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The Bishop's House Bed and Breakfast

The Bishop's House Bed and Breakfast

The Bishop’s House Bed and Breakfast is located near Easton, Maryland. In the home, there are four rooms, each with its own private bathroom, and each room is able to accommodate up to two guests. When staying at the bed and breakfast, a minimum of a two-day reservation is required. The house is currently owned and run by John and Diane Ippolito. The home has been owned for thirty-five and has been a part of the hospitality industry for thirty-three of those years. The two unaccounted for years were spent updating and repairing and adding features. The owners of the bed and breakfast strive to provide a good experience for their guests and they ask that the guests follow the established rules. Breakfast is provided every morning in the dining room with the menu being determined the day before, and the owners seek to accommodate the dietary needs of their guests.


The Bishops House Bed and Breakfast has four different rooms to choose from. The rooms that a guest may choose from are: Clintonia’s Room, The Garden View, the Governor’s Room, and the Sunrise Room. Each room has a different layout, following a "Victorian-style." The house has three floors with each of the rooms spread out between them.

The amenities available for visitors can vary depending on which room was chosen. Each room has its own private bathroom with whirlpool tubs and a shower and many of the bathrooms have the tub and shower joined together. The Sunrise Room is the only room with a walk-in shower. The beds in each room are either king-sized or queen-sized, and each room has its own “individually controlled heat and air conditioning.” Additionally, each room has high-speed Wi-Fi.

On the official website of The Bishop's House Bed and Breakfast, they include some renovations and additions that took place outside of the home. Some of the additions to the property were a garden courtyard, a fish pond, and a fountain. Additionally, a fence was added that wraps around the property.

Breakfast at the Bishop’s House Bed and Breakfast is served at 9:00 AM. The breakfast, which takes place in the dining room, is predetermined based on how many visitors there are occupying the house. Some of the general foods and drinks that may be served are a fruit cup or platter, an egg entrée, pancakes, or French toast or waffles. Each breakfast generally offers coffee, cheese, and muffins. It is suggested that guests take the muffins to eat as a snack later in the day and they offer to pack the muffins for the guests. Additionally, those who are preparing breakfast strive to be considerate of the needs of their guests. On the website they state that “a three-night minimum stay is required for the Labor Day and Columbus Day Weekends.”

In The Bishops House Bed and Breakfast, they offer other places in addition to the rooms where a patron may congregate with others or be by themselves. On the first floor, they have the Drawing Room which has cable TV and a telephone, and a computer. On the third floor, they have the sitting room which has a wine cooler, a microwave, and complimentary food items.


The owners of the Bishop’s House Bed and Breakfast strive to “provide a warm, friendly welcome and an exceptional standard of individual service and hospitality.” A previous guest of the bed and breakfast said, “the gardens and porch were relaxing, and our room was quite luxurious. Breakfast was consistently delicious, and considerable attention was paid to guest's dietary restrictions.” Another guest said, “they are attentive to every detail making sure you feel welcome and at home. The amenities are great.” They are open year-round, with many of the guests that come to stay at The Bishop’s House Bed and Breakfast being couples. Many of the guests that come to stay at the home are also repeat guests.

The owners ask each of their guests to follow certain policies that they have in place. They do not accommodate children under the age of twelve. Additionally, the occupancy of each room is two. They do not allow guests to bring animals into the home and they suggest that guests use nearby kennels for their animals. They also do not allow smoking in the home. Additionally, for a guest to stay at The Bishop’s House Bed and Breakfast they must reserve at least 2 days.

While staying at The Bishop’s House Bed and Breakfast, visitors can participate in a few different activities. Some of those activities include paddle boarding or going to the ocean. Different attractions are available to guests in nearby areas. In the fall, guests may attend an event that is hosted by the Academy of The Arts. The historic society offers different events year-round. 

They have different restaurants that are located near the property. Some of the restaurants that are within walking distance are Legal Assets Craft Food & Spirits, Scossa Restaurant & Lounge, and Banning’s Tavern. The restaurants that a guest would need to drive to are, el Dorado Bar & Grill, Foxy’s Harbor Grille, Ava’s Pizzeria & Wine Bar, and Awful Authur’s Seafood Company.


On the official website of The Bishop’s House Bed and Breakfast, the history of the house has been said to be originally built for Philip Frances Thomas, who was a previous governor of Maryland. The house gained the name of Bishop's House after it was sold to the “Bishop of the Diocese of Easton”. John and Diane Ippolito are the current owners of the property, having owned the house for thirty-five years. To prepare for guests and the hospitality industry, they spent two years fixing the house. On The Bishop’s House Bed and Breakfast website, they list the upgrades that they added since owning the business, including “modern fire suppression system, central air conditioning for common areas, cable tv and Wi-Fi in all guest rooms." They also added the four bathrooms with whirlpool tubs.

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United States




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