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Spirit Water Inn

Spirit Water Inn is located in Minnewaukan, North Dakota, a smaller town on the western edge of Devils Lake. The business has 21 cottages available for reservation at any time throughout the year. The cottages come equipped with a full kitchen and private bathroom, and each one is within walking distance of Devils Lake. Devils Lake, and the other lakes in the area, provide a variety of recreational water activities, with one of the more popular ones being fishing. Visitors can fish for perch, walleye, and crappie, among other species. The town is located in a more rural place that tends to be closer to nature. People can find places to hike and hunt just outside of town. The town itself has several sports shops as well as bait and tackle shops for those who are in the area for outdoor activities.


Spirit Water Inn has a total of 21 one-bedroom units available for guests to reserve. The units are red cottages with white trim and are found a short distance from the edge of Devils Lake. They are attached to each other in a line, with 16 of them forming one building and the other six creating another found in the vicinity. Many of them have views of the lake, but not all of them. Each cottage has a full kitchen and a private bathroom. The kitchen is stocked with pots, pans, and utensils, so patrons can have all of the tools they need to make meals at their units, although they will need to bring their own food. The business also provides bedding and towels. Outside of the cottages, there is a common area next to Devils Lake.

According to the owner of Spirit Water Inn, Devils Lake is one of the top five lakes in the country to visit. Fishing is available year-round at Devils Lake and the other lakes nearby, and they are filled with a variety of fish, including walleye, pike, perch, white bass, and crappie. People are allowed to take boats out on the lake and go swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and other water-themed activities. Minnewaukan, the city in which Spirit Water Inn is located, is a smaller town with several stores, restaurants, and parks.

The owner of the establishment likes to recommend several restaurants in the area to people who are staying at the inn. One that is found close to Spirit Water Inn is called Old 281 Tavern, which is a bar and grill that serves a variety of American food and alcoholic beverages. In the city of Devils Lake, which is about 30-minutes away by car, there are two other restaurants named Proz Sports Bar Grille & Caboose and Charras & Tequila which he recommends to patrons. Proz Sports Bar Grille & Caboose is a bar that specializes in drinks such as beer and wine, as well as grilled goods including chicken strips, skewers, fries, and more. Charras & Tequila is a Mexican Restaurant that has a variety of tequila options and food, including burritos and salads.


Mark, the owner of Spirit Water Inn, has made it his goal to make people feel like they are at home. In an effort to achieve his goal, he tries to give his guests privacy when they are staying at the establishment. He will usually show them to their units and, once they are situated, leave them alone to enjoy their time, though Mark mentions that he is available if they have any questions or concerns. In the owner's words, "It's a quiet and rural area, and many people come here to escape the city life."

The owner would like his guests to be aware of an important policy that he has regarding fishing. Patrons should not leave fish in the house to avoid making the interior smell. It is okay to cook fish inside, but visitors should not keep fish in the unit overnight or when they leave the property. Children of all ages and pets are allowed to stay at the cottages. The business does not typically host any activities or events of its own, but the owner mentions that occupants are able to host their own if they would like. He notes that there are several significant events that occur in the area throughout the year, including a car show that takes place by Devils Lake, a casino that is located about 20 miles away from the establishment, and The Humphrey Memorial Park, which has several outdoor pavilions where people can gather and serve food.

Guests who have previously spent time at Spirit Water Inn tend to comment on the fishing aspects and the quality of the rooms. One person who recently stayed at the business left a review that reads, "I had a great time catching fish, and my dog had fun, too." Another person commented on the atmosphere of the grounds and wrote, "It's a good place to be. It's quiet, private, and peaceful."

The best season of operation tends to be during the summer months of May, June, and July, as many people come down for vacations, fishing, or hunting during the warmer times of the year. The typical demographic of guests tends to be sportsmen and outdoorsmen, mainly in the area for hunting and fishing opportunities.


The current owner of Spirit Water Inn, Mark, has been running the business for about two years, though the land and cottages have been around for many years. Mark was led into the industry because he wanted to retire in a place that was close to a lake and run a small lodging business. He was working in the town at the courthouse, and after a chance encounter with the previous owner, Mark was offered the property, which he accepted.

What he likes most about his job is meeting the people that come to stay at the resort and fish or hunt in the vicinity. He enjoys interacting with guests and does so often. For those that are looking for specific establishments in the area, Mark will usually tell his visitors about some of the fishing spots, hunting locations, and other places that may interest them.

Over the two years that he has owned Spirit Water Inn, Mark has made various changes to the property. Updates have been made, many of which were to the interiors of the cottages, including flooring, painting, and renovating the kitchens and living rooms. In the future, he would like to add a man-made bay for boating and more places for people to take their boats and smaller water vehicles.

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