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St. Francis Inn

The St. Francis Inn is a historic bed and breakfast located in St. Augustine Florida. The main building on the property is on the register for historic places and was built in 1791. There are four buildings that have rooms open for guests to stay in. There are 19 total rooms with 11 in the main building, four in the Wilson House, two in the Cottage, and two in 1894 House. The rooms come with a variety of amenities and options including king or queen beds. The property has seven rooms that allow pets, for an additional cost per night. During the day, patrons of the establishment can enjoy breakfast, social hour with drinks and snacks, and dessert every night. 


The St. Francis Inn is located in St. Augustine Florida. The Inn has 19 rooms across five buildings located on the land. Each of the buildings has a different ambiance and feel, depending on what time period the building was constructed in. The main building has 11 rooms and is on the register for historic places. It was originally built in 1791 during the second Spanish Colonial period of St. Augustine. To keep with the time period theme in the main building, Joe and Margaret Finnegan, the current owners, strive to decorate in the same style that was common for the 18th century, including a sign outside the building that says the year of the construction of the building in 1791. 

Another building at St. Francis Inn is called the Wilson House. That building was erected in the late 1800s. The owner's goal in the décor style of Wilson House is Victorian, keeping with the time period it was built in and has four rooms. The 1894 house has two rooms and has a similar décor style to the Wilson House. Lastly is the cottage, which was built in the same time period as the main building, and the owners describe it as a "companion" to the larger inn building. The cottage has two rooms as well. 

In the main building, there is a sitting room that is a common area for all guests regardless of which building they are staying in. There is also a dining room, and the second floor has a public balcony that overlooks the main courtyard that all patrons can visit. Common areas outside include a koi pond and outdoor seating areas across the property. The koi pond has various types of plants native to the Florida climate surrounding it, and there are many planters and garden areas on the grounds between the buildings that guests can look at. Those who stay at the inn can eat their breakfast at any of the outdoor seating areas on the premises, and many guests take the opportunity to get to know each other outside during breakfast. Also at the St. Francis Inn is a heated pool for the usage of patrons to the establishment that is kept at around 85 degrees year-round. 

Breakfast is served weekday mornings from 7:30-9:30 AM and is buffet style. On the weekends, in lieu of breakfast, brunch is served from 7:30 to 10:30 AM, to try and accommodate guests who choose to sleep in. Brunch is served with complimentary mimosas or bloody marys. Breakfast is on a seven-day rotation with the hopes that patrons who stay multiple nights have something different to eat every day. There is orange juice and fruit every morning, and the hot entrees change on a regular basis. The staff of the St. Francis Inn try to accommodate those with dietary restrictions and ask that if guests have any special needs that they contact the inn directly before their visit so the workers can prepare food for them. The Inn also has a social hour every day from 5-6 PM with complimentary beer, wine, and snacks. The cooks also prepare dessert for guests every night that is boxed up and given directly to patrons. The workers will accommodate for dietary needs for all events on the property where there is food. 

The St. Francis Inn is a non-smoking property, but to accommodate guests there are designated areas labeled with signs across the property where patrons can smoke if necessary. While there is not an official quiet time that the owners regulate, the pool on-site closes at 10 PM. Guests can still spend time outside after 10 PM. Seven out of the nineteen accommodations on the property allow pets, but there is an additional fee per night if visitors choose to have their pets accompany them. 

Each room at the St. Francis Inn comes with a private bathroom, central heat and air-conditioning, and fresh flowers on arrival. Other amenities to note include monogrammed robes, daily housekeeping, and a television. Some rooms have additional features such as clawfoot bathtubs, private porches or balconies, fireplaces, or kitchens. Room-specific accommodations are available on the St. Francis Website. 


The St. Francis Inn is available for elopements and weddings of 10 people or less. The owners don't allow weddings much larger than 10 people to try and keep the events small and intimate. If desired, guests can rent out the inn and have a family reunion, and the innkeepers are happy to provide the space for those types of gatherings. The owners have an agreement with a business across the street from the property where guests can pre-arrange to have meetings such as corporate retreats and other similar gatherings. The owners are willing to coordinate and work with patrons to help put on events. 

The owners, Joe and Margaret, hope that those who stay at the St. Francis Inn experience friendly service and a relaxing stay on the property. They hope that guests feel at home and looked after during their stay and that they can receive personalized service in the setting of the inn. To provide this service, Joe and Margaret try and provide a range of amenities and social hours for patrons to meet each other and have fun in a relaxed environment. They strive to pay attention to the details of each guest's experience and cater specifically to each visitor's needs. 

Guests who stay at St. Francis Inn often comment on the variety of amenities and features on the property, as well as the hospitality of the staff and owners. One guest said "The staff was so friendly and accommodating. The room was very clean and well-appointed. The little extras they did for us were amazing. Breakfast, social hour, and dessert were all very nice to have included in our rate."The patrons of the establishment also note the location of the inn relative to the city of St. Augustine, as well as the historic atmosphere, saying "Great place for its historic appeal as well as all the nice touches included with a stay there. I had a last-minute need for accommodations when my plans were canceled and they were able to accommodate me stress-free."


The owners of the St. Francis Inn have owned the main building since 1985. In the 36 years since they purchased the property, they have bought the additional buildings and added to the inn to make the property what it is today. The main building has been called the St. Francis Inn since 1948, and it was originally built in 1791. 

According to Joe, the current owner, the main building is haunted by a ghost named Miss Lily. The name comes from one of the rooms on the third floor, where Joe says that she roams. The owners tell the story of Lily being a servant at the property who fell in love with a visitor to the property in the middle of the 19th century. Guests have reportedly seen her wandering the third floor in a white dress. Visitors and staff have said that she is quite friendly and plays pranks on the patrons of the third floor. 

Joe and Margaret Finnegan joined the lodging industry when they purchased the St. Francis Inn. Earlier in their life, they lived in St. Augustine. The Finnegans mention that they enjoyed living there until work took them away from the area. When they decided to come back to the city, they saw St. Francis for sale and were content with the idea of running the business. The couple had frequented bed and breakfast establishments in the past and had always thought that it could be nice to operate one in the future. Joe and Margaret enjoy interacting with guests and helping them see the city that the couple loves. 

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