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Sea Breeze Manor Inn

The Sea Breeze Manor Inn, located in Gulfport, Florida, has seven units, each with at least one private bathroom. On the property, there are rooms, a restaurant, a courtyard that is decorated with flowers and other plants, and porches. The current owners of the property, Frank and Rali Kaller, have been associated with the business since 2014. The Kallers have several other properties, and most of them are family-owned. The Sea Breeze Manor Inn has two pet-friendly units, and one of those units is also handicap accessible. Other features of the property are the individual decorations in each of the rooms, a large tub with a view of the bay in the Jamacia Deluxe Suite, and exterior features such as the courtyard and surrounding trees. Guests who have stayed at the property have commented on the staff members, the food at the restaurant, the location of the inn, and multiple nearby attractions.


Seven units are located at the Seabreeze Manor Inn, including the Aruba, Barbados, Jamacia, Bermuda, and Belize Delux Suites, along with two pet-friendly guest cottages, which are the Key Largo Cottage and the Key West Cottage. The Aruba Deluxe Suite has a French decor design, along with antique furniture, a writing desk, a love seat, a large Armoire, oak floors, a private bathroom, and an additional half bath. Another feature included with the Aruba Deluxe Suite is the private sunroom, which has a 9' expanse of windows. The Barbados Deluxe Suite has a large bed, plantation window shutters, a private patio, double private entrances, and a sofa. One of the main features of the Jamacia Deluxe Suite that makes it more popular is the bath, which has a view of the ocean. A private wrap-around balcony, king-sized bed, and vaulted ceiling are other features. Located on the second floor of the main house is the Bermuda Deluxe Suite, which has a 1940s mahogany antique king-size bed, along with an antique dresser with mirrors inside of a walk-in closet. A sitting area is also provided for guests staying in the Bermuda Deluxe Suite. The Belize Deluxe Suite has two large windows, an antique nightstand, a sitting area, and vaulted ceilings. The Key Largo Cottage is pet-friendly, as is the Key West cottage. Each has a private entrance. The Key West Cottage is also handicap accessible. 

Amenities that each room shares are flat-screen TVs, internet access, beach access, an alarm clock, private parking, a trolley bus, private bathrooms, and a mini-fridge. The property is also located seven miles from the Sunken Gardens and Tropicana Field, and residing only a small distance away is Gulfport's main street, which has bars, a garden, shops, a casino, and other various events. Many of these activities are available in the evening.

The Breeze Waterfront Cafe is located within the main house of the building. It serves breakfast and/or lunch and dinner, depending on the day. Dining on the front porch is available for those eating at the hotel, and guests staying at the Sea Breeze Manor Inn get a 10% discount at the restaurant. 

On the property is a courtyard, which has a variety of plants and flowers. There are trees in the front of the property, along with a sign indicating the name of the inn. The house itself is green with white framing and a brown slanted roof. The house is on the larger side and has an upper balcony and a front porch.

Nearby restaurants that have been recommended to eat at are Pia's Trattoria, along with the multiple bars in the area. Specific attractions are the Little Boutique Shop, the Casino Ball Room, the various little shops along Main Street, and the parks in the area, such as the Queen Dennis Park, the Clymer Park, and the Tomlinson Park. 


At the Sea Breeze Manor Inn, staff members want the guests to feel comfortable and happy. When a patron arrives at the property, the workers often address them by name and assist them with checking in. During a guest's stay, employees interact with the guests as much as possible. The manager says that she tries to become friends with whoever is staying at the inn by talking to them and checking in on them as much as possible. The owners of the Sea Breeze Manor Inn, Frank and Rali Kaller, encourage their workers to be hospitable. 

The Sea Breeze Manor Inn is able to accommodate groups coming for events in the area. One of the relatively common events that occur near the property is weddings. Often, the bride and groom will rent most of the inn with their guests and family. The weddings frequently take place at the Casino Ball Room or on the beach. Celebratory parties after the wedding are sometimes held at the Sea Breeze Manor Inn.

One important policy for those staying at the establishment is that there is no smoking allowed indoors. Guests are still able to smoke as long as they are outside the property. While the inn doesn't have specific quiet hours, it tends to be quiet when it gets late in the day. The manager reports that, for the most part, visitors are quiet when at the property.

Known for being a family-owned inn, the Sea Breeze Manor Inn has received compliments over the years, specifically about the staff. In a book at the Sea Breeze Manor Inn, where guests are welcome to write down their thoughts or reviews, there are a few comments about the friendly staff. Guests tend to appreciate the effort that the workers go through to make the patrons feel comfortable. One specific guest said that "the location is convenient to walk downtown. The view is quite lovely and relaxing. The food was delicious, and all the staff were friendly and accommodating." The guest went on to say that "great care was taken to every detail, including luxury toiletries and bottled waters in the suite." The owners of the property have replied to multiple reviews, thanking the guests for their input.

The restaurant that is located within the main house is not free to guests, but those who are staying in the rooms of the property receive a 10% discount. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The Breeze Waterfront Cafe has been complimented on its coffee, pancakes, omelets, and French toast. 


The Sea Breeze Manor Inn has been a hotel since 1977, with the unique feat of having been designed by the same man who designed the layout for Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The current owners, the Kallers, have owned the property since 2014. The Kallers own several hotels and restaurants, including the Sea Breeze Manor Inn. Frank and Rali Kaller come from Germany, and their properties are located both in the United States and Germany.

Changes have been made to the property over the years, but not many of them have changed the look of the home. The Kallers want the house to be "vintage" instead of modern, but they have installed a few extra things for convenience's sake, such as flat-screen TVs, mini-fridges, and various other amenities. Because they want the house to be vintage Victorian, they decorate many of the rooms accordingly with antique furniture such as bed frames, bedside tables, wardrobes, chairs, loveseats, and more.  

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5701 Shore Boulevard
Gulfport, Florida 33707
United States


Vintage Victorian


Frank and Rali Kaller

Owned Since
4.5 (40 Reviews)
4.5/5 40 Reviews
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