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The Grey Owl Inn

The Grey Owl Inn

The Grey Owl Inn is located on Saint Simons Island, Georgia, which is about 15 minutes away from Brunswick. The bed and breakfast offers five rooms for visitors, all of which are decorated with unique themes. While some guests come to the area to visit the town and surrounding attractions, the manager of the establishment says that the Grey Owl Inn can also be a location where people go simply to relax inside the inn or on the grounds of the property. The manager explains that those that visit them feel like they are at home, and the staff strives to interact with their guests whenever they can. The inn has been in business for nearly seven years and is owned by Bill Gussman. He purchased the property in hopes of preserving the setting, which has been noted as one of the more unique aspects of the Grey Owl Inn.


There are five units available at the Grey Owl Inn, each one following a certain theme. Some of these include a nautical theme, an African theme, and a historical theme. Every room is on the second floor, and a lift is available for those that need assistance up the stairs. Some common amenities found in all of the units include a mini refrigerator, a microwave, private bathrooms, and a coffee maker. Debi, the manager of the inn, mentions that each suite is very different from the others, making them unique in decorations. Because of this factor, she has yet to notice any room being more popular than any other.

The whole house is open to guests, so they are welcome to walk around the building. There is a library; a throne room, which is a place dedicated to the past queen and other British royalty; a sunroom, which is also where the morning breakfast is provided; and a dining room. Debi mentions that the owner "didn't spare any expenses" when making the building look nice and welcoming.

Breakfast is served every morning at 9 a.m., though if a guest would like to leave the property earlier in the morning to do activities in the area, they can ask for a takeaway breakfast. Some common dishes that visitors order have been eggs benedict, omelets, and pecan waffles. The food is made daily by an in-house chef. Those who have dietary restrictions can request to have their meal prepared according to their needs, which the staff strives to accommodate. The breakfast is typically served in the sunroom, though some visitors in the past have eaten in other places throughout the building.

The surrounding grounds of the Grey Owl Inn are, according to Debi, "cleanly landscaped." She mentions that the outside of the property is something that is commonly mentioned by guests in reviews that they leave about their stay. There are oak trees, flowers, a gazebo, and a pond with a walkway that goes around it. These are all things that guests can view and use. The inn is near the main city but just far enough away that the managers recommend that visitors ride bikes or drive to it. A beach about half a mile away from the grounds is frequently visited by those staying at the property.


The Grey Owl Inn is open year-round, with a typically busy season during the summer. The manager, Debi, mentions that the fall months are starting to become more popular as well and that the slower times are during December, January, and February. She also remarks that their guests have told them that the inn feels like home to them, and she hopes that those who stay with them can do what they enjoy while at the inn. Many people that have stayed at the Grey Owl Inn have left reviews about what they have enjoyed about their stays. One visitor said, "The inn is in an excellent location, with the beach within a 15-min walk and everything else just a short drive away. They have great morning breakfasts and comfortable rooms. This is a very peaceful place." Another guest mentioned what they liked about their unit, saying, "We stayed in the Owl Room, and, while it isn't the largest room in the inn, it was a perfect room for us. The bed was very comfortable, and the bathroom was well designed."

Those that tend to visit the property are typically couples that are in their middle ages or older. The business is not catered towards children, so kids that come with their parents must be older than 12 years of age. Additionally, visitors are not allowed to bring their pets with them to the inn, and smoking is not allowed at the establishment.

The managers say that if they are known for anything specifically, it would be their breakfasts, the building and landscape, and their location. They mention that there are many things to do in the area, but if people would prefer to stay at the property, they can do that as well. Some specific attractions nearby that guests frequently visit are the St. Simons Lighthouse, the World War II Home Front Museum, Fort Frederica National Monument, and a sea turtle hospital called Georgia Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island. More places can be recommended to those that are staying at the establishment if they would like options, and for those that are looking for places to eat, the staff frequently points to locations depending on an individual's wants. Debi says that "there is no shortage of good restaurants" on the island.


The Grey Owl Inn has been in business for about six years. The owner, Bill Gussman, retired from a job with Coca-Cola and decided to buy a home next to what is now the bed and breakfast. When the inn went up for sale, Bill wanted to preserve the landscape, so he decided to purchase it. He and his wife had the idea to turn the building into a bed and breakfast and followed their plans to do so after buying the home. The building was completely remodeled when bought, and the owner has strived to make the rooms accessible to all guests, with one room specifically designated as ADA-compliant.

Since establishing the Grey Owl Inn, the owners and staff have strived to follow their mission statement, which is found on the business' website. This mission is "to provide guests with an extraordinary 'island getaway place'" by providing what they may need or want while on their vacation. Debi, the manager, says that she has been working at the property for many years, and she feels like those who stay with them feel at home while with her and the staff.

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