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The Benjamin Prescott Inn

The Benjamin Prescott Inn was established in 1984. Located in Jaffrey, New Hampshire, guests have views of Mount Monadnock. The mountain is located a few minutes outside of town and is the main attraction in the area. The inn has 10 rooms split between three floors. Each room comes with a private bath, and most rooms have views of the mountain. Visitors are served breakfast in the morning and are often given a baked treat in the afternoon. The names of the rooms and the atmosphere of the inn come from the history of the original property owner and his family Oliver and Benjamin Prescott. The inn strives to give guests a memorable and comfortable experience. 


The Benjamin Prescott Inn is located outside of Jaffrey, New Hampshire. The town is just over five minutes from Mount Monadnock. The property is on rural farmland of two acres. The property is three stories tall and has colonial ranch-style architecture with yellow siding and two front porches. Upon arrival and entering the house, guests are greeted by the owners of the property in the main common room. The common room has couches and seating for visiting and a bookshelf on a wall if guests desire to read a book. There is also a TV and selections of DVDs guests may choose from. There is a dining room and a smaller common area in the adjacent room. In the common room, guests can eat breakfast and socialize throughout the day or play a board game. Next to the dining room is the kitchen. On the other side of the common room are guest rooms. Other units are on the second and third floors. 

All of the rooms are named after previous owners and important figures of the area. Each room has its own private bathroom stocked with towels soaps and shampoos. Rooms also come with a coffee maker, 24-hour beverage service, and include wifi. The John Adams room is popular among guests because of the private balcony attached to it, and having extra room for more guests. At the back of the home, there is another large porch where guests can see Mount Monadnock and look out over the farmland in the area. The neighbor next door has 400 acres of land with an old barn at the front of his property. Among the barn runs a dirt road that leads to hiking trails. The neighbor has allowed guests to walk on the path if they desire.

A popular attraction in the area is Mount Monadnock; many of the guests staying at the property come to visit it. The mountain is just five minutes from the property and a minute outside the town of Jaffrey. popular restaurants in town are Baton Grill, Pearl, and the Water Horse. There are many hikes in the area, and a few of them can be accessed from the neighbor's dirt path that runs along the edge of the property. During the winter there is cross country skiing and snowshoeing on the local golf course that is often popular among visitors to the area. 


The Benjamin Prescott Inn strives to give guests a comfortable and relaxing stay. They often greet guests at the front door and give them a tour of the property. Upon arrival, they try to have fresh baked "goodies" available for visitors. The owners enjoy making patron's stays more memorable by recommending and helping guests find attractions and places to dine they may like.

Included in a visitor's stay is a breakfast from 7:30 to 9:30 in the morning, which they may eat either around the dining room table, or on the porch. Breakfasts are often made with fresh ingredients in season from the garden in the backyard. Breakfast often includes baked items such as donuts, pastries, coffee cake, muffins, waffles, and French toast and then fresh fruit from the garden or local store along with bacon, sausages, or eggs. The most popular meal among visitors are the Belgium waffles with homemade whip cream and syrup. With advanced notice, accommodations can be made for breakfast when guests have dietary needs and issues. The Benjamin Prescott Inn is most known for its breakfast. 

The owners have mentioned that guests often comment on the food, and service at the inn. One guest mentioned during his stay: "The Inn is very well maintained, the room was clean and comfortable and Ruth and Jim made us feel at home. The common areas were welcoming and the afternoon snack/cookie was always delicious. We had breakfast for three days and each one was amazing. We found ourselves talking about the next day's breakfast a day in advance." 

The property is open year-round and is busiest during the summer and fall months. many of the guests staying on the property are mature couples and older families. Children under the age of 10 are not allowed on the property. The owners mention that this helps to keep a quiet atmosphere and helps guests feel comfortable during their stay. The inn often receives repeat guests and the owners feel like they have made many friends hosting guests from around the world. 


The Benjamin Prescott Inn was built in 1853. The home was built by Oliver Prescott. Oliver was the son of General Benjamin Prescott, who the inn was later named after. Benjamin built the first inn and tavern in the area and helped start the family in the hospitality industry. When his son built the home, it was one of the few houses in the area. The family lived in the home for decades before they sold it. The Sawyer Family acquired the property and built an addition to the home; this addition would become the kitchen later. The home would continue to be passed between families until Vernin Bush, a politician, bought the home. The home was in the bush family for some time, adding another addition to the home. After a few other tenants, in 1984, the home became a bed and breakfast. The owners had the home for a decade before selling the property to another family in the hospitality industry. They continued to renovate and update the property. Eventually, they sold the property to Sue and Charlie Lyle. They continued the business for another decade when they sold the home to the current owners.

The current owners had worked in the hospitality industry and saw the property as having a lot of potential. They have owned the property for eight years. Much of the woodwork in the home is still original, along with various pieces of furniture. The home is considered to be historical, and so the owners update the home as needed, offering modern amenities but making an effort to preserve the history of the inn

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