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Savannah's Meadow

Savannah's Meadow Treehouse Bed and Breakfast, located in Celeste, Texas, has three units available from April 1 to November 1. There are two treehouses and one trailer that guests can stay in. The treehouses are accessible by ramps and sit approximately 25 feet in the air. The Majestic Oaks Treehouse can sleep up to seven people, the Bare Creek Hollow Treehouse can accommodate four people, and the Gypsy's Grotto Trailer can sleep up to three. There are breakfast items in the fridge upon arrival that guests can use for breakfast. The units sit on 18.75 acres of land, and there is a catch and release pond on the property, as well as an herb garden. The property has an area that can host events such as weddings. 


Savannah's Meadow Treehouse Bed and Breakfast is located in Celeste, Texas. The property sits on 18.75 acres of land and has three units for guests to stay in. There are two treehouses, located one to two stories in the trees that are accessible through ramps that lead to the front doors of the houses, and a trailer called Gypsy's Grotto. The majority of the land is home to the acreage of mature cedar and oak trees which are the same types of trees the houses are built on. There is also an event field towards the front of the property where weddings can take place. Nearby the event center is a pavilion area with propane grills that patrons can use. The pavilion has ceiling fans that try to help guests stay cool while cooking their food. The grounds of Savannah's Meadow also have a catch and release fishing pond for visitors. There are kayaks that guests can take out on the pond and fishing gear available free of charge to those who stay at the bed and breakfast. The deepest part of the pond is approximately fourteen feet deep. In addition to the mature oak trees on the property, the owners also have an herb garden that guests can walk through, and a Pennsylvania-style bridge that leads across the creek to the garden. The owners ask that guests do not pick plants or herbs from the garden but enjoy the smells and plants. There are also animals that live on the property. Visitors to Savannah's Meadow can interact with a donkey, cats, chickens, and a dog while staying on the property. 

The two treehouses are called the Majestic Oaks Treehouse and the Bare Creek Hollow Treehouse. When guests look out the windows of their treehouses, they can see wildlife indigenous to the area, such as birds and squirrels. The houses are located in mature cedar and oak trees. Many of the trees in the forest can grow to be upwards of 80 feet tall. Each of the three units has similar d├ęcor styles, and each differs in the number of people the unit can sleep. The Bare Creek Hollow Treehouse sleeps four people, the Majestic Oaks Treehouse sleeps up to seven people, and the Gypsy's Grotto sleeps three. All three units include breakfast items such as eggs, cold cereal, oatmeal, milk, coffee, and hot chocolate. The owners strive to provide guests with the opportunity to cook their own breakfasts to allow guests to wake up when they want and not need to abide by a set schedule. 

The Majestic Oaks Treehouse consists of three buildings that connect with a sundeck that leads to the main room. There is a "crows nest" that is accessible by climbing a bookshelf in the main room. The crow's nest has three beds that guests can use. The treehouse sits 25 feet up in a more than 200-year-old tree. The Majestic Oaks Treehouse has a private hot tub on its balcony as well as a private pool. 

The Bare Creek Hollow Treehouse is a two-floor treehouse. It has a front porch, back porch, balcony on the second floor, and a loft area accessible via a ladder. The Gypsy Grotto is a converted travel trailer. Near the trailer is an outdoor bathtub with hot and cold running water for guests staying in Gypsy Grotto. 

While on the grounds, the owners ask that guests ride bikes provided by the business to get around the property. Ron and Susan Van Volkenburgh, the owners of Savannah's Meadow, strive to provide a quiet, peaceful environment in nature. To make that possible, they ask that bikes be used instead of cars whenever possible. No pets are allowed on the property or in the treehouses to keep pets safe. Additionally, because of the treehouses' wood construction and their location directly in a forest, no open flames are allowed on the property. There is a firepit that guests can use, but owners must be present to keep the property and guests safe. There are gardens, fishing, and other amenities for visitors to enjoy, but the owners ask that guests take "no unexpected gifts" off the property, meaning that guests should not take plants from the property or catch and keep fish. 

There is also a store on the property that sells soaps, shampoos, bath salts, lotions, room sprays, and candles. They also sell tee shirts, mugs, magnets, and other memorabilia of Savannah's Meadow. 


The owners of Savannah's Meadow Treehouse Bed and Breakfast describe the property as a "glamping resort." Those who stay on the property can experience many things that are common in a camping experience such as fishing, sleeping in the forest, and witnessing nature, without giving up showers, beds, or other similar amenities. Many who stay at the treehouses describe themselves as "outdoor enthusiasts," and the owners strive to create an atmosphere where guests can experience the outdoors. During the nighttime, patrons of the establishment may hear owls chattering, and during the day guests can see roadrunners across the property. Ron and Susan try and help guests have an environment where they can reconnect to nature and rediscover themselves. Each visitor is greeted by Ron and Susan sitting on a 1951 tractor. 

Guests who stay at Savannah's Meadow mention the peaceful setting of the property, including the pond with fishing and the animals that live on the grounds. One guest said "Very friendly folks and cozy treehouses in a romantic setting straight out of a fairy tale. Fully functional treehouses provide all the necessary amenities." Patrons also note the comfort of the bedding as well as the views of nature across the property and the hospitality of the owners. 

Savannah's Meadow is open from April 1 through November 1. During the five months the property is closed, the owners do renovation projects that could interrupt the peace and quiet of guests. The busiest times for the treehouses are the spring and fall seasons, as summer is relatively hot. The treehouses have working heat and cooling systems to help provide guests with a comfortable experience regardless of the season. The treehouses book quickly, and the owners suggest reserving far in advance to ensure that visitors can stay when they want to.

Most guests who stay at the bed and breakfast come specifically for the experience of staying in a treehouse. Still, in addition to the experience, there are many places within an hour's drive that patrons of the property can visit. Savannah's Meadow is located about an hour from Dallas. Guests who want to see the surrounding cities can visit the Dallas Arboretum, Historic Downtown McKinney, and the Chaparral Trail. The owners recommend three restaurants to guests: Venecia Italian Restaurant, Charlie's Old Fashioned Burgers, and Bucky's Cafe.


The Majestic Oaks Treehouse was designed and built by a student of Pete Nelson, who hosts the television show Treehouse Masters. The show filmed an episode about the Majestic Oaks Treehouse that aired in 2016. Since then, both of the treehouses on the property have been featured in magazines and newspapers. The business was started in 2013, and the current owners have run the property since 2016. When Ron and Susan bought the property, they were originally going to use the treehouses to each run their own businesses, but when they came and saw the property, they decided to continue in the hospitality industry. Ron and Susan enjoy helping their guests have an enjoyable stay and creating spaces for guests to be in nature and interact with animals. 

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