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The Edenfield House

The Edenfield House is located on the western side of the town of Swainsboro, Georgia, which is found on the eastern side of the state. The house was initially built in 1895 as a family home and changed ownership multiple times throughout the years until it was converted into a bed and breakfast in 1985. The current owners of the House strive to create an atmosphere within the property in which guests want to come back for future stays. The Edenfield House has received various reviews throughout its history as a bed and breakfast, with the overall character of the property and the quality of service from the owners being the most commonly mentioned aspects in those reviews. 


The Edenfield House is a southern-style, two-story home found in the town of Swainsboro, GA. The property itself contains nine units for guests of the property to choose from for their stay, gardens outside of the main house that visitors can spend time in during their stay, and a separate building that contains three additional units which are used for long-term guests. The Edenfield House is owned and operated by siblings Baron, Houston, Colton, and Carson Correll.

Among the units available to guests, nine rooms are located in the main house, and one room is in a separate house on the property that the Corrells utilize for patrons wishing to have a more extended stay at the bed and breakfast. Each room is uniquely decorated and named. All of the rooms inside the main house contain various amenities that are available for visitors to utilize during their time at The Edenfield House. These amenities include Wi-Fi, a clock with USB charging ports, individual central air/heating systems, a mini-fridge for snacks and drinks, and an iron and ironing board. Each room includes a private bathroom equipped with marble vanities and floors, shampoo and soaps, and a built-in hairdryer. 

The Edenfield House provides additional amenities for all customers, including a 24/7 tea and coffee bar with water and utensils, a fire pit for group use, free parking, and a customizable breakfast each morning. The interior of the house contains ten original murals commissioned by one of the previous owners of the property during the Great Depression in the 1930s. The Corrells have made plans to construct a wedding venue and winery as additional attractions and event sites for their patrons to utilize. 

The Edenfield House is located less than a mile from downtown Swainsboro, Georgia. The city of Swainsboro contains various attractions for guests of the bed and breakfast to visit during their stay. These attractions include Patriot's Park at the heart of Swainsboro and the Main Street Market. Additionally, there are multiple attractions within a 30-minute drive of The Edenfield House where patrons can spend their time. These include Harmon Park, which is a six-minute drive away, a golf and country club which is a three-minute drive away, and George L Smith State Park, which is a 21-minute drive away.  


In their own words, the owners of the property strive to "always delight [their] guests" during their time at the Edenfield House and to create a culture where patrons of the bed and breakfast want to come back again. In order to achieve these goals, Houston, Baron, Colton, and Carson Correll, the owners of the property, have established specific policies and work to adjust to guests' needs. One such policy is their late-check-in policy any guests who check-in after the normal check-in hours, which end at 7 pm, will have an envelope containing a key and directions to their room left for them at the front counter. This allows the guests to check in at any time during the day or night. An additional policy is that smoking inside the home is prohibited; however, there are designated smoking areas outside and away from the main building where patrons may smoke if they please. The established quiet hours are from 10:00 at night until 8:00 in the morning, and there is a ban on in-room parties. Additional restrictions and policies can be found on The Edenfield House website. The Corrells strive to create an environment where guests can feel comfortable and relaxed. These policies are one of the ways they work to achieve that goal. 

In addition to the property policies, the owners of the Edenfield House provide each room with the number of the front desk so that guests can contact them and express the needs that they may have with regard to their stay at the property. In their own words, the Corrells are "happy to meet any need that guests may have." 

A past patron of the Edenfield House described their experience during their stay at the bed and breakfast as such: "The rooms are all unique and beautiful. The antique furniture and decor are quaint and very comfortable. The staff is friendly and most enjoyable to talk to. The food is excellent, especially breakfast." Another past guest also shared their experience at the property: "Very quiet, comfortable. The rooms are well appointed with beautiful bedroom suites, king-size beds, and a private bath in each room. The host is very gregarious and welcoming." 


The Edenfield House was initially constructed in 1895 by a man named H.I. Olliff. The property was bought and sold multiple times in the early 1900s until it was eventually purchased by Henry Clay Edenfield, the namesake of the current bed and breakfast. Mr. Edenfield bought the house in 1927 as a home to raise his family in. The Edenfield family was made up of Mr. Edenfield, his wife Mabel, and his daughter Maurice. The Edenfields lived in the home until the passing of both Henry and Mabel, and the house was bought by a woman named Nancy English in 1982.  

In 1984, the Edenfield House was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. James W. Buckley, who had the ultimate goal of converting the home into an overnight accommodation destination. In the year 1985, they worked to restore and renovate the property to fit the needs of a bed and breakfast. The property was eventually opened for business as the Edenfield House later in the same year. 

In 2012, Aaron Correll purchased the Edenfield House. He owned and operated the business for nine years until he passed away in August of the year 2021. Following his death, the four children of Aaron Correll inherited the company and began to operate the property on their own. The four siblings, Baron, Houston, Colton, and Carson are the present owners and managers of The Edenfield House. 

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426 West Church Street
Swainsboro, Georgia 30401
United States




Houston, Baron, and Carson Correll

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Jim and Imogene Buckley

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