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The Crossroads Inn

The Crossroads Inn

The Crossroads Inn is located in the heart of Texas in Johnson City. A total of six bedrooms are available for reservation, all differing in size. The city's historic district provides visitors with information about former President Lyndon B. Johnson, as his childhood home is a few blocks from the inn. Commonly referred to as the "Texas Hill Country," it is also known as the "wine region," the encompassing city contains various wineries that guests staying at The Crossroads Inn can frequent. The inn's location is within walking distance of the restaurants, stores, and breweries in Johnson City. Outdoor recreational activities such as fishing, inner tubing, kayaking, and swimming often pique the interest of visitors as well.


The Crossroads Inn is situated on six acres of land in Johnson City, Texas, in the central region of the state. Kristin, the owner, describes the house as "rustic but still comfortable and charming." Initially, the property was built in the 1800s and has been remodeled since then. However, the plans for the remodeling were to keep to the original 1800 designs, giving the house a "more historical look," mentions Kristin. She further explains that the inn's rustic style is one of her favorite parts about the property because it has many of the old original features that the homes in the 1800s had. 

The inn has six rooms for guests to reserve, each of which varies in size and offers different amenities. There are two rooms inside the two-story main house and four cottage rooms located adjacent to the main house. Refrigerators, microwaves, coffee pots, private bathrooms, and beds are some of the standard features included in every room. There is a small living room area in the main house that is also available for occupants to lounge or play games. The property has two porches—one on each story—that provide seating for patrons. Kristin mentions that the people staying at the inn often enjoy utilizing the porches to "relax and drink wine."

An animal sanctuary is also found on the property, which serves as the home for goats, chickens, cats, and dogs that have all been rescued. Kristin mentions that visitors are permitted to feed the animals food supplied by the establishment upon request. A variety of other wildlife can be seen while at the destination, such as birds, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Gardens with various flowers and plants that guests can enjoy characterize the inn's grounds. Kristin mentions that 300-year-old oak trees can also be found in the gardens, which she remarks are older than the United States. The property contains a butterfly garden that attracts several different species of butterflies. Kristin remarks that the animal sanctuary is her passion and that she loves saving animals from harm. She explains that many patrons have kids that enjoy seeing the animals in the sanctuary on the property. The outdoor area also includes a fire pit and seating that guests can utilize. 

The Crossroads Inn is a ten-minute walk into Johnson City, a locality that is generally known for wine tasting. Kristin remarks that there are "more than 50 wineries within 30 miles of the inn." She says that she suggests that guests dine at the Pecan Street Brewery, Bryans on 290, and the Cast Iron Punk food truck. The Pecan Street Brewery is a casual sit-down restaurant that serves burgers, pizza, and home-brewed beer. Bryans on 290 is a formal sit-down American bistro that Kristin describes as "fine dining." As for Cast Iron Punk, the food truck serves breakfast and a variety of other items. Since The Crossroads Inn no longer serves breakfast, Kristin suggests that people should visit Cast Iron Punk for their morning meal. 

In relatively close proximity to the inn is the Pedernales Falls State Park, where people can engage in activities such as bird watching, swimming, and kayaking. There are also a number of biking and hiking trails, some of which lead to waterfalls, and Kristin mentions that this is something that guests frequent when they stay at the inn. 


For those who stay at The Crossroads Inn, there are a few policies that Kristin, the owner, asks her visitors to follow. One important policy is complying with the quiet hours, which start at 10:00 p.m. This policy intends to keep a peaceful environment for occupants during the later hours of the night and the earlier hours of the morning. Smoking is prohibited inside the house or on the deck and is only allowed in designated smoking spots throughout the premises. Another notable policy is that if guests have members in their party who are under 12 years of age, Kristin asks that they call and discuss it with her to make sure they reserve the proper room that is kid friendly. 

Kristin remarks that she wants her guests to feel "at home" over the course of their stay. She strives to provide this experience by adding "thoughtful touches" to the rooms, such as wine glasses, black makeup washcloths, and coffee. Kristin adds these items to help visitors feel "pampered." She explains that wine tasting is a common attraction for many guests who stay at the inn. One patron mentioned the service that was provided by the innkeeper, saying, "The owner is sweet and has great recommendations for places around town. The free-range chickens clucking, little heard of goats, and garden beds full of plants that attract butterflies make the grounds adorable and add to the Texas hill country experience."

The Crossroads Inn is open year-round, with the busiest season being April through May. Kristin explains that guests tend to visit between these months because it is wildflower season, and they come to see the nature at the inn and surrounding area. She also mentions that light festivals during the holiday season tend to attract visitors. 


The Crossroads Inn is located in the historic district of Johnson City, Texas—an area that was settled in the late 1800s. The property was settled in this period but has gone through changes. Kristin, the owner, explains that despite the fact that there was a historic home on the property, it has been rebuilt to have more modern amenities, it still has retained much of its original design as a manor house from the 1850s. 

Kristin says that Johnson City is named after the former president of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson and that the home where he grew up is a few blocks up the road from The Crossroads Inn. She also notes that Johnson City is known as the "Crossroads of the Hill Country" because the cattle drive companies would meet there to make trades and do exchanges. There is a historic park in Johnson City where visitors can learn more about the history of the city and the role that Lyndon B. Johnson had. 

The property started as a bed and breakfast in 2005 and was initially named the Chantilly Lace Country Inn. Kristin bought the property in 2018 and renamed the inn under the current name, The Crossroads Inn. Kristin mentions that what prompted the new name of the inn was the nickname of Johnson City as the "Crossroads of the Hill Country." However, she also remarks that when she bought the location, she too "was at a crossroads" in her life. After working for 20 years in newsrooms and large corporations, Kristin decided to start her own business and fulfill her dream of rescuing animals. She expresses that she was "looking to get away from the busy working lifestyle" that she had lived for many years. Her favorite part of her job is "getting to know the guests and making friends." She also says that she has a "passion for animals," and "feels satisfied knowing she is saving them from harm."

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