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The Inn at Babson Court

The Inn at Babson Court, located in Gloucester, Massachusetts, features two suites and two long-term apartments. Each of the suites are equipped with private bathrooms, kitchenettes, and either a king or queen bed. The owner says that there are additional beds available—either as "small mattresses" or trundle beds—for families traveling together. In the mornings, the owner of the inn, Donald, provides muffins to each of the suites, and coffee is supplied in the kitchenettes. On Wednesday evenings, live music is performed in the common area of the establishment, either played by Donald or his guitar teacher. The property is open year-round, and Donald reports that the busiest time of the year is generally from July through September. 


The Inn at Babson Court features two suites that are available as short-term rentals year-round and two long-term apartments. The two suites each have unique names, the Samuel "Cut" Stevens Suite and the William Friend Suite. One of the two, the Samuel "Cut" Stevens Suite, features a king bed and a loft area where children can sleep if they are able to climb a spiral staircase. Donald, the owner, has extra mattresses that can be put in the loft for additional members of a party. The William Friend Suite has a queen bed, and trundle beds can be added to the suite for children or larger-sized groups. Donald reports that the Samuel "Cut" Stevens Suite is suited for a couple with a few children that are old enough to go up the spiral staircase, while the William Friend Suite is generally suited for families. 

Besides the individual suites, there are some common areas across the property that can be enjoyed by those staying at the inn. On Wednesday nights in the atrium, there is live music performed by either Donald or his guitar instructor. As for the exterior of the business, a backyard with a fountain is available for patrons to enjoy. A seating area is located near the fountain, as well as a fish pond and a flower garden. Across the street from the inn, visitors can tour the beach. Donald also notes that there is a park just west of the establishment. Due to the location of the building being near the downtown area, Donald says that the property is within walking distance of the downtown restaurants. 

Each suite is equipped with a kitchenette that has a variety of utensils that guests are free to use in cooking their own meals. Additionally, coffee is provided in each kitchenette, which patrons can brew themselves whenever they would like. Each morning, Donald brings muffins to the suites, so they may eat at their leisure.


While staying at the inn, Donald hopes that his guests can enjoy their stay, and he reports that "usually they seem to do so." He mentions that the business is relatively close to the major events that occur throughout the year in the city, including the Fourth of July fireworks which are set off over the harbor in front of the inn. On Wednesday evenings, live music is played in the atrium by either Donald or his guitar instructor. Donald's late husband, who was the co-owner of the business, reportedly loved making music, and Wednesday nights are a time for music to be in the house still. Donald says that sometimes guests sit and listen to the music, or they chat and get to know the other patrons during that time. 

Those who have previously stayed at The Inn at Babson Court often comment on the location of the business, as well as the atmosphere in the home and the quiet environment that can be found on-site. One former patron said, "The rooms are decorated most elegantly. It is very comfortable, right across from the ocean. The live music was also wonderful to listen to. " Others frequently mention the charm of the home or Donald's hospitality. 

There are a variety of attractions and events that take place near the inn that visitors may enjoy. An event center is nearby, as well as a park and an art museum. During the warmer months of July through September, swimming is possible in the harbor. There is also a castle in fairly close proximity that was constructed by John Hayes Hammond, who was an inventor in the 1940s. Concerning recommendations for local eateries, Donald says that he generally finds out what type of food his guests are in the mood for and gives them suggestions. Some of these include Oliver's Harbor; The Drift, which is a bar with food; and the Pilot House, which was originally an American grill but now serves American and Chinese dishes. 

During one's stay at the establishment, there are policies in place that visitors are expected to follow. The house is non-smoking on the inside, although it is allowed outdoors on the grounds. Additionally, pets are allowed to stay with their owners. Generally, the live music ends around 9:30 p.m., although there is no official 'quiet hours' at the establishment. 


The building that now houses The Inn at Babson Court was originally built in the 1750s. Over time, additional wings were added to the original structure, once in the mid-1800s and the other in the early 1900s. When Donald and his late husband purchased the property in 1994, they worked on enclosing the space between the individual wings, creating an atrium in the back of the building. When the couple began renovating, the land was used as multi-family housing. New roofing, new windows, and replacement doors were all installed before the inn opened in 1999. One feature the couple added was a few "hidden doors" across the property, according to Donald, disguised as bookshelves or other relatively inconspicuous items. 

Before purchasing and renovating the space that would become The Inn at Babson Court, Donald's late husband worked at the front desk of a hotel while working on a music career. According to Donald, he enjoyed the hospitality industry and wanted to own a bed and breakfast. Donald was a software engineer, which he continued to do until September of 2022, when he retired and continued the inn in memory of his late husband. 

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