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The Edwardian Inn

The Edwardian Inn is located in Helena, Arkansas, just west of the Mississippi River. In 1904, it was first built and has since been renovated in 1983 when it became a bed and breakfast. It is registered on the National Register of Historic Places. The current owner has owned the property since 2019 and has tried to keep the original look and feel of the property while looking into possible renovations in the future. The inn attempts to provide a hot and fresh breakfast every day for the visitors. There are 9 rooms available for guests to stay in on the three floors. Each of these rooms has a private bathroom with a shower and bath, individual air-conditioning, heating, and other standard amenities. Additionally, all the rooms are also named after historical figures from Helena. The owner hopes to provide a restful retreat for the guests and tries to do what he can to make that possible.


Located just west of the Mississippi River in Helena, Arkansas, sits the Edwardian Inn. The property has over three and a half acres and provides a parking area, a garden area for guests to walk through, and a porch extending over the northern and eastern sides of the house. After an extensive renovation in the 1980s, the three-story estate now has nine bedrooms and three common areas. 

There are 9 different rooms at the Edwardian Inn for the visitors to stay in. These rooms are the General Patrick Cleburne, General Archibald Dobbins, John Hanks Alexander, William A. Short, Helena Phillips, Louis Jolliet, General Charles W. Adams, General James Tappan, and Father Marquette rooms. The most popular rooms are the General Patrick Cleburne room, which is on the first floor and has a king-size bed, a memory foam mattress, and a sitting area, and the General James Tappan room, which is on the second floor and also has a king-size bed and a memory foam mattress. Every room in the inn has its own private bathroom with a shower and bath, individual air-conditioning and heating, soap, shampoo, Wi-Fi, a television, and live tv and streaming services. 

Breakfast is served between 7:30 AM and 8:30 AM on weekdays and between 8:30 AM and 9:30 AM on weekends at the inn. The food is served hot, on individual plates, and is made in the kitchen on-site. There are a few options for breakfast that guests can choose. The options are eggs Benedict and pancakes, or scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. The inn also tries to provide homemade granola with greek yogurt and fresh fruits with their breakfasts. Another thing the estate offers is complimentary tea and coffee. Visitors of the property can also have any dietary restrictions accommodated with advance notice. If the patrons are having a special event on the property, they’re also willing to help with the lunch and dinner for the event. 

Helena, Arkansas hosts various historic sites and museums, giving guests at the Edwardian Inn a variety of attractions to visit during their stay. During the Civil War, the Battle of Helena happened there, and now the city of Helena has multiple sites to remember the Civil War and those who lost their lives in the battle, including Freedom Park, Fort Curtis, and Battery D. In addition to the Civil War sites, Helena also hosts the Delta Cultural Center giving a history of the culture of the area including the history of blues music there. Also, nearby Helena is the St. Francis National Forest that guests of the inn can go visit and the Mississippi River, which hosts world-class catfishing. Nearby restaurants include the Helena Tavern, PaTio Mexican Restaurant, Ele Rio Lindo, and the Downtown Bar and Grill.


The owner of the Edwardian Inn, Robert Cheek, hopes that guests will feel their stay was a restful retreat. He enjoys meeting with the guests and hearing about their stories and travels and tries to help the visitors with their needs during their stay. One guest wrote, “I have stayed at the Edwardian Inn numerous times. It has a good atmosphere. The breakfast is as good as you expect from an upscale bed and breakfast. The host is friendly and helpful. I got advice here on what to see and do in Helena.” 

The inn has the policies that no pets are allowed and no smoking inside the house. If guests would like to smoke, there are designated areas outside where they can smoke. Quiet time for the inn starts at 10:00 PM. The property is open year-round, and its peak season is between the months of April and October. 

The guests that have stayed at the Edwardian Inn are from diverse demographics, with many of them being repeat guests. One guest wrote about the property, “This was a great place to stay in the area–a great old home that has been well maintained and kept clean. There are great breakfasts, and the proprietor was friendly and welcoming.”


In December of 2019, Robert Cheek bought the Edwardian Inn and became the bed and breakfast owner. There have been multiple owners before Robert and since the property became a bed and breakfast in 1983. The Edwardian Inn was originally built in 1904 as a turn-of-the-century estate by William A. Short. After building it, the Short family owned it for over 15 years until 1920, when they sold it to a new family. Since then, many families have owned or rented the property. In the early 1980s, however, the estate went through an extensive renovation and became the bed and breakfast it is today. 

Ever since Robert purchased the inn in 2019, there have been no significant renovations; however, he mentions that he does have plans for things to add to the inn and ways to improve it. These plans include wanting to hardscape areas in the back, putting in a sauna and outdoor shower, and adding in a fireplace in the back. Robert remarks that he has many more projects on his list to help the property grow and have more activities for guests to enjoy inside the inn.

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