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Rosemont Inn

The Rosemont Inn is located in Douglas, Michigan, on a little over 2 acres of property across the street from Lake Michigan. The inn has been in operation since being built in 1901 by the Byron family as a boarding house. Since then, the property has had a total of four different owners, with the current owners being Kerry and Tammy Cunnion, who bought the establishment in 2021. The inn is two stories, has a total of 14 rooms available for reservation, and features common areas such as a pool, spa, the Lakefront Room, and the dining room where breakfast is served every day. According to Kerry, the property is often referred to as a romantic getaway, especially since the property does not allow children.


The Rosemont Inn is a 120-year-old edifice, built-in 1901 as a boarding house. There were originally six rooms in the building, but recent renovations have led the property to have a total of 14 units being located on both the first and second floors of the two-story building. Common areas of the Rosemont Inn include the dining area and the Lakefront Room, which serves as a meeting facility for multiple events. Amenities offered throughout the property to patrons include a heated pool outside, an indoor spa featuring a dry sauna, an exercise area, and a hot tub. One of the most popular draws to the inn is the short walk across the street to the Lake Michigan beach. Complimentary beach chairs and bikes are provided by the establishment to those staying at the inn. According to Kerry, the owner, there is "an endless view of Lake Michigan" at the beach, and the majority of the rooms in the inn have access to the view as well.

A complimentary breakfast is also served buffet-style to guests every day during their stay. The buffet features hot items, bread, juices, coffee, and tea. Every day Kerry makes breakfast himself and has noticed that his hot entrees are one of his biggest hits. The inn strives to accommodate any visitors with food sensitivities or allergies when preparing the food. Breakfast is served either in the dining room or on the outside deck during the summer but is always served from 8:30 to 9:30 in the morning.

There are large seating areas throughout the premises of the inn, with additional features such as gardens with a koi pond and a waterfall, a patio with a view of the lake, and free parking for those staying on the property. The Rosemont sits on a total of 2.1 acres of land, being mostly comprised of seating areas and other amenities offered to patrons.


Kerry, the owner, says that the area is "one of the most beautiful and popular areas in western Michigan." Due to the relatively large amount of visitors to the area, the owner reports that the inn is regularly sold out, especially during the warmer months, starting around the beginning of May to November. However, they also see relatively high amounts of visitors throughout the year since the establishment is open year-round. Those who stay at the property vary widely, but Kerry says there is a "sweet spot" around people from their 40s to 50s, and usually are couples seeking a romantic getaway.

Events that are able to be hosted at the property include weddings, cooperate meetings, rehearsal parties, and showers. Other important things to note about the Rosemont Inn are the policies, including not being pet-friendly nor kid-friendly. Occasionally, the owners will make exceptions to kids on the property on a case-by-case basis; however, no exceptions are made for pets.

Goals set by the owners of the inn include striving to be a welcoming and comfortable place for any visitor that books with them. They continue to find ways to update the building and amenities to bring the inn back to "what it was 20 years ago," according to Kerry. They strive to make the patron check-in process hassle-free to alleviate any stress accumulated during their travel to the inn.

The owners live on the property and often interact with guests throughout their stay as they see them when they check-in, in passing, or when they are serving them breakfast each morning; they are always willing to give suggestions on the surrounding area. Most visitors to the area come for the Michigan beaches, nearby trails, local shopping, art galleries, sailing charters, and wineries; three of which can be found within ten minutes of the inn. The area is often referred to as the "Art Coast" due to the high density of local artists. Kerry recommends that any visitor looking for a place to eat should try Phil's Tavern, The Butler, or the Taverna Rosa.

One of the unique things aspects of the Rosemont Inn, according to Kerry, is the lakefront view. Guests are often drawn because of the convenience of the lake and have commented on this feature and about the quality of the breakfast served each day. One visitor to the inn remarked, "I had a wonderful time here and felt so relaxed. I loved how cozy it was and how it was so close to the beach."


The edifice of the Rosemont Inn was built by the Byron family in 1901 as a boarding house. The property started out as a 65-acre peach farm, but there was a blight that killed all the peach trees, which led the Byrons to sell some land and build the boarding house. When they initially opened the inn, the spelling was "Rose Mont" but was changed by the different ownerships throughout the years. Since then, the edifice has seen multiple renovations and additions, such as the addition of a spa, the pool, and the King Wing, which gave the property eight more rooms. All these renovations occurred around the 80s. The current owners, Kerry and Tammy, have started to redecorate/remodel the inside and outside of the property, from a new sign to redoing the gazebo.

Kerry and Tammy Cunnion have owned the Rosemont Inn since June of 2021, making them the fourth family to own the building over the past 120 years. The Cunnions' have always had a desire to live on the shores of Lake Michigan, and the Rosemont Inn provides them with that opportunity. Since buying the establishment, Kerry has enjoyed meeting different people and being able to hear their stories.

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United States


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