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St Francis Cottage

The St. Francis Cottage was constructed in 2017 in the city of Chattanooga Tennessee. The property has seven rooms open to guests year-round. All seven of the rooms have a different design style and color theme. The building has multiple common areas inside and out, including a library and media room with a 55-inch television, a great room with a fireplace, and a rear deck that is half covered and half in the sunshine. There are other areas throughout the property that guests can walk around and enjoy, including a garden area and many different trees on the grounds. Breakfast each morning is a three-course meal with a fruit course, savory course, and a dessert. Many of the savory items are egg-based such as omelets or eggs benedict. As for desserts, many include waffles or pancakes with lemon curd. 


The St. Francis Cottage, located in Chattanooga Tennessee, is a two-story bed and breakfast that has seven rooms available for patrons to stay in. There are three rooms on the entry-level, and four rooms on the second level of the building. The rooms each have their own name and décor style, the bottom three rooms named and designed after things that grow in the ground and the second floor after things that fly in the air. The room names are Monarch, Cardinal, Hummingbird, Bluebird, Azalea, Sunflower, and Hydrangea. Every room has slightly different amenities, but every room does come with a mini-fridge, Keurig machine, smart speaker, and a television. The sizes of the televisions range from 43 to 55-inch screens. Additionally, there is a fireplace in every room, as well as reading chairs and private bathrooms. Upon entering their perspective rooms, there is a personalized welcome sign for the guests including their names and the names of any pets waiting for them in their rooms.

The cottage was built in 2016 and features what the owners call an "urban cottage" design. The goal was to build an inn that looked like other historical properties in the area but that had modern amenities and updates already built into the house. The cottage sits on roughly 3 acres of land and is set back on the property with the hopes of providing privacy and quiet for those who stay on the premises. There are multiple garden areas on the grounds that have plants such as blueberries and peppers. The property is located in the middle of a subdivision, however, the driveway leading up to the building is approximately 100 feet long with trees surrounding the way up to the house. There are nine parking spots in front of the house, with one being a handicap spot.  There is also a charger for Tesla's and other electric cars on-site. The owners hope that the cottage can be a place for guests to relax and refresh, but still be close to the city. 

Every morning, a full three-course breakfast is served in the dining room of the St. Francis Cottage. There is not a set menu throughout the week of what specific foods are served, however, the courses follow the same order every morning of a fresh fruit dish, a savory entrée that is generally egg-based, and finished with a dessert. The desserts range from French toast to waffles, cinnamon rolls, or pancakes with lemon curd. Typical entrees include breakfast burritos, omelets, eggs benedict, or a type of breakfast casserole. The staff at the cottage strive to accommodate those with food allergies or restrictions including vegan, gluten-free, and lactose intolerant. Additional information on the food allergy accommodation can be found by calling the St. Francis Cottage and speaking with staff on-site. Breakfast is served every morning from 8 AM until 9:30 or 10 AM. If guests have early meetings, flights, or other engagements, staff can provide patrons with a to-go carryout option for food earlier than the normal 8 AM start time. 

In addition to breakfast every morning, the St. Francis Cottage also has a coffee bar available to guests 24 hours a day. The self-serve bar has coffee products as well as sparkling water and sodas available for those staying at the cottage to help themselves during the day. There are also snacks at the self-serve coffee bar. Every evening at 7:30 PM there is a social hour with complimentary beer and wine provided to patrons of the establishment. Anyone staying at the property is welcome to spend time with the owners, staff, and other guests during this time. The owners hope that the social time provides patrons with the opportunity to get to know each other and make lasting friendships. 


The motto of the St. Francis Cottage is "rest, relax, and restore." The owners of the cottage hope to provide those who stay on the grounds with a calming experience where adults can come to get away from the world, while still being close to the modern amenities that the city of Chattanooga offers. The owners strive to help patrons feel welcomed and as comfortable. In order to do this for their guests, staff and owners work together to provide quality customer service. Before visitors arrive, those who work on the premises will set up their rooms and write a personalized welcome sign. On the sign will include the names of all those staying in the room, including pets. They also provide an array of amenities in the hopes of giving guests what they need to have a relaxing stay. 

While staying at the cottage, the owners ask patrons to be aware of certain policies that are enforced on the premises. The bed and breakfast does not allow anyone under the age of 11 to stay at the property. They hope to provide guests with a quiet experience during their stay. Additionally, there is only one room at the cottage that is pet friendly, up to two animals. They prefer dogs to other types of animals but have had a variety of pets including birds and cats stay in the room. There is no specific enforced quiet time while staying at St. Francis, but the owners do encourage guests to be quieter generally after 10 PM and before 7 AM.

Those who stay at the bed and breakfast mention the hospitality of the staff, the cleanliness of the rooms, and the feeling of comfort that they experienced during their stay. One guest said "We stayed in the Sunflower room, which was well-appointed with great furnishings and amenities with the perfect amount of coziness. The main shared living area was always super well stocked with snacks and beverages, which we happily dug into throughout our stay. We also had a lovely 3-course meal that was homemade and delicious." Many visitors comment on the owners and the way that they felt catered to and cared for by Nancy and Wallace. One said "Nancy and Wallace were hospitable and have created a beautiful little haven to share with their guests. On our arrival, they were personable and easy to talk to. Our room was clean with a beautiful view of the front of the property. The rest of the home was as well."

Another slogan of the St. Francis Cottage is "away from it all, in the middle of everything." Due to their location on the outskirts of Chattanooga, there are many different types of activities nearby the property. 45 minutes from the bed and breakfast, guests can go white water rafting. Downtown is 15 minutes from the grounds, and there are over 100 restaurants and sites to see within the downtown area. Some restaurants that the owners recommend include St. Johns, the Feed Company Table and Tavern, and the Terminal Brewhouse. 


The St. Francis Cottage opened on April 14, 2017. The owners, Nancy and Wallace, bought the land that now houses the St. Francis Cottage in 1993. Originally they owned 4.5 acres and the property had a barn and a home on it. After a few years, they purchased nearby acreage that was for sale. After their kids had grown and moved out to go to college, the couple considered what they wanted their retirement years to look like. After pondering different options, including selling all the land or moving overseas, the pair decided to create the St. Francis Cottage and run a bed and breakfast. 

The name 'St. Francis Cottage' came to the pair early on in the process of constructing the inn. It comes from Nacy's upbringing being taught by the Franciscans at the Catholic School that she attended throughout her childhood. The couple notes the Pope, Pope Francis of the Catholic faith, for the many things he has done for the world and the Catholic community, and wanted to pay homage and gratitude to him for the many lessons he has taught them throughout their lives. They strive to help all feel welcome at their table and inside their inn, and hope that all who stay with them feel comfortable and welcome. 

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