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The Cordova Inn

The Cordova Inn is located in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, in the Tampa Bay area. The business offers 32 rooms year-round, each varying between Double Queen Deluxe, King Standard, and King Deluxe rooms. One can spend time in one of the common areas, including the lobby or library. According to the general manager, they sometimes help with local festivals and tend to decorate the interior of the building with decorations during some major holidays and events. The manager would like guests to feel "comfortable and at home during their stay." Smoking and pets are prohibited inside the units. According to the staff, The Cordova Inn is a historic building known as "the oldest hotel in St. Petersburg." Having opened in 1921, the current owners make an effort to retain the historical aspects of the inn while still trying to provide a positive experience for their patrons.


The Cordova Inn, located in the heart of downtown St. Petersburg, is a historic hotel offering a range of room options and amenities. There are a total of 32 units that patrons can choose from, and there are several different types of rooms as well. Occupants can choose between King Deluxe, King Standard, and Double Queen Deluxe rooms. Each room has a different bathroom style; some have showers, while others have clawfoot tubs. The King Deluxe and King Standard have one king-sized bed, while the Double Queen Deluxe spaces come with two queen-sized beds.

Several common areas are available for visitors to spend their time, including a lobby with a café in the morning, and a cocktail bar in the evening. Also found in the lobby is a fireplace, a chandelier, and a small library area with books. The general manager says that many people will visit the property during their happy hours, occurring from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. The front porch area, which is known as the veranda, tends to be a popular spot for patrons to occupy. The interior of the building has several blue velvet chairs and couches in the main room.

The Cordova Inn is in the downtown area of St. Petersburg, which, according to the manager, tends to be a significant draw for visitors. The inn is within walking distance of various attractions, including St. Pete Pier, Vinoy Park, and Tropicana Field. Several local events are held, and the inn sometimes helps host such occasions. The Localtopia Festival is one celebration that takes place near the business.

According to the manager, the surrounding area of The Cordova Inn is characterized by a lively atmosphere, and the amount of local restaurants is "continuously growing." Beach Drive, in particular, typically offers upscale dining options, and St. Pete Pier and Vinoy Park frequently host events, festivals, and concerts throughout the year. The manager and other employees enjoy recommending places for guests to eat. They can provide visitors with suggestions based on personal preferences and a few local partnerships between The Cordova Inn and some of the restaurants. Red Mesa Cantina is a restaurant within walking distance that offers Mexican cuisine. Another local favorite is Bella Brava, which is restaurant that serves Italian dishes. Additionally, the manager says that for those looking other options, there are many places within walking distance.


The owners of The Cordova Inn would like to create a welcoming environment "where guests feel like family." One of the priorities of the business is to prioritize service, and the manager mentions that the staff makes an effort to learn patrons' names and make them feel "at home" during their stay. Another goal for the property is to maintain the historical aspects of the building as they continue to make renovations and changes.

The hotel has several policies that visitors are asked to abide by during their stay. Smoking is prohibited throughout the premises. Pets are not allowed to stay in the hotel rooms, though the business permits them in the lobby. The manager mentions that pets cannot go in the rooms due to potential noise disturbances and damage to the property.

The establishment operates year-round, with its peak season typically being the fall through spring months. Many people who stay at the inn tend to be couples or traveling businessmen. There have been many people that have made reservations and stayed at The Cordova Inn over the years. A few of these patrons have left reviews of their experience, and one person wrote, "It's a really charming spot with a lot of history and excellent service. Coffee downstairs in the morning was delicious and room was immaculate and very comfortable."


The Cordova Inn was built in 1921, and according to the general manager, it holds a distinction in the community as being "the oldest hotel in St. Petersburg." Over the years, it has gone through a few name changes, with the original name being The Scott before being rebranded as Hotel Cordova for several decades. In 2001, the hotel underwent significant renovations and was briefly renamed The Pier Hotel before it became The Cordova Inn in 2014.

Under the company New Hotel Collection, the current owners acquired the business in 2020. They previously worked in the travel industry, but since they entered the lodging industry, they have purchased and run several different hotels, some of which are from other states. The owners have made several upgrades to the establishment—such as adding the cocktail bar—and have several ideas for the future as well. 

Due to its history, the owners do what they can to maintain the historical aspects of the building, especially when they make renovations. For example, the building was erected before elevators had been implemented, and the business only has stairs to access the upper floors. 

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