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The Cottage B&B

The Cottage B&B

Buckingham, Virginia, is home to the Cottage B&B, owned and operated by Carole Owens. At the property, there are two suites available for reservations. One suite is equipped with two bedrooms, while the other has one. Each suite offers ensuite bathrooms, a convenience area stocked with kitchen supplies, a sitting area, and a private patio. The units also have private access from outside the building. Cottage B&B is located on two acres of land, with outdoor features, such as the communal outdoor patio. The business is open year-round, with the busiest season of operation being the summer months. In the area, there are multiple attractions centered around Norman Rockwell, music festivals, and events at the Naumkag. Specific attractions relatively close to the bed and breakfast include the Tanglewood Music Festival, the Berkshire Theatre Group, and various hiking trails. Carole also notes that the business is within walking distance of these attractions and several restaurants.


The Cottage B&B is located in the town of Buckingham, Virginia. On the property, all accommodations are classified as suites, offering up to two bedrooms, a sitting area, bathroom, convenience area, private patio, and private entrance. In total, there are two suites at the bed and breakfast. Out of the two suites, the owner, Carole Owens, says that the more modernly decorated suite tends to be preferred among male guests, while the antique-style suite is often favored by female visitors.

As previously mentioned, all rooms are accessed from outside the house. When staying at the property, the only area inside the house that patrons are given access to is their suites. According to Carole, all rooms are stocked with what a guest needs during their stay at the Cottage B&B. The convenience area in the suites is equipped with coffee pots, teapots, and dishes. In addition to kitchen items, the area is stocked with breakfast foods before the patron’s arrival. Before arriving at the property, visitors “order [their] breakfast,” and they can eat their meal whenever they please. When ordering, guests are given the opportunity to make requests for accommodations regarding any dietary needs, restrictions, or preferences. Due to the fact that all breakfast items are cooked beforehand, the only task required of guests to do before they eat is to heat their food up.

Two acres make up the premises of the Cottage B&B. The location of the property is within about one mile of various stores and restaurants. Common areas outside the house include a communal patio, in addition to the private patio connected with individual suites; Carole says that “mountain views” can be seen from the outdoor area. According to the website, the mountain views give "a feeling of rural peace and quiet." The bed and breakfast has a number of activities available to patrons, such as yard games, flying kites, and using the different walking trails on the premises. There are also walking trails off the property that are accessible near the establishment.


Carole Owens, the owner of the Cottage B&B, strives to create an atmosphere for her guests where they can have privacy during their stay. She further explains that she considers her property to be “quiet and a place to relax and enjoy.” Carole attributes the property's ambiance to the layout of the building—specifically the private entrances—namely its inclusion of only two suites. A wine hour is also offered to patrons, in an effort to give them the opportunity to socialize or meet with Carole if desired.

When staying at The Cottage B&B, Carole has established certain policies for guests to follow. Pets are permitted at the property; however, they are only allowed in one of the pet-friendly suites. Smoking is not permitted in the house but is allowed outside on the grounds.

Carole reports that one of the well-known aspects of her business is its location. The Cottage B&B is across the street from the Naumkag, which is known for hosting special events four times a year; within walking distance to the Marion’s; three miles from where the Tanglewood Music Festival takes place, which typically starts in July and runs through Labor Day; one mile from Norman Rockwell Stockbridge; one mile from the Normal Rockwell Museum; and is across the street from the Berkshire Theatre Group. Activities in the area include hiking trails, swimming at a local beach, and visiting the theatre. Also popular among guests, according to Carole, are various types of restaurants. Carole’s top recommendations include Amici’s Italian Bistro, The Batteau, and the Tavern on the James.

The summertime is typically the busiest season of operation for The Cottage B&B, which is open year-round. This busy season is a result of the aforementioned attractions available in the surrounding area, according to Carole. She notes that the fall foliage also tends to draw people to Buckingham, which typically occurs during the first and second weeks of October. During Christmas time, the area hosts a Norman Rockwell-themed Christmas celebration that receives several attendants.


The Cottage B&B has been in business for over 26 years. Carole Owens is the current and original owner of the bed and breakfast. She was led to enter the lodging industry after her friend advised her to start the business. Carole remarks that her friend saw the potential for the business due to the surrounding nature and attractions. In preparation for beginning the bed and breakfast, Carole installed two interior doors to create the suites.

Carole reports that she has a significant presence in the area, describing herself as a “local author” who has written a total of twelve books. In addition to being an author, Carole is also a local historian, which she says gives her an advantage in providing guests advice on places to see and eat at. Carole says that many of her guests discovered her business through local ties and connections. Over the years that Carole has operated the business, she remarks that her favorite part of the job is being able to meet with all of the different people that come to her property. In addition, she also enjoys being able to provide service, whether by helping them get tickets for local events, giving recommendations, or helping find specials for attractions. Overall, Carole says that she has “the best guests in the world.”

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