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The Carriage Inn Bed and Breakfast
The Carriage Inn Bed and Breakfast

The Carriage Inn Bed and Breakfast

The Carriage Inn Bed and Breakfast is found in Charles Town, West Virginia, which is a city on the edge of the borders between West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland. The Potomac River flows northeast of the property, offering people a place for outdoor recreational activities like fishing, kayaking, and more. The business provides seven units year-round, with the busiest season of operation being August to November. The cities in the area have a large amount of history, especially pertaining to events from The Civil War era. Harper's Ferry National Historic Park and Antietam National Battlefield are two historical locations that are within 15 miles of the business. The property owner, Donn, mentions that several significant soldiers that served in the Civil War came to the house, including people like Ulysses S Grant, Philips Sheridan, Stonewall Jackson, and Robert E Lee.


The Carriage Inn Bed and Breakfast consists of two buildings that are erected on just over one acre of land. The main building contains six of the seven total suites, while the second and smaller structure, called The Carriage House Suite, is its own unit. The six rooms in the main building are spread out across the three floors. Each room is uniquely decorated and was given a name based on the decorations and aspects of the rooms. The available rooms are The Sunrise Room, The Mary Rutherford, The Garden View Room, The Robin's Nest Suite, The Copper Beech Suite, and The Shenandoah Suite. Every room has a private bathroom that is stocked with towels and toiletries, and two of the rooms have jacuzzi tubs, while the rest have a full bath and shower. The rooms come with a television and fireplace as well. Due to the fact that it is an entirely separate building, The Carriage House Suite is larger in size compared to the other rooms and is capable of housing children under the age of 12, as opposed to the other rooms. Regardless of which unit is reserved, each reservation includes breakfast.

Breakfast is served between 8:00 AM and 9:30 AM. The owner allows guests to select what time they would like to eat breakfast when they check in. Typically, breakfast is a three-course meal consisting of fruit, juice, entrees made with meat, and some baked goods like muffins, French toast, and others. According to the owner, one dish that he has made that patrons have enjoyed is caramel apple French toast. Breakfast changes on a daily basis so that visitors are not eating the same thing multiple days in a row. The owner is responsible for making the dishes at breakfast and mentions that all of his dishes are made from scratch. According to the owner, one dish that he has made that patrons have enjoyed is caramel apple French toast. He explains, "We are able to accommodate special diets like gluten-free, lactose intolerant, diabetic, vegan, vegetarian, and more. The only one we cannot do is kosher." The dietary accommodations need to be given in advance in order for the owner to have enough time to make dishes that abide by the patrons' needs. Occupants can eat the meal inside or outside.

On the outside of the buildings, multiple gardens and trees are scattered across the grounds. The yard has a patio that looks out at two copper beech trees in the yard that were planted in 1890 or earlier. One of them is called Champion, having earned its name because it is the largest copper beech tree in the state, according to Donn, the owner. There are nine private parking spaces that guests can use during their stay, and tables and chairs inside and outside allow guests to sit and relax or can be used for playing games, reading, and other leisurely activities.

According to the owner, the towns in the area are found in historically notable locations that have many connections to events relating to The Civil War. Harper's Ferry National Historical Park and Antietam National Battlefield are two locations where soldiers fought during the war. Visitors can find memorials and museums with more detailed information about what happened and some influential people that were present. There are also a variety of hiking trails. Maryland Heights and The Appalachian Trail pass through the area and allow patrons the chance to go for walks. The owners of The Carriage Inn Bed and Breakfast can tell patrons about some of the restaurants in the area as well. Alfredo's Mediterranean Grille and Steakhouse is a bistro that offers grilled goods, beer, and wine and is located down the road from the inn. Another restaurant they like to mention is Press Room, an eatery set up in an old newspaper building in Shepherdstown.


The Carriage Inn Bed and Breakfast has had many guests stay over the years, and Donn, the owner, reports that about 25% to 30% of visitors are people that have been to the establishment before. He mentions that some reasons people come back are because of the atmosphere and the food provided for breakfast. One person who recently stayed at the business writes, "The room was clean and nicely decorated, the bathroom had ample room, and the bed was comfy. Breakfast was amazing both days, and the innkeeper was accommodating to diet/preference requests. Innkeepers were pleasant and inviting." Also mentioned in reviews that previous patrons have left is that there are a variety of activities in the area. Some of the activities that guests can take part in include kayaking, canoeing, biking, hiking, rock climbing, zip-lining, and more. People often visit some of the historical places and monuments that pertain to The Civil War, like the battlefields where some of the fightings took place.

The busiest time of the year tends to be April through November. There is no typical demographic as they see people of all ages come to the property, ranging from young adults to retired folk. There are also families that make reservations, though if they have any children younger than 12 years old, they are required to stay in The Carriage House, as it is the only unit able to accommodate young children.

Policies that are enforced by the business include no smoking either indoors or outdoors on the grounds, and pets are not allowed. There are no quiet hours, though the lights get dimmed at 10:00 PM to help people wind down for the night. Finally, as noted above, children that are below the age of 12 are not allowed to stay in the main building.


One of the buildings, The Carriage House Suite, was built around the year 1820. The main building was added later, around 1840. Even though it is over 150 years old, the main house has some of the original floorings from when it was first built. The woodwork in the home is original, including the fireplaces, mantles, trimming on the windows, and more, with the only exception being the front door. The building was used as a private residence up until 1985 when it was converted into a bed and breakfast.

Donn, the current owner of The Carriage Inn Bed and Breakfast, is the fourth owner of the business, having purchased it in 2006. He explains that owning the bed and breakfast and working in the hospitality industry has been enjoyable for him and his wife. One aspect of the job that they particularly enjoy is being able to meet people from different places. Donn mentions that they have received people from all over the world, with a sizeable demographic of visitors coming from places in England.

Both the town and buildings of the business have a long history dating back to before The Civil War. Charles Town was founded by Charles Washington, who is the youngest brother of George Washington. He initially owned all of the lands in the town and sold them to people as time went on. Charles Town is found on the Civil War Trails, which marks many of the relevant historical and noteworthy places during the war. A number of large-scale battles were fought in the vicinity, including places like Antietam and Harper's Ferry. According to Donn, the current owner of the business, on September 17th, 1864, Ulysses S Grant and Philips Sheridan had a meeting in the building that is part of his bed and breakfast. Other generals that came to the house and other places nearby include Robert E Lee, Jeff Stewart, and Stonewall Jackson.

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