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The Alma House Inn

The Alma House, situated in Silverton, Colorado, has nine guest rooms available for reservation throughout the year. The units sleep at least two occupants, with some of the individual accommodations also featuring additional trundle, day, or twin beds. The majority of the rooms are located on the second floor of the home, while one room is found on the first floor, and another on the third floor. Breakfast is provided for patrons each morning at the property, with typical meals including sausage, pancakes, waffles, or a variety of fruits. If visitors notify the owners in advance, accommodations for food restrictions such as vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free can be arranged.


The Alma House is a Victorian inn located in Silverton, Colorado. A total of nine rooms are available for nightly stays, each furnished with a minimum of a queen-sized bed. Some rooms also include additional day beds, trundle beds, or twin beds. The rooms at The Alma House are equipped with either gas or electric fireplaces. Most of the accommodations have private baths, with the exception of two rooms that share a full bath at the end of the hallway. The inn offers additional amenities such as DirecTV and USB chargers at each bedside for guests' usage. While there is no air conditioning, the owners believe it is not necessary, as the location of the inn is at an elevation of 9,000 feet; in view of this, the owners say it "never gets hot."

The Alma House is a three-story building, and most of the rooms are located on the second floor. The first floor houses a room with a gas fireplace and a seating area, which may be ideal for older guests who prefer to avoid stairs. As for the third floor, a suite with a separate bedroom, a seating area, and mountain views can be found. The interior of the inn features Victorian-era furnishings from the early 1900s, with some pieces dating back to the 1940s, according to Matt, one of the owners. Despite its age, Matt says the inn has been updated with 21st-century amenities such as Wi-Fi, smoke detectors, security cameras, and electrical wiring. Regarding the updates the owners have made to the building, Matt says that they “blend the charm of the past with modern conveniences and personalized service. Guests can experience the historical nature of the property while enjoying comfortable accommodations and the amenities they expect."

As a bed and breakfast, The Alma House serves a meal every morning to all guests. Usually, the dish is egg-based, with options such as cheese, sausage, pancakes, waffles, toast, and a variety of fruits. Regarding dietary restrictions and food allergies, The Alma House strives to accommodate vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free meals. However, they do not accommodate peanut allergies due to the difficulty of ensuring a completely nut-free environment. Visitors are encouraged to inform the inn in advance about any dietary restrictions or food allergies. Breakfast is served to guests at varied times, typically starting as early as 6:30 a.m. during ski season to cater to early risers. In addition to breakfast, The Alma House offers complimentary hot beverages, namely coffee, tea, and hot chocolate throughout the day. Patrons can help themselves to hot coffee and hot water for tea or hot chocolate starting at 5:30 a.m. This service is available in designated areas on the second floor, with the hope of providing those staying at the bed and breakfast with easy access to refreshments.

The property itself spans over one acre, with a courtyard and backyard area. Guests can enjoy the outdoor amenities and features, which are as follows: a hot tub, barbecue grill, fire pit, and landscaped gardens with native and flowering plants. Besides the amenities found on site, patrons of The Alma House have access to bicycles, so they may explore the town of Silverton if they wish. The inn also offers off-road tours in the San Juan Mountains during the season from mid-May to the end of October. Additionally, Silverton has skiing opportunities at the nearby Kendall Mountain and Silverton Mountain resorts. Nearby dining options recommended by the owners include Eureka Station, a restaurant that serves steaks, pasta, and sandwiches; Golden Block, known for its pizzas; and Handlebars, a restaurant with a variety of food options. 


At The Alma House, the owners—Matt and Mikki—hope that patrons can feel “at home” and have a pleasant experience, in the words of Matt. The couple believes in offering personalized service while striving to avoid being obtrusive. They make an effort to engage with guests during breakfast and intend to create a comfortable environment where visitors can relax and enjoy their stay. "We allow people to stay in our house and become part of our family for the amount of time that they're here. We try to make them feel just like that. Not just an industrial-type hotel, but actually a home where they can put their feet up and relax,” Matt says. Those who have stayed previously at the property often comment on the hospitality of the owners, as well as the location of the inn relative to events that take place in the town and the breakfasts served each morning. One former patron said, “The B&B is lovely, both inside and out, with well-considered historic touches. Our rooms were spacious and clean. The lawn and courtyard are beautifully maintained, and the hot tub was clean and very relaxing.”

The policies at The Alma House aim to strike a balance between guest comfort and maintaining a harmonious environment for all visitors. According to Matt, smoking is strictly prohibited on the property, in line with common hotel regulations. However, the inn is pet-friendly as long as the animals are kept under control. Quiet hours are enforced starting at 10:00 p.m., with the hope of ensuring a peaceful atmosphere for guests to relax. The owners have established guidelines to prevent disturbances and promote a respectful environment. They try to encourage responsible behavior, trusting patrons to exercise discretion and avoid disturbing others. Although alcohol is not served by the owners, those staying at the bed and breakfast are permitted to consume alcohol as long as they are not bothering other patrons. The owners strive to be accommodating within reasonable limits, with the expectation for guests to behave responsibly and considerately towards others and the property itself.

The Alma House operates year-round, with temporary closures during April and November. The summer season is particularly popular, according to Matt, due to the accessibility of the town and the wide range of outdoor activities available, such as mountain climbing, off-roading, mountain biking, and exploring the mining districts and ghost towns in the area. While The Alma House does not host events regularly, they have accommodated weddings in their courtyard on a case-by-case basis. They are open to considering special requests for events and activities in the future. 


The Alma House is owned by Matt and Mikki Gallandat. The home was originally built in 1898 in Silverton, Colorado, by Bridget Hughes to house miners in the area. Situated on Blair Street, the inn was built to be located close to the main part of town yet far enough to try and maintain a “respectable” atmosphere, according to Matt. Over the years, the property transitioned into a bed and breakfast, offering various amenities to visitors, such as the hot tub and bikes. Matt and Mikki Gallandat took ownership of The Alma House in February of 2023, having previously owned a business in Texas. The couple had enjoyed the “essence of the hospitality industry” and had visited the area multiple times before purchasing the business, according to Matt. Additionally, Matt says that he and Mikki’s favorite parts of the job are being able to interact with the variety of visitors who stay with them as well as living in “one of the most spectacular places on the planet.” 

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