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The Cabins at Long Branch

Cabins at Long Branch are located in The Great Smokey Mountains on the western side of the state of North Carolina. The wooded property was founded in 2010 by Jim Clinton, who still utilizes the area for his own family cabin. The business is open year-round, contains 40 acres of woodland, and offers three cabins for rent. Jim strives to create a peaceful atmosphere so that guests can have the opportunity to relax and enjoy nature. The Cabins at Long Branch has received various reviews throughout its operation. The host’s responsiveness and information, as well as the overall character of the property, are the most commonly mentioned items in these reviews.


Located on the western edge of North Carolina, just a few minutes away from waterfalls, white water rafting on the Nantahala River, and boating on Nantahala Lake, The Cabins at Long Branch is located near many other family-friendly activities. In the words of the owner and operator of the facility, the cabins are situated in "really rugged mountains." Guests have many outdoor attractions and activities available in the nearby area. The property is made up of three secluded units that are available for visitors to choose from during their stay.

All three units within the area are cabins, with one featuring a one-bedroom, fully restored, and modernized mountain cabin and the other two featuring double-bedroom cabins. The one-bedroom can accommodate two people, and the two-bedroom cabins can each accommodate up to six. All of the cabins contain various amenities available for customers to use during their stay, including central heat and air, fireplaces, and free Wi-Fi. Each cabin is fully furnished, the kitchens are full size and equipped, and they all offer front door parking.

The Cabins at Long Branch provide multiple opportunities to experience the nature in the area. These activities include waterfalls, trout fishing in nearby mountain streams, white water rafting, hiking trails (including the sections of The Appalachian Trail), zip-lining, horseback riding, and boating on Nantahala Lake.

The Cabins at Long Branch is in operation year-round, and it has its busiest operating season during the months of June, July, and October. Much of the success during these months, according to the owner, is due to the cooler temperatures in the area compared to nearby southern states—as the cabins are 3,500 feet in elevation. During the month of October, the leaves on the trees change color from green to various shades of yellow, orange, and red. Many visitors from across the country arrive in October to witness the views that come from this change.


Jim Clinton, the owner of The Cabins at Long Branch, makes it his goal to provide guests with an experience away from "the hustle of the city" where they can "have quiet time in the mountains." Before the creation of The Cabins at Long Branch, the Clinton family had a cabin in the exact same location. Jim is putting forth the effort to provide guests of The Cabins at Long Branch with a similar experience to the one that he and his family had in their own cabin prior to opening up this facility.

In hopes that every guest will enjoy their stay at The Cabins at Long Branch, certain policies that every visitor to the property is expected to follow have been established. These policies include the prohibition of smoking in the cabins or bringing pets onto the grounds. A stated policy is that guests are expected to "relax and have fun!"

The Cabins at Long Branch have received various reviews throughout their time of operation. A recent guest described their experience during their stay as such: "Wonderful place with great owners. Very accommodating and professional. The location is helpful and is close to everything we wanted to do in the area. The cabin was very nice."


Jim Clinton, the owner and founder of The Cabins at Long Branch, has frequented the area with his wife and family since 1998. The family still loves spending time in the area. After enjoying it by themselves for many years, they decided that they wanted to share that same experience with other people. This idea eventually led to the formation of The Cabins at Long Branch.

Jim Clinton developed the entire area into what it is today. He organized the construction of each cabin and the roads that now lead up to them. He also designed and constructed a water system for the cabins, which he says provides clear, clean, and county-approved spring water to the cabins from mountain springs on the property. In 2010, following the construction of these first cabins, Jim and his family opened up the property for business. The property currently has two additional cabins under construction, and Jim has made goals to further the development of the campground by continuing to build new living areas and amenities for guests. Today, Jim's favorite part of operating The Cabins at Long Branch is helping visitors enjoy the beauty of the area.

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