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Seacrest Motel

Located in the city of Port Orford, Oregon, the Seacrest Motel has 17 accommodations that are available for guests to reserve year-round. The establishment is currently under the ownership of April Presewich and managed by Eli. With the goal of providing patrons with a peaceful atmosphere and enjoyable experience, April and Eli make an effort to be available should guests have any questions or concerns during their stay. Eli hopes that the property's location near the ocean can contribute to the relaxed atmosphere he and April work to create at the establishment. On account of the motel's close proximity to the ocean, a fair amount of visitors who have stayed at Seacrest Motel engaged in outdoor activities, including biking and hiking.


Seacrest Motel is a lodging establishment located on the Oregon Coast, offering a total of 17 accommodations for guests. The motel does not have an RV park, but it does provide RV parking without utility hookups. The rooms range in bed size, including King rooms, queen rooms, double queen rooms, and a family accommodation. Each is equipped with amenities such as a coffeemaker, mini fridge, coffee pot, microwave, TV with cable box, and Wi-Fi access. According to the manager, Eli, the family room stands out as a fairly popular choice among patrons due to its queen room setup on one side and an adjacent room with bunk beds and its own Smart TV. The double queen premium rooms are also favored for their "spaciousness, larger windows, and better views of the ocean," as reported by the manager. 

The property consists of a single building with two floors, dividing the 17 rooms between them. A relatively large backyard and field can also be found on the premises, providing a pet-friendly space for people to walk their dogs or allow them to run around under supervision. There are no other on-site facilities apart from a laundry room. While there are not many activities available directly on the property, the surrounding area offers opportunities for biking and outdoor exploration. Guests often use the motel as a base to visit nearby attractions or participate in fishing, crabbing, and biking along the Trans-American Trail. For those who want to go fishing or crabbing, Eli says that he can lend his fishing boat and crab gear to people.

One of the specific aspects of Seacrest Motel that distinguishes it from other establishments in the area is its location on the outskirts of town. Eli describes the vicinity as "a quiet and secluded" area away from the bustling main street. In addition to nearby access points to beaches such as Battle Rock Beach and Paradise Point, Seacrest Motel is found near several nature-oriented attractions, namely Humbug Mountain State Park, which offers hiking trails, and the Elk River and Seacrest River, which Eli says are known for their waterfalls. Visitors can also enjoy beachcombing for agate rocks along the coast. When it comes to dining options, Eli recommends several local establishments. Redfish is reportedly a popular sit-down restaurant, while The Dive has more of a casual atmosphere with burgers and tacos. For those seeking fish and chips, Eli suggests The Crazy Norwegian's Fish & Chips.


The owners of Seacrest Motel have the goal of providing guests with a comfortable and peaceful stay. Eli, the manager, remarks that the motel's atmosphere revolves around making people feel at ease and offering a relaxing environment for them to rest before venturing out to explore the surrounding areas. Eli sees his role as the manager as an essential element to the Seacrest Motel, saying that he enjoys being "a familiar face" to visitors and helping them feel secure in that sense. The manager also makes an effort to be available to assist patrons, whether it's making reservations or providing recommendations on local attractions and hiking trails. He and the owners try to offer additional help by keeping track of fishing conditions for fishermen. One individual who previously stayed at the Seacrest Motel commented on their experience in a review, as they stated, "I unexpectedly ended up in Port Orford and needed a place to stay for a night. My room was clean, comfortable, and surprisingly inexpensive. I loved the decor, as it was sort of quaint, homey, and personal."

Seacrest Motel enforces a few policies that visitors should take note of before their stay. Pets are welcome, and the motel strives to make guests with dogs feel at home without imposing additional charges, except in the case of "extensive cleaning." A non-smoking policy is in place to maintain a clean and comfortable setting. Seacrest Motel has established quiet hours to ensure a peaceful environment for all visitors. Typically, quiet time begins after 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. to allow everyone to rest without being disturbed.

As an establishment that operates year-round, Seacrest Motel typically experiences its busiest time of year during the summer, which Eli attributes to the warm weather and the conclusion of school for the season. The motel attracts a relatively diverse range of people, including fishermen, families, and cyclists. Eli observes that foreign travelers, especially from countries such as France, Germany, Switzerland, and China, also frequently visit the motel.


Seacrest Motel has a history dating back to the 1950s when the building was first constructed as a motel. The current owner, April Presewich, has been managing the motel for the past 15 years. As for the present manager, Eli, he was led into the lodging industry when he had the desire to "try something new." His previous occupation involved building and repairing roofs.

The motel has recently undergone room upgrades, and future plans include the addition of a gazebo and the development of a garden area. The aim is to enhance the guest experience while preserving the historical nature of the property. Despite undergoing minor upgrades, the building's structure and design have generally remained original. Eli says that the establishment holds significance within its local community. As a long-standing establishment, it may be well-known among residents and businesses in the surrounding area. 

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United States




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