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The Governor's Inn

The Governor's Inn, located in Ludlow, Vermont, features nine bedrooms, which the owner reports are each uniquely decorated. Included in each stay are a private bathroom, Wi-Fi, and either a full-, queen-, or king-sized bed. One of the rooms is classified as a suite and has a sitting area attached to the room, while the other eight accommodations are only a bedroom and an en-suite bathroom. The home is situated in the historic downtown area of Ludlow, and Holger, one of the owners, says that the property is within walking distance of a variety of museums, churches, restaurants, and bars. "It is small-town Vermont, with a small downtown area, and [the bed and breakfast] is part of that," Holger said. 


The Governor's Inn is situated in the historic downtown area of Ludlow, Vermont. The building was originally constructed in 1890 and has nine accommodations for guests. Each of the rooms has a distinct name and color palette that corresponds with the historical theme, according to Holger, one of the owners. Ceilia's Suite features a sitting area, while the other eight rooms solely include an en-suite bathroom and bedroom. All rooms have a private bathroom, free Wi-Fi, and either a full, queen, or king bed. Holger says that the furniture in each of the rooms is from the late 1800s or early 1900s in an attempt to keep an "overall historical feeling" throughout the home. 

Besides the individual rooms at the inn, guests can lounge in any of the common areas found inside the home. Such common areas include a parlor room, which features a piano, fireplace, and sofas; the dining room, which has nine individual tables for patrons to sit at for breakfast; and the entrance area of the home, which has seating available as well. Throughout the home are a collection of books, games, and puzzles that visitors can use as well. 

Each morning, breakfast is served at 7:00 a.m. for all patrons of the bed and breakfast. Typically, breakfast consists of three courses: a baked item, a fruit course, and a hot course. A variety of drinks, such as coffee, juice, and tea, are also served as part of the meal. Holger says that breakfast is different each morning, depending on what the chef decides to cook. "It is always different and special," he remarks. At the time of reservation, if guests have any food allergies or preferences, they are asked to indicate them so that the chef can accommodate their needs.

The property is situated in the historic downtown area of Ludlow. Holger says that patrons are within walking distance of various attractions such as museums, churches, restaurants, and bars. The grounds of the inn have a garden with several trees and flowers, and there is bench seating in the backyard, although Holger says that it is not utilized often. There is also a front porch that has seating for guests. 


Holger says that the city of Ludlow, where the property is located, is "typical small-town Vermont." There are a variety of shops, galleries, restaurants, and bars in fairly close proximity to the inn, which are often visited by guests during their stay. Also within the town is Black River Academy, which is where President Coolidge went to school. Due to events that take place at the academy, Holger says that the spring, summer, and fall months are relatively busy for the town. During the wintertime, patrons can participate in various winter activities, as the town is located a mile from a mountain. 

Holger says that there are a variety of dining options in the town and that there is "no bad restaurant" in Ludlow. Holger and Rosi recommend one such restaurant to guests: the Homestyle Hotel, which, according to the owners, is a “family-style” restaurant. Another place to eat that they suggest is the Mojo Cafe, an establishment that serves cajun dishes. Holger also notes that the Mojo Cafe is “the closest restaurant to the bed and breakfast.” Moreover, DJ’s Restaurant is another restaurant that Holger and Rosi frequently direct visitors to.

While staying at The Governor's Inn, the owners hope that people will feel welcome, relaxed, and happy. In an effort to provide this experience to their guests, the owners strive to greet each visitor upon arrival and supply fresh flowers and chocolates in their rooms. Holger also notes that those staying at the bed and breakfast should feel free to talk with him and his wife as frequently or infrequently as they would like, especially throughout breakfast and when they are coming back from their activities at the end of each day. 

Attempting to create a "relaxing and nice" stay for their guests, Holger and Rosi have implemented some policies for visitors to follow. First and foremost, Hold says it is important for patrons to "enjoy [themselves] because [they] are on vacation." Additionally, each room has a maximum occupancy of two people per stay due to city ordinances. Lastly, no pets are allowed, and smoking is prohibited at the property. 

Those who have previously stayed at The Governor's Inn often comment on the caliber of the breakfast served during their visit, as well as the personal touches by the owners throughout their stays. One former patron said, "Charming place with awesome bathrooms and delicious breakfasts. The hosts are very nice and were really helpful about anything we asked about, including helping us plan things to see in the area." Another guest said, "We had a lovely room with a fireplace and lots of natural light. [The inn] was clean and had little thoughtful touches sprinkled throughout. Breakfast each day was delicious and the hosts were so sweet and accommodating."


Holger and his wife, Rosi, opened The Governor's Inn in October of 2020. The bed and breakfast was originally opened in the 1970s, but Holger reports that the business was closed in 2016 before he and his wife reopened it. The couple moved to Vermont from Germany and, when they first arrived in the States, had a variety of friends and family come to visit them from Europe. During this time, they realized that they enjoyed entertaining, hosting, and preparing meals for their guests. Holger said that the longer they lived in the United States, the less family and friends came to visit, and the couple began to entertain the idea of opening a bed and breakfast. They decided to open the bed and breakfast in 2020. Holger said that he and his wife's favorite part of running the business is meeting the guests that come to stay with them. 

The building that is now The Governor's Inn was originally built in 1890 by William Stickney. At the time, he was the speaker of the house in Vermont, and it was used as his family's private residence. In 1900, he became the governor of Vermont, which is why the bed and breakfast was named The Governor's Inn. In the 1920s, William passed away, and the home stayed with the family. The family sold the home in the 1960s, and within a few years, it was renovated to become a bed and breakfast. 

Since Holger and Rosi purchased the home, the establishment has undergone a variety of renovations. While they did not move any walls, Holger says that they have updated all of the bathrooms, repainted walls, and added "a lot of love." In the future, the couple hopes to continue running the business and entertain visitors, but there are no plans for major renovations.

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