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The Horton House Bed and Breakfast

The Horton House Bed and Breakfast

The Horton House Bed and Breakfast is a historical building that can be found in the heart of Miles City in the state of Montana. The bed and breakfast offers five rooms available for rent to the public and is currently open year-round. The rooms and building can be described as historical and rustic in nature and are decorated with many items and trinkets from the late 1800s and early 1900s. The owner, Heidi, takes pride in the breakfast dishes she cooks, perhaps making breakfast a staple for the property. Many people who stay here are traveling on their way to one of the several national parks nearby, such as Yellowstone National Park or Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area.


The Horton House Bed and Breakfast is three stories tall and has five rooms in total available. One of these rooms is a suite that is significantly larger than the other four units. Each room is individually decorated and is based on real people in history. Additionally, they all have a television that is hooked up with Dish Network, so there are a few channels available to guests. There are no fridges in the guest rooms, but a refrigerator and cooler are available for guests should they need to store food in a cold space.

All of the rooms are uniquely decorated and have a historical figure or two in mind. One room is named after Lewis and Clark and is decorated with an assortment of artifacts pertaining to the explorers. Paintings of the two men hang in the room along with several maps with charters of the courses they took while they traveled through the land in 1806.

Another room in the building is the Charlie M. Russell. Charlie Russell is known as being the epitome of a true cowboy, and he was also a famed artist. His art is hailed for being able to capture "the real old west in Eastern Montana style," according to the owner of the Horton House Bed and Breakfast. In this style, he drew a wide variety of people, landscapes, and more. Some of these painting subjects include Indians, military men, outlaws, wildlife, and more. Due to his cowboy style, the room is decorated with old western themes to honor Charlie Russell.

Sitting Bull is the name of the next occupiable space. Sitting Bull was a Plains Indian that was born in a place that was south of Miles City. He was known as a "Hunkpapa medicine man" and is said to have frequented the areas near the Yellowstone River plain and Miles City. As such, the Sitting Bull room is decorated with Indian themes and artifacts in remembrance of the Indian medicine man.

The room named after George A. Custer is decorated with several military-themed trinkets and pictures of soldiers who were around in the late 1800s, including him. George Custer was a Lieutenant Colonel in the 7th Cavalry. He and his troop battled numerous times with Sioux and Cheyenne warriors in the area. In 1876, Custer led his men towards the Little Bighorn, where they had a significant and well-known conflict that became known as "The Battle of Little Bighorn."

The Evelyn Cameron Suite is the largest room of them all and is named after a locally known British emigrant that was skilled in photography. She took an abundant amount of photographs that documented what life was like for the city when it was in the early stages of development. On display in the room, one can find a vintage camera from that time period that is about 120 years old. Several photos that Evelyn Cameron took hang on the wall to further commemorate her.

Breakfast is taken very seriously at the Horton House Bed and Breakfast. Heidi, the owner of the establishment, creates everything from scratch, and all of the dishes are homemade. In the morning, she will make a full breakfast, though the food varies from day to day. She explains that she uses whatever is available after taking into consideration her patrons' dietary needs and restrictions. Breakfast follows a pattern that remains constant every day. Each morning Heidi always serves pieces of bread of some kind, such as like toast, fruit cobbler, or scones. Next, guests are given veggie breakfast items like potatoes, carrots, or asparagus. Eggs are also served and prepared in various ways, be that scrambled, baked, mixed with ham and cheese, or as an omelet. Dependent on her guests' desires, Heidi will also serve meat of some kind, such as sausage, bacon, or ham. Every meal is complete with juice, water, hot chocolate, coffee, and tea to choose from. Additionally, fresh fruit will also be present whenever possible, including raspberries, oranges, strawberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, kiwis, and more. If guests are unable to stay for breakfast, Heidi is able to put together a breakfast-to-go pack so that guests still have something to eat.

On the main floor of the building, there is a library where guests can check out books, borrow a DVD player, and spend time lounging. A dining room is available as an additional spot to eat their breakfast and other meals. There is also a parlor that has snacks like popcorn, candy, and tea.

Beyond these activities at the Horton House Bed and Breakfast, guests can spend time in Miles City, participating in a plethora of different ventures. A popular attraction in the nearby area is the Yellowstone River. Here visitors have the chance to fish, canoe, or tube down the river's flowing rapids. The Spotted Eagle Reservoir is another marine attraction where people can fish, swim, and see some of the local wildlife, like ducks, geese, mule deer, pheasants, grouse, and turkeys.

Several restaurants personally recommended by Heidi can be found close by. The first recommendation is Mexico Lindo, which specializes in making Mexican dishes. The next is the Black Iron Grill Rotisserie, which serves a higher quality of American-based food. The last recommended restaurant is The Montana Bar, one of the oldest bars in the state. She describes the bar as being "a cool historical spot. There are still bullet holes in the glass from people settling their differences with a six-shooter."


The owner of The Horton House Bed and Breakfast, whose name is Heidi, explains that the goal for the property is to create an atmosphere that is welcoming and relaxing to all of her visitors. She explains she will "try to offer a wonderful, enjoyable, delightful experience for people that stay here." She also mentions that she wants to give her patrons an experience that they will remember for a long time.

There are several policies that The Horton House Bed and Breakfast asks guests to abide by to help make the establishment be the best that it can be. Due to the fact that there are a number of historic trinkets and artifacts throughout the house, the owner has a policy against bringing children to the bed and breakfast. Furthermore, in an effort to maintain a clean establishment, smoking is not permitted in the house or rooms, although guests can go outside and smoke if they would like. For the same reason as not allowing children, Heidi also does not allow dogs or pets of any kind in the house.

There is not really a typical demographic of guests that visit The Horton House Bed and Breakfast. According to the owner, she sees a wide variety of ages and people. The bed and breakfast is open year-round and is typically the busiest in the summer, as families are generally traveling on vacation more frequently during that time. Heidi says that guests aren't usually stopping to stay at the bed and breakfast for their vacation destination specifically. In most cases, people are on their way to other places, and they will rent a few nights at The Horton House Bed and Breakfast to take a break from extended travel. She refers to the bed and breakfast as being a good "stepping stone" for visitors to get from one place to another. People from all over the world have visited, ranging from places like Canada, Africa, Australia, South America, parts of Asia, and even Antarctica.

The property has received a number of reviews from previous visitors. One person who recently stayed at The Horton House Bed and Breakfast wrote, "Heidi was so welcoming and accommodating. The rooms were very clean and comfortable. Breakfast was great."


The Horton House Bed and Breakfast first opened its doors as a bed and breakfast about 11 years ago in 2010. However, the building that makes up The Horton House Bed and Breakfast was first built around 110 years ago in 1911 by a man named George Foster.

The current owner of the property is a woman named Heidi, and she is the founder of The Horton House Bed and Breakfast. There have been five owners before her who have occupied the building and used it as a home. However, when Heidi took possession of it in 2010, she decided to turn the historic building into a bed and breakfast. During her time there, Heidi reports that she has done a large amount of renovating, upgrading, and restoring of the property, doing her best to preserve the history of the building while making it a more modern and comfortable place for guests to sleep.

In the year 1896, a man named Harry Horton moved into town and opened a butcher shop with George Foster. George built his house on the plot right next to the Horton House Bed and Breakfast and purchased the land next to his home in 1908. According to the current owner, Heidi, it was "so he could choose his neighbors." Over the years, he and Harry had become good friends. Because of this relationship they had cultured, George offered the land next to his house to Harry, who happily accepted. The house was built in 1911, and Harry and his family moved into it in 1912. Over his lifetime, Harry made his living as a butcher, but when he retired from that field of work, he decided he wasn't done working in general. Once he left his job as a butcher, he became an insurance worker and did that the rest of his life. George and Harry were buried right next to each other, and their tombstones can still be found at the cemetery.

While the Horton House Bed and Breakfast building has a lot of history to it, the city also has a large amount of written and recorded history. Miles City was established after The Battle of Little Bighorn in 1877, the same battle that George Custer fought in. The city was named after the general who was key in helping the fort that was established there.

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