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Snug Hollow Farm Bed and Breakfast

Snug Hollow Farm Bed and Breakfast is located in the woods near the city of Irvine, Kentucky, in the Appalachian area. The property covers about 300 acres of land that is characterized by woods, meadows, streams, and a diversity of bird species. Visitors can engage in several on-site outdoor activities including stargazing, wildlife viewing, fishing in the pond, or walking along the trails. Five hand-crafted cabins, one of which is the main farmhouse where breakfast is served, can be found on the premises. Each cabin is a relatively little house, featuring a half-kitchen, living room, and a porch with a dining area, swing, and rocking chairs, to name a few. The goal of the Snug Hollow Farm Bed and Breakfast is to provide its visitors with a quiet and private stay in the heart of Kentucky. 


Snug Hollow Farm Bed and Breakfast stretches across an expanse of 300 acres. Woodland areas, meadows, and nature make up the majority of the land. The bed and breakfast is located in the heart of Kentucky, in the city of Irvine, 20 miles east of Berea and an hour-long drive from attractions such as Natural Bridge State Park and Red River Gorge, or touristic attractions such as the city of Lexington, Kneeland, and Kentucky Horse Park. Barbara, the owner, mentions that "when it gets dark, it gets dark here," due to the seclusion of the location. The atmosphere of the site is described as "quiet and calm," in the words of the owner. 

The bed and breakfast consists of five hand-crafted cabins, with a considerable amount of space between them for the privacy and comfort of each guest. The cabins - Cozy Cabin, Cottage with a View, the Wildwood Studio, and the Cabin by the Creek - are designated to provide accommodations. The main farmhouse is a two-story building that contains a common area where breakfast is typically served as well as a porch that offers views of the farm. Snug Hollow Farm's 300 acres of land are characterized by walking trails, a fishing pond, a meadow labyrinth, and a flower and vegetable garden, with sitting areas throughout the property. 

Among each of the four units featured at the Snug Hollow Farm, the Cozy Cabin is the most historical cabin on the property. It is a two-story restored chestnut log cabin with a porch. Cottage with a View, the Wildwood Studio, and Cabin by the Creek are newer hand-crafted houses that the owner added. The cabins feature porches with rocking chairs and swings, a kitchen, and a living room with a spectrum of amenities, such as a fridge, microwave, dishes, and more. All of the cabins provide the option to dine outside or inside. 

The farmhouse features a gift shop that sells locally produced foods, jams, and books. In the gift shop, a Snug Hollow Farm Cookbook called Hot Food and Warm Memories, written by the owner, Barbara, can be purchased. Jojo Moyes, the New York Times best-selling writer, wrote her latest book, The Giver of Stars, while staying at Snug Hollow Farm. Thus the book is for sale in the local gift shop as well. The story was inspired by the horseback librarians in Appalacha. 

Snug Hollow Bed and Breakfast serves breakfast each morning at 9:00 AM on the front porch of the farmhouse. The breakfasts may consist of homemade gravy, bread and biscuits, fried potatoes and eggs, oatmeal with strawberries, pancakes, and fruit salads. The food is prepared by the recipes that can be found in the Snug Hollow Farm Cookbook. Vegetables are most often locally sourced or raised on the farm. The property also provides dinners; however, they must be reserved in advance and they come with an additional fee. The dinner meals are delivered directly to the guests' cabins at 6:00 PM. All courses are vegetarian, and other dietary restrictions can be accommodated as well if mentioned in advance.

The Appalachian mountains and Snug Hollow Farm area offer various attractions and an abundance of wildlife. The bed and breakfast seeks to showcase and preserve what Kentucky wildlife has to offer. On the Snug Hollow Farm, the property has confirmed 27 different bird species. Regarding things to do nearby, the farm is close to Berea, which is said to be the arts and crafts capital of Kentucky. Other attractions that are in close proximity to the bed and breakfast are the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, Kentucky Horse Park, Red River Gorge, Natural State Park, and many more, as the property itself is situated in the central region of Kentucky.


The owner, Barbara, started the bed and breakfast to share the experience of Kentucky nature with those who stay in the area. There are no TVs in the cabins for the purpose of encouraging guests to talk with one another and "to hear the land and birds" in the Appalachian wilderness, as stated by the owner. The bed and breakfast strives to offer its guests time to relax and reflect by providing the place to do so. In the owner's own words, her goal is to give a "little piece of heaven." 

The area offers various walking trails, a pond for fishing, benches around the property, and star watching at night. However, the owner often says there's "nothing to do, which gives the guests time to relax, reflect and listen to their thoughts." As one of the visitors describes: "Peaceful, beautiful, great food, grounds well kept, staff very professional and friendly. Looking forward to returning. Enjoyed the hiking and walking trails. The best part was just in a quiet place surrounded by trees and the insects that sing in the evening."

Approximately 50% of the clientele are return guests, as the demographic of those staying at the bed and breakfast is relatively wide in range. The area can accommodate small weddings, family trips, anniversaries, and couple retreats. National Geographic lists the Snug Hollow Farm among the 50 Best Girlfriends Getaways in North America. The area of the Snug Hollow Farm is also said to be an inspiring place for artists, writers, and photographers, and is visited by patrons from various parts of the world.

The bed and breakfast is open year-round and specializes in short-term stays. The property also implements a policy that prohibits pets from staying on the premises. As for smoking, guests are allowed to do so exclusively in the designated smoking areas on the property. 


Barbara, the owner of Snug Hollow Farm Bed and Breakfast, bought the property and moved to the area 46 years ago with her two sons. Over time, she built the farmhouse and cabins and renovated The Cozy Cabin, a 185-year-old historic log cabin. In 2000, the bed and breakfast opened to visitors, with the goal of providing a Kentucky experience to tourists. The acreage served as a family farm, prior to when Barbara took ownership. 

Since the bed and breakfast opened, cabins have been added as well as the pond labyrinth. The owner and the staff adhere to green policies by avoiding the use of chemicals and damaging terrain and wildlife. Snug Hollow believes in keeping as natural as possible. 

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