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The Inn at Folkston

The Inn at Folkston, located in Folkston Georgia, strives to provide guests with a "home away from home," experience. A 15-minute drive from the Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge, guests can enjoy the nature and sights that come with that environment if they choose. The property is also located two blocks from a relatively popular train watching site, where all trains going to and from Florida pass through. The property has four rooms and has been a bed and breakfast since 1998. Breakfast is served every morning with the goal to provide guests with authentic, home-cooked southern food. The building was originally a residential home and was built in 1920. 


The Inn at Folkston is located on Main Street in Folkston Georgia. With four rooms, the historic property was built in 1920 and renovated into a bed and breakfast in 1998. The exterior of the property features a relatively well-kept garden area where guests can see flowers and other plants native to the area. The building itself features a porch area where guests can visit with each other, eat breakfast as weather permits, and enjoy the atmosphere of Folkston. The property has hosted multiple weddings and has a few areas across 1.5 acres where patrons can get married. 

The inn has four unique rooms that represent the different attractions and unique places in the Folkston area. There is a Wildlife Room, Lighthouse Room, Garden Room, and a Folkston Funnel Room. Each room has a private bathroom and a small seating area where patrons can relax at the end of their day. Every unit also includes a coffee pot for guests' usage. 

Every morning at the inn, breakfast is served between 7:00 and 8:30 am. Breakfast is different every day, and guests have been known to enjoy breakfasts such as the quiche, French Toast, and waffles. The owners, Ted and Alease, strive to provide those who stay on their property with a hearty southern breakfast to start their day. Accommodations are available for different dietary restrictions, and the owners try to help every person have a good experience at breakfast. Whatever needs a guest may have, the owners and staff of the inn try to provide alternatives for them. The owners ask that guests call ahead of time and explain these restrictions so staff can be ready to assist them beginning at their arrival on the property. There is a common dining area where patrons can eat together, but If guests prefer they can eat with other parties as well. 

The Inn at Folkston is available to host weddings and other events on-site. Guests have commented that in the state of Georgia, same-day weddings are legal and the inn has different areas throughout the property where ceremonies can take place. Ted is a registered minister as well and can perform weddings when patrons ask. The inn also hosts murder mystery parties for guests and residents of Folkston to be able to enjoy each other's company. There are no set times of the year or each month where these murder mystery parties occur, but guests can check the inn's website or ask owners about upcoming events. Souvenirs are available at the front desk where patrons can purchase T-Shirts, postcards, and other small items. 


Guests who have stayed at The Inn at Folkston mention the breakfast, hospitality, and cleanliness of the property. One patron said, "The house is beautiful & very well taken care of. Every morning a locally sourced breakfast awaited us along with some good conversation." 

The motto of The Inn at Folkston is "your home away from home." The owners, Ted and Alease, try and live up to this motto by creating an environment where guests can feel comfortable socializing and getting to know each other. In the front room, there is not a television. The owners made this choice to give visitors the opportunity to talk with each other. There is a TV in the living room, however, so guests can watch movies and hang out with each other in that way if they choose. There are guest books in the common area where patrons can write their names and review their stay at the property. Ted and Alease strive to provide those who stay at the inn as much or as little interaction as desire. They try to get to know if patrons want to socialize or have a more private stay and respect those wishes. The owners believe there are three things that guests look for in a quality bed and breakfast and they strive to provide those to patrons of the property. The three things are hospitality, quality breakfast, and comfortable beds. 
The Inn at Folkston is located in a residential area and is two blocks away from downtown Folkston Georgia. The area is best known for the Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge as well as train watching. The Wildlife Refuge is 15 minutes away from the inn and is a relatively large swampland that is home to many different types of animals and plants. Two blocks from the property is also a train watching site. There are two large tracks that run through the site, and every train that goes in and out of Florida passes through the area. Many guests who stay at the inn are avid train watchers who come to see the diverse types of trains engines, graffiti, and body styles of the trains that pass through the area. At the train watching stop, there is a gazebo as well as a train radio so patrons can hear which trains will be coming through the crossing. Slightly farther from the inn is the beach, which the owners recommend for a day trip because of the length of the drive from the property. The city of Folkston is located on the border of Georgia and Florida, and as such Jacksonville is relatively nearby for guests to visit if they choose.  


The Inn at Folkston has a legacy of family and community. The current owners, Ted and Alease, have owned and operated the establishment for the past nine years. The building itself has been a bed and breakfast since 1998, and before that, it was a residential house. The original house was built in 1920, and some of the families that lived in the house before it became a bed and breakfast still come and visit the inn today. With the house being 101 years old, the owners enjoy having guests that are involved in the history of the property come and participate in events and stay at the inn. 

Ted and Alease decided to enter the hospitality industry to promote their Christian background and values that are important to them, without being overbearing. They strive to provide an environment where people from all backgrounds can stay and participate. Their motto of "home away from home," is meant to extend to all people, and help everyone feel included. 

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