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Slot Canyons Inn Bed & Breakfast

Slot Canyons Inn Bed & Breakfast

The Slot Canyon Inn Bed and Breakfast is located five miles from Escalante, Utah. The inn resides on 160 acres of land and backs up the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. There are eleven spaces available for rent, all with private bathrooms, entrances, and jacuzzi bathtubs. Some rooms have small kitchenettes and can sleep up to six individuals. Complimentary breakfast is served daily, and an on-site restaurant serves lunch and dinner. A few yards from the inn is a cliff covered in Native American petroglyphs and pioneer graffiti. The property is open year-round with a soft close during the winter months.


The Slot Canyons Inn Bed and Breakfast is located five miles away from Escalante on the edge of Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. The 160-acre property is covered in the natural landscape of southern Utah with sagebrush, red rock, and cacti. Longhorn cattle roam the pastures surrounding the bed and breakfast. Wild turkeys live alongside the cattle while bears, coyotes, prairie dogs, and the occasional cougar can be seen on the acreage. The northern side of the property backs up to a large red rock cliff featuring pictographs and petroglyphs. Escalante River and part of the North Creek run through the Slot Canyon Inn property. A small orchard and garden are also maintained on the property.

The pueblo-style inn has eight rooms, each furnished with Native American d├ęcor such as drums, feathers, cradleboards, and inspired paintings. An old historical cabin and two restored shipping containers also contain rooms available to rent. Four of the rooms at the inn are older and have large fireplaces; they all have jacuzzies, some with double jacuzzies. Every room has a private entrance and a private bathroom. The Calf Creek Falls room is ADA approved on the main floor for those with special needs. The most popular room among couples and single guests is the Anasazi Room. This room has a double jacuzzi tub and a private furnished patio overlooking the property's extensive acreage.

The Isaac Riddle Cabin, Tiny House Casita, and the Moonrise Suites are all common among families as they can sleep from four to six people comfortably and contain a kitchen, patio, and barbecue. The owner Joette Marie Rex's personal favorite room is the Desert Rose as it has a "one of a kind" two-way fireplace into the bedroom and bathroom. Every room comes equipped with fresh linens, soaps, and a hairdryer. In the lobby, there are many Native American antiques on display. Guests are encouraged to tour the property, walk through the gardens and orchards, or observe the longhorn cattle set out to pasture.

Breakfast is served every morning at the Slot Canyons Inn. There is no specific menu as the meal changes daily. The food is plated and can be taken to guests in their rooms, out on the patios, or in the dining area. Most breakfasts include some type of egg dish with sweet bread, homemade spreads, cactus jelly, homemade granola, and homemade yogurt. Freshly squeezed juice, coffee, and teas are always included with each meal. Those with dietary restrictions such as being gluten-free or dairy-free can receive special accommodations. The North Creek Grill is a restaurant located on the property that guests can eat a late lunch and dinner at every day. The grill serves brick oven-baked pizzas, steak, raspberry chipotle meatloaf, hamburgers, stuffed mushrooms and peppers, and salmon dishes. The restaurant has no indoor seating; it is all out underneath the stars with candles and twinkling lights.

The Slot Canyons are the main attraction to the area as it is the namesake of the bed and breakfast. Peekaboo and Spooky Gulch are the too most popular canyons to hike. Many who visit the inn bring their mountain bikes and spend time on the trails in the area. Hundreds of hiking trails, pioneer monuments, and preserved Native American homes are within a twenty minutes drive of the inn. In town, there are a few popular restaurants guests can eat at. These include Georgie's Mexican Food Truck, The Outfitters, Circle G, and The Ranch Dog.


The desired atmosphere at Slot Canyons Inn Bed and Breakfast is that of comfort and friendship. Joette Marie Rex, the inn's owner, and the primary hostess, says her and the staff's motto is, "May all who enter as guests leave as friends." She has taken these words to heart and makes an effort to establish a positive relationship with each guest who passes through The Slot Canyon Inn. Weddings, family reunions, art competitions, and retreats are all held at the bed and breakfast, bringing in individuals from all around the world.

The property is said to have a unique aura as it is the grounds of some of the oldest native tribes known in the west, with soil dating back to 9000 BC. Joette wants every guest to understand the history of the area and makes sure every member of her staff knows the stories of the property so they can share with guests and answer their questions. A cookbook and memoir written by Joette highlight the history of the property, and there is one available in each room for guests to read.

Slot Canyons Inn is a rural getaway with no other cities or homes nearby; guests can step outside and see every star in the sky, clearly including the Milky Way. In an effort to create an even more outdoor-oriented space, the cattle and wild turkey pastures were built nearby so guests could observe wildlife. Joette has many children, and after building the inn, she and her late husband became empty-nesters. She misses having all of her children around and thus enjoys having a busy home full of life through other means.

Guests often leave positive reviews regarding the property's rural location, full breakfasts, and helpful staff. A guest at the inn said, "We stayed here for a special trip. It was close to many hikes, the jetted tubs were luxury resort status, and the hostess was very kind and gave good suggestions for nearby activities."

Many of the guests who pass through the Slot Canyons Inn are from Europe, Canada, or the eastern United States on a road trip. The younger families and couples who stay at the inn spend most of their time outdoors exploring the nearby slot canyons and hiking trails. In contrast, the older visitors stay around the bed and breakfast, enjoying the activities on site. Over half of the visitors who spend time at the Slot Canyons Inn are return guests. The property is open mostly year-round, with a soft closing period during the harsh winter months from December to February.


Joette Marie Rex grew up in California, and her late husband grew up in Utah. The couple spent a lot of time in southern Utah and, when trying to find a rural area to live, decided on purchasing the property where the Slot Canyons Inn resides. A friend heard they had purchased the property and advised them to build a bed and breakfast. Joette taught music at the local elementary school for years while they built the bed and breakfast.

It took two years for the building of the property to be approved as it is surrounded by government-owned land. The first home they built on the property burnt down in 1986, so they moved to town while they finished the bed and breakfast. When building the inn, they had no idea what historical soil they were building the home on. The Riddle Ranch home is on the property and was formerly owned and lived in my Miss Kitty, an actor from the movie Gun Smoke.

After the inn was built and opened for reservations in 2006, Brigham Young University asked to start an excavation job on the cliffside near the inn. The four-year project was successful in finding items dating back to 9000 BC, making the area the oldest site in the Northern Colorado Plateau. Many of the artifacts, rocks, fossils, and trinkets on display throughout the inn were discovered on the property.

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