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The Heather House

The Heather House is located in Marine City, Michigan, located about an hour north of Detriot and 40-minutes south of Lake Huron. Lake Huron is one of the five Great Lakes of North America, and Detriot is the most populous city in the state of Michigan. Another body of water that is found within close approximation of The Heather House is the St. Claire River, which lines the United States and Canadian border, where previous guests have seen large freighters and other boats come and go. The building has roots in history that take it back to the early 1800s, and it is furnished to appeal to that sort of style.


The Heather House is located near the St. Clair River, with six rooms distributed throughout the home. The Blue River Room is one particular room in the Heather House, located in the home with a view of the St. Clair River. A queen-sized bed in the space provides a maximum occupancy of two for the area. Decorated after its name's color, the Blue River Room is supplied with decor of various blues and greens. A private bathroom comes with the stay, which includes a jetted tub, providing cleansing opportunities for patrons during their stay. The room comes equipped with a TV, providing entertainment and media service. A private balcony overlooks the St. Clair River, which borders Michigan with Canada, providing views of the country.

The Holland Room, another room located in the Heather House, is located in a section of the house that is covered with trees, giving the room the nickname "The Tree House." A queen-sized bed and walk-in shower can be found in the space, as well as various floral decorations, including the bedding. A private balcony is also included in this room, overlooking the garden on the property, which contains various plants such as Black-Eyed Susans and Geraniums.

Flora's Room, the third room in the Heather House, features a queen-sized bed on the home's first floor. A fireplace in the room is presented for the purpose of relaxation for the patrons during their stay. A walk-in shower and bathroom can be located in the area, similar to the other lodgings at the Heather House. The Flora's Room sits adjacent to the formal dining room.

The Elizabeth Room comes with the largest balcony of any other dwellings in the Heather House, as well as a queen-sized bed for sleeping arrangements. Antique Oak furnishing in the room is placed to assist the historical theme of the room. Like the other lodgings in the bed and breakfast, a private bathroom also comes with the Elizabeth Room.

The last two rooms at the Heather House are listed as "premier suites," with one of those suites being the St. Clair Room. It served as the home's original master bedroom, with views of the river present through its four eastward facing windows. A fireplace with a separate sitting area in the room accompanies a two-person jacuzzi tub in the loft. Lastly, the Huron Room is a room that features cathedral ceilings over its queen-sized bed, with a pull-out twin mattress and a bathroom. The bathroom features a two-person jacuzzi tub and shower combo.


Helen Lally, a part-owner of the Heather House, mentions the property's culture as being "relaxing" with the guests "being able to step back in time but with modern amenities." Guests who have stayed at the property mention the owners in the reviews, stating, "Helen greeted us by name as we walked through the front door, and instantly made us feel at home." The homeliness feel is what the Heather House strives for, with the idea that the owners want to "see the stress leave the bodies" of their guests during their stay. Other reviews include the breakfast served, mentioning it as a "scrumptious" meal that is "something you definitely do not want to miss." The cleanliness of the property is mentioned in the reviews, which is something that Helen and her husband, Mark, strive for during their guests' stay.

Breakfast is served daily to the guests, including items such as french toast, pastries, and more. Having once owned a restaurant themselves, the Lally family has a dining background, which is incorporated in their breakfasts. The location of the Heather House is mentioned frequently in reviews, specifically referring to its close proximity to the St. Clair River. One person stated, "[with the Heather House]...being located near the St. Clair River, it provides amazing views of large freighters as well as the Canadian borders. It is amazing to look across the river and actually see another country." Marine City, the city that the Heather House is located in, is known for its "small-town feel," providing several antiquing opportunities to guests, as well as two local live theater companies.


The Heather House was completed in 1885 after two years of construction by William Stauber. William Stauber was the chief engineer for the Mitchell fleet of Great Lakes steamers and built the mansion to serve as his home. The house stayed in the Stauber family until the 1950s. Various families purchased it until 2013, when it was purchased by the current owners, Mark and Helen Lally. Mark and Helen Lally were long-time guests of the Heather House, having stayed there multiple times per year. As stated by Helen Lally, "Our dream was to retire and own a bed and breakfast, with that bed and breakfast hopefully being the Heather House." When the home came up for sale, Helen and her husband Mark purchased the place, having run it ever since.

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United States


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