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The Commander's Beach House

The Commander's Beach House

The Commander's Beach House is situated in Port Townsend, Washington, listed as being "steps away" from nearby beaches as well as five minutes away from downtown Port Townsend. Port Townsend is known for its Victorian-style homes, with many dating back to the 19th-century. There are a total of four rooms available to the public and each room is decorated and set up differently than the others. Due to the town being a port city, there are a number of activities to do that encourage beach related activities, though one of the most popular ones offered to visitors is whale watching.


On a quarter of an acre of land, The Commander's Beach House is a bed and breakfast situated in a 1934 historic home that served formally as the residence for a Commanding Medical Officer of the U.S. Quarantine Station at Port Hudson. The property has since served as a bed and breakfast, supplying four rooms for guests ages "10 and up." The two-leveled home features three rooms on the second floor and one room on the main level, each providing views of the beach as well as Whidbey Island, the Point Wilson lighthouse, and Mount Baker. Each room is furnished with either a queen or king-sized bed, a full private bathroom, and a seating area for the guests. Coloring, decorations, and views differ between each of the four rooms, providing different experiences for the patrons. Specific rooms, such as the Lighthouse Suite, come with additional bedding for larger groups and families.

The Commander's Beach House is a five-minute walk from the downtown of Port Townsend, with activities such as the Marine Science Center being available for guests. Port Townsend is also known for its various festivals, including film festivals, jazz festivals, wooden boat festivals, and more. Downtown Port Townsend is also known for its Historic District, with buildings dating back to the 19th-century. The district is listed as a U.S. National Historic Landmark District, being officially recognized by the U.S. government for its historical significance.

Along with the activities found in the town, other known activities derive from the surrounding lakes, with whale watching being listed as one of the "top tourist attractions." Cideries, wineries, and breweries are located throughout the area, giving taste testers and couples the opportunity to taste the various drinks from the area. Breakfast is served daily during the patrons' stay, including items such as eggs benedict, banana french toast, and other "sweet and savory items." Next to the bed and breakfast is an RV park, Point Hudson Marina and RV Park, which provides access to the lake for RV-goers as well as providing opportunities for sailing, boating, fishing, whale watching, and other various lake activities.


"Relax and Solve Nothing" is the motto of The Commander's Beach House, referring to the relaxing and welcoming experience the hosts strive to give off for the guests who stay at their property. Natalie Dionne, a part-owner of the property, mentions the want to "provide a safe, relaxing experience where our guests can just sit and look at the beach, and enjoy themselves." Guests of the property mention in their reviews the views from the rooms they stayed in, mentioning them as being "wonderful, excellent views that you wouldn't get anywhere else!" Other reviews of the property mention the proximity to the downtown area of Port Townsend, referring to it as "a short walk to all of the needed amenities, including dining, shopping and more! It is definitely convenient for anyone not looking to travel too far for activities."

The breakfast items served daily at The Commander's Beach House also get mentioned in reviews, stating, "despite all of the restaurants in the surrounding areas, the fresh, homemade breakfast at The Commander's Beach House is hard to beat!" Port Townsend, the area the property is located in, is seen as "a charming small town that you would see in films or other types of media." Activities featured in the area include several parks such as the Fort Worden State Park and the Chetzemoka Park, each providing day activities for tourists and locals in the area. Along with the parks, Port Townsend is known for its whale watching, which occurs in the lake surrounding the area. Known for being a port-stop along the Puget Sound, an inlet of the Pacific Ocean, the area is surrounded by various boats and water-crafts, each docked at Port Hudson.


The Commander's Beach House was built in 1934 by the Commanding Medical Officer of the U.S. Quarantine Station at Port Hudson, serving as a residential piece. Throughout the years, the home was owned and changed by families of Army, Navy, and Coast Guard officers before being purchased in 1999 by Gail and Jil Oldroyd. They turned the property into The Commander's Beach House, where they owned it until 2020. It was then given to, Natalie and David Dionne, who are their relatives, and have since operated the property.

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