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Sea Cliff Gardens Bed & Breakfast

The Sea Cliff Gardens Bed and Breakfast is an inn that can be found near the edge of the Salish Sea, which separates Vancouver Island in Canada from Washington in the United States. In the city of Agnew, Washington, the bed and breakfast is located on the edge of the cliffs (thus its name) and has five private suites available for guests to rent. Gardens of various flowers can be found all over the yard on the outside of the property, and by the cliffside of the ocean, guests can use the chairs and tables provided to spend time outside watching cruise ships float by in the bay or watching the sunset over the ocean water. The best season of operation tends to be during the months of July, August, and September due to the warmer temperatures.


The Sea Cliff Gardens Bed and Breakfast consists of a two-story building and has one of the rooms on the first floor, while the other four suites are on the second floor. Each room is named after a person in history and is individually decorated, meaning that if a visitor comes multiple times to the Sea Cliff Gardens Bed and Breakfast and gets a different room, it may be a different experience. Regardless of which space is rented out, guests will have several amenities in their room, including a private bathroom, fireplace, complimentary water bottles, complimentary bathrooms supplies, like shampoo, soap, and a hairdryer, and access to free Wi-Fi.

The room located on the ground level is called Victoria's Repose and is noted as being a room that especially caters to couples on a honeymoon or a more romantic vacation. In the room is a flat-screen television that also comes with a DVD player and a king-sized bed. Outside of the room, on an isolated deck only accessible to guests of Victoria's Repose, is a private outdoor hot tub.

Napoleon's Retreat is a room that can be found on the second floor. A queen-sized bed, flat-screen television, and DVD player are also found in the room. One highlight of this room is that it has a direct view of the ocean from the windows.

The next room is Marie Antoinette's Boudoir, which has a queen-sized bed for guests to sleep on. This room has a larger bathroom that has a double-size shower. There is also a two-person jacuzzi right in the room that guests are able to use at their leisure.

Ludwig's Chamber is another room that has a two-person jacuzzi, as well as an elevated king-sized bed. This room includes a television and DVD player.

The final room available to guests is called Maria Theresa's Suite. This room comes equipped with a king-sized bed and is the third and last to have a two-person jacuzzi in the suite. Guests can also use the television and DVD player that are right across from the bed.

Breakfast is available to all patrons that rent a room. The meal starts at about 8:00 in the morning and ends around 9:30. The dishes that are often served include dishes like starch pancakes, French toast, potatoes, eggs, and meat, all of which are usually served with seasonal fresh fruit. For those with dietary restrictions or preferences, the owners are able to accommodate those who have vegan or gluten-free dietary needs, provided they are given enough time to make those kinds of dishes. The owners understand that sometimes people don't have time to sit down at the table to eat their meal, so they will put together a continental breakfast for anyone that's in a rush out the door. That way, guests don't miss out on the meal.

The inside of the property is decorated with many different antiques. The owner mentions that many of them came from Germany and parts of the United Kingdom. The library has many trinkets in it, as well as a number of books and DVDs that guests can borrow and take to their rooms to read or watch movies and TV shows.

For those that travel outside of the property line searching for places of interest, they will find a number of different things, both in the town and nearby. One restaurant that the owner mentions by name is the Dockside Grill at the Marina, which serves seafood dishes. There are also several locations that guests are able to visit if they are looking for activities to do. Olympic National Park can be found south of the property and offers outdoor recreational activities like hiking, rock-climbing, and spending time at one of the lakes or rivers. Guests can take ferry boats up to Victoria, Canada, from one of the nearby docks. East of the property, visitors can go to the Dungeness Wildlife Refuge and spend time on the beach.


The current owner of the Sea Cliff Gardens Bed and Breakfast is a man named Bill, who runs the property alongside his wife. Bill explains that the goal of the bed and breakfast is to create an atmosphere that is welcoming and relaxing. He hopes that everyone that walks through the doors of his establishment will leave feeling fulfilled. A word he hopes can be used to describe his property is "tranquil." One thing Bill does to help make this occur is tending to the plants, flowers, and trees found outside of the property. The building is surrounded by greenery, mostly flowers, which come in a wide variety, and the property is right next to a Western Cedar forest. Bill reports that they grow many different flowers, including various Daisies, Hydrangea, Japanese Anemones, and more. Regarding the gardens on the property, Bill says, "No matter what time of year it is, there is always something blooming outside." Very often are wildlife and animals spotted on or near the property like deer and occasionally even bald eagles.

To help maintain a relaxing environment for everyone staying at The Sea Cliff Gardens Bed and Breakfast, the establishment has several policies that they ask guests to abide by during their stay. The first one is that they ask their visitors to be considerate of others and keep noise to a minimum, especially during the later hours of the night and early hours of the morning. Due to the fact that there are a number of historical trinkets in the rooms and around the house, they do not accommodate children under the age of 16. The inn also doesn't allow smoking inside any of the rooms in the house. Instead, they ask that guests take it outside to one of the designated smoking locations.

There has been a number of reviews that guests have left regarding their stay. A person who stayed at The Sea Cliff Gardens Bed and Breakfast left a review that reads, "The waterfront location was spectacular, the view invites you to sit and gaze. My husband and I sat and watched cruise ships go by, and we watched the sunset. It was so peaceful. The gardens are beautiful, with so many different kinds of flowers in bloom and hummingbirds flying around. The room was very nice, with a big window facing the ocean. All the comforts of home were provided."


The Sea Cliff Gardens Bed and Breakfast has been open for about 22 years, with its first day of opening occurring in 1998. The current owner, Bill, and his wife purchased the property back in 2014. Ever since then, they have maintained the property's grounds and building and preserved the same Victorian style it had when it first opened. Though The Sea Cliff Gardens Bed and Breakfast has been owned and run by three different owners, the establishment has been a bed and breakfast since it was built.

Bill runs The Sea Cliff Gardens Bed and Breakfast with his wife. Over the last seven years, they have maintained the same Victorian theme that it had when they first bought the property. Before he and his wife purchased the bed and breakfast, he worked with Disney as one of their supply-chain workers, which mostly involved retail and required an eye for detail to do his job successfully. He decided that a change of pace was needed, and he wanted to be a bit more of an active worker than he was, though he did enjoy that general line of work. That's when he purchased The Sea Cliff Gardens Bed and Breakfast and became his own boss. Bill mentions that his wife plays an important part in running the inn, as she used to own an art gallery and has taken some culinary arts in the past. When they cook breakfast, she does much of the baking while he does more of the cooking.

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