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The Brewster Inn

The Brewster Inn

Since 2007, the Brewster Inn has been under the ownership of Mark and Tina. The establishment is located in Dexter, Maine, in a residential area near Lake Wassookeag. With a fair amount of wooded areas in its vicinity, the Brewster Inn's location often draws those who take an interest in outdoor recreation. Each season offers different recreational opportunities, as the lake provides the means for visitors to go kayaking and white water rafting during the summer, while the mountains have the environment for snowshoeing, dog sledding, skiing, and ice fishing in the winter. Aside from the activities in Dexter, visitors also tend to enjoy the historical significance of the Brewster Inn. The property was notably listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1988.


Located in the heart of Maine, the Brewster Inn occupies two acres of land in the town of Dexter, with the building taking up nine thousand square feet. The inn is two stories high with a total of nine guestrooms for visitors to reserve. Six of these accommodations are found on the second floor, while the remaining three are on the main level. In addition to the guestrooms, a number of common areas are scattered throughout the home, namely a conservatory, a living room, a dining room, a screened-in porch, and a covered patio. Patrons are welcome to lounge in these previously listed rooms at their leisure, and it should be noted as well that board games and a chess table are provided for guest use.

Each accommodation is equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, and robes, among other amenities. Everyone staying at the Brewster Inn is additionally given access to WiFi over the course of their stay, regardless of the unit that they're staying in. The Honeymoon Suite, in particular, is considered the most popular guestroom, as reported by the owners, primarily due to its comparatively larger size and the provision of a fireplace. For the same reasons, the owners observe that the Game Room also tends to be booked more frequently. A couple of notable features that are supplied in some of the accommodations are a whirlpool tub and an air tub.

The Brewster Inn offers guests a complimentary buffet breakfast every morning from 8:00 to 9:30 a.m. in the dining room. Meals alternate between sweet and savory, with some of the specific options including cinnamon raisin french toast casserole, caramel french toast, and a ham or sausage dish. Fruit, bread, and yogurt parfaits are typically added to the main dish, and coffee is available as well. For those who have dietary restrictions, the owners are capable of accommodating these needs provided that they are informed in advance. 

Outside the inn, gardens adorn the premises, which patrons can explore as they please. The owners take pride in a rose arbor on the premises, and they note that a fair amount of space separates the bed and breakfast from neighboring houses and establishments. The Brewster Inn is situated in a relatively residential area. Mark and Tina, the owners of the inn, encourage visitors to explore the vicinity and use the property as a base to return to after their undertakings. Outdoor recreation is a prominent draw for tourism in the area, as Mark and Tina mention that kayaking, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, white water rafting, ATVing, and wildlife viewing are a few popular activities around Dexter. The owners believe that "the outdoor space, Lake Wassookeag, and the mountains" are what the town is known for.


The Brewster Inn is characterized by its motto, which is as follows: "A touch of England brought to Maine." Mark and Tina, the innkeepers, have the goal of maintaining a positive reputation and helping their patrons feel safe and relaxed during their time there. "We want them to feel like they can make themself at home," Tina remarks. In an effort to provide this experience, the innkeepers keep the doors locked and give guests a key to the home, with the intent to help them feel more secure. Tina and Mark enjoy interacting with those who are staying at the bed and breakfast, however, they try to leave interaction to the discretion of their visitors. Generally speaking, the owners hope the guests will treat the place like home and feel welcome to come and go as they please.

The Brewster Inn is capable of serving as the setting for events, more specifically for weddings and receptions. Customizable packages are available for such purposes to add to the experience. Aside from weddings, people have also organized baby showers, memorial services, and other similar events at the bed and breakfast. Those who plan on hosting an event at the inn are expected to contact Tina and Mark about it prior to their stay.

A few policies are implemented at the Brewster Inn. Smoking is prohibited inside the home, though there is a designated smoking area outside on the grounds where guests can do so. While there are no appointed quiet hours, the owners encourage everyone to keep noise to a minimum at night to foster a quiet atmosphere for those who want to rest. Furthermore, pets are not permitted to accompany visitors.

Open year-round, the busiest season for the Brewster Inn most commonly occurs from the middle of May to the middle of October. Tina and Mark presume that this season is busier due to the temperatures being more moderate throughout these months. With regard to the demographic of those who stay at the Brewster Inn, Mark mentions that they receive a mix of older and younger travelers. The owners also add that the inn receives several people who live in Maine who simply want to travel to a different location in the state. A considerable fraction of visitors to the inn are repeat guests as well.

People who have stayed at the Brewster Inn in the past have given Mark and Tina feedback on various aspects of the bed and breakfast that they appreciated. The owners mention that a fair amount of comments that they've heard pertain to the cleanliness of the establishment as well as the hospitality provided by the innkeepers. One guest review explains their experience at the bed and breakfast, highlighting the amenities and general character of the property, as they remark, "Tina and Mark were super and have created a lovely atmosphere in their establishment. The historic property offers inviting guest spaces, pretty gardens, a charming breakfast room, and everything was very clean. Our room was private and spacious and the homemade breakfast with quality coffee was delicious."


While the present owners of the Brewster Inn, Mark and Tina, have had ownership of the business since 2007, the home's history dates back to circa the 1870s when the Brewster family originally owned it. The building initially served as Ralph Owen Brewster's childhood home. Brewster eventually became the governor of Maine, and soon after, he was led to purchase the property from his family and remodel it to its present-day size in 1934. Mark and Tina explain that the house was remodeled by "one of Maine's most famous architects," John Alvin Stevens, who reportedly "designed large sections of Portland, Maine." Mark says that the Brewster Inn was one of the last buildings that John Stevens designed before he passed away. Following the home's redesign, Brewster then became a U.S. congressman and then a U.S. senator. According to Mark and Tina, Brewster held several large parties at the property with a few famous political figures who attended. President Truman and President Taft  reportedly stayed with Ralph Brewster during his ownership, as noted by Mark and Tina. 

It wasn't until 1988 that the Brewster Inn began operating as a bed and breakfast and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The first bed and breakfast owners managed the business from 1985 to 1987, solely offering three or four accommodations at the time. Then, it was purchased by a new set of owners who opened up more of the rooms for people to stay in, totaling nine guestrooms. Mark and Tina were then led to become the owners of the Brewster Inn when they had the desire to try something new. Since then, the innkeepers report that they have enjoyed their occupation in the hospitality industry.

Numerous updates were made to the inn when Mark and Tina gained ownership. A new heating system was added around the house, which had previously been one thermostat that was used to control the temperatures of the entire home. Now, the system allows individual climate control in each room. The original slate roof was also replaced with a shingle roof, and the owners kept the slate to use for landscaping. With the overall guest experience in mind, Mark and Tina have added a few new amenities, one of which includes the air tub in the Honeymoon Suite. Mark also explains that "the garden has constant work done to it." The owners intend to preserve the historic nature of the home while still keeping it up-to-date.

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