet getaway in mind. 

The owners' goal is to prepare each cottage ahead of time with the necessities that patrons might need or want. They strive to anticipate guests' needs and create an environment where people can feel comfortable. In each bathroom, robes are hung for use by guests, as well as hairdryers available in every cottage. There are books that those who stay can read and enjoy on their vacations. Because the establishment is the only one of its kind in Little Rock, the owners consider it a "duty" to represent guest cottages in a positive light.


The buildings that make up the Rosemont Bed and Breakfast were both erected in 1890 with the purpose of being farmhouses. Located in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas the owners strive to keep the décor in theme with the time period and function of the original structure.  One of the units available, May's Cottage, was a mother-in-law's suite sometime after the original construction of the farmhouse in the 1800s. The mother who stayed there was named Mabel May, and as such, the cottage is named after her. The other units were named by the owners and do not have the same significance as May's Cottage. 

The owners, Stacie and Susan, have worked in the bed and breakfast industry for the past 21 years. With the construction of the cottages, the owners have found a new appreciation for the industry. The new facet of private cottages with breakfast prepared by guests has given them an opportunity to reinvent the concept of a bed and breakfast. 

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515 West 15th Street
Little Rock, Arkansas 72202
United States


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Susan and Stacie

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4.5/5 6 Reviews
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