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The Dilworth Inn & Suites

The Dilworth Inn and Suites is a hotel with 14 rooms accessible to the public that can be found on the southern end of Gonzales, Texas. The town of Gonzales has been around for a long time and is best known for its history. The Dilworth Inn and Suites has its rooms on the second floor and an Italian bar and restaurant called La Vella Tavola on the first floor. The building has a history that dates back to the early 1910s, while the city dates back to times as old as the late 1700s. Emphasis has been placed on this history, which is a driving factor of the culture for both the property and the city of Gonzales.


On one corner of the historical road, St. George Street, lies The Dilworth Inn and Suites. The Dilworth Inn has a grand total of fourteen suites available for the public to reserve for their stays. The rooms range in size, and some have a differing number of beds. The Executive King Bedroom is one of the more popular rooms on the premises, both with guests and to the owner. The Executive King Bedroom is a large corner room and has a king-sized bed and comes with central air conditioning, two dressers, a ceiling fan, a mini-fridge, a writing desk and chair, a closet, a hairdryer, and a private bathroom with a walk-in shower.

The owner also notes the Executive Double Queen as being popular among visitors. The room has two queen-sized beds, central air conditioning, two ceiling fans, a mini-fridge, a writing desk and chair, a private bathroom, and larger closet space than most of the other rooms. Each room comes with free Wi-Fi, daily housekeeping, and access to the breakfast that is provided by a joint business called Come and Crepe It, which is a couple of buildings down the road.

Come and Crepe It serves many breakfast items such as omelets, crepes, pastries, breakfast sandwiches, and coffee. Guests staying at The Dilworth Inn can choose almost anything they want off the menu for their breakfast. The units that guests reserve are found on the second floor of the inn, while the first floor houses the lobby and a separate restaurant called La Bella Tavola, which is an Italian bar and grill. La Bella Tavola is a separate business from The Dilworth Inn, but guests are still able to purchase meals and drinks there at their leisure.

Beyond the walls of the property, one can find a number of things to do in the city of Gonzales. Several restaurants that can be found in the area that are personally recommended by the owner include The Running M Bar and Grill, Mi Lupitas, and La Bellas Chevelle. There are also a few museums, historical sites, and antique stores that can be visited, such as the Gonzales County Jail Museum and the State Association of Texas Pioneers Museum.


The owners of the Dilworth Inn and Suite do their best to create an inviting atmosphere and welcome guests with clean rooms and a calming, relaxing sort of space. The inn hopes that guests will be able to enjoy their time no matter what it is they're doing. There is no parking lot on the property; however, guests are able to park on the street or across the street in Confederate Square's parking lot. Though the property doesn't have a gym, the employees at the front desk can give them more information and can help visitors get access to one that can be found down the road. Also, something that can be arranged is a massage appointment with a masseuse that visits every so often, which is also set up by speaking to the employees working at the front desk.

The Dilworth Inn and Suite has received many different reviews in the past. One review of the establishment reads, "Great quaint place. The room I was in was particularly great. I was in room two, and I loved the view of the small town. They do not have 24/7 front desk coverage, so you may want to call ahead and let them know a window of time you are coming to save on the time it takes to check-in. Customer service was friendly and nice."

History is a significant thing to the town, as Gonzales has a long and rich history that is well recorded and preserved. The vicinity is made up of buildings that were built years ago, dating back to later than the 1920s, and even has its own slogan. A common phrase that can be seen and heard around town is "come and take it," which is a reference to a historical time when the Mexican military attacked the town, and the city of Gonzales held their own against their enemies. This saying was the inspiration for The Dilworth Inn and Suite's partner business that serves breakfasts, Come and Crepe It. Also, across the street, guests can find the Come and Take It Bar and Grill, which also got its name from the slogan. Along the main road, there are a wide variety of museums and antique stores that may interest tourists that wish to see the more historical side of Gonzales.


The Dilworth Inn and Suites has been around for about six years, with its first opening day being in the year 2015. While the inn itself is not very old, the building that it currently occupies has more history than a majority of the other buildings and establishments in the vicinity. The building that The Dilworth Inn and Suites use was first erected in the early 1910s.

In the beginning, it was used as a bank, with its establishment being the first bank in Gonzales, and was owned by a man named Mr. Dilworth, who lived in the building next door. In 1929, only a few months before the years of The Great Depression, Mr. Dilworth scammed the local farmers and ranchers out of their money, having them pay most of their dues to the bank right before closing it down. Furious at the trick he had played, the townspeople revolted against him and chased him out of town. The building saw little use throughout the years that came after.

It wasn't until there was an enormous discovery of oil in the nearby area that the previous owner turned the older building into a hotel to provide oil workers a place to stay while they drilled for oil. When the oil boom was over, the small town decided to turn the area into a historical tourist spot for guests to come and explore the roots of Gonzales.

Gonzales' slogan, which is "Come and take it," originates from many years ago when the Mexican Army demanded that the Texans give up the bronze cannon that was used for the cities defenses. When the Texans declined, the Mexican Army threatened war with them. The Texans' response was, "Come and take it." A large battle ensued that ended with the retreat of the Mexican Army and the victory going to the Texans. This battle was the first of more that followed and became known as The Battle of Gonzales. Gonzales is also known for being the place where the first shot was fired on Texas' road to independence from Mexico.

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