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The Inn at Gothic Eves

The Inn at Gothic Eves is located in the small village of Trumansburg, New York. The property includes two buildings, the main house with six suites guests can stay in and a second building with two additional suites and a spa that operates in the summer. The owner, Rose, has dedicated herself to keeping the establishment current and as such makes updates to various aspects of the premises every year. The breakfast served at the inn is a rotating menu based on the season of the year and is made from locally sourced ingredients, especially fruits and vegetables. There is also a vegetable flower garden on the property. Because the inn is located in the village, many of Trumansburg’s attractions are within walking or biking distance. There are also many natural places popular with guests near The Inn at Gothic Eves, such as waterfalls, hiking, and biking trails.


Located within the trees of Trumansburg, New York, is The Inn at Gothic Eves. The area surrounding the inn is forested and rural, which helps to foster a quiet atmosphere for those who are staying at the property. The inn itself is situated on two acres and includes two buildings. Both houses are similar in style, with light yellow paint on the exterior, red accents, and black roofs. Inside of both buildings, the theme is a balance between modern creature comforts and old-fashioned architecture. The main house, or the Gothic Eves, was built in 1855 and has had many updates to the interior, which accentuate this balance and is most visible in the various suites offered. The second house, referred to as the Potter House, has a spa in addition to rooms available for reservation.

There are eight suites in total, with six in the main building and two in the second building on the property. While some features are general to all rooms, such as flat-screen televisions, king or queen-size beds, and free Wi-Fi, each suite is unique. The largest suite, located in the Potter House, is the Cayuga Suite, which has two rooms as well as a sitting room for its patrons. It also has a gas fireplace, mini-fridge, microwave, and a leather sofa. The Seneca Suite is also located in the Potter house, and it is the second-largest suite at the inn. This suite has much of the same amenities as the Cayuga Suite with the exception of a second room.

The suites in the Gothic Eves function in similar ways with the major differences being in what type of room guests are looking for. The Merlot Suite, for example, was created with the intention of maximizing privacy and is the only room at the inn which is entered by passing through the bathroom. The Riesling Suite is the most recently renovated suite at the inn and is said to be more modern in appearance than some of the other suites. For groups looking to stay in the Gothic Eves, it is recommended that the Syrah Suite and the Chardonnay Suite be reserved together due to their location across the hall from each other on the second floor. The Pinot Suite offers occupants their own mini-fridge, a private sitting area, and a two-person jetted tub in the bathroom. The final suite in the Gothic eves is the Bordeaux Suite, which features a writing desk in the room in addition to many other features that are found in the other suites.

Breakfast is offered to guests each morning between 8:00 AM and 9:30 AM. It is served in two parts of the Gothic Eves, namely the dining room and a garden room, which has a view of the yard and Potter House outside. Rose says that she finds joy in making breakfast for the people who stay with her in the mornings. Everything on the breakfast menu is made with ingredients Rose sources from local farms and gardens, including herbs and flowers from her own flower garden behind the Gothic Eves. The breakfast menu changes based on the season and has a variety of foods available to order, such as monte cristo, eggs benedict, and soufflé-like French toast. Accommodations can also be made upon request.


When asked about how she wants her guests to feel, Rose says she wants them to feel rejuvenated after their stay, “ready to get back to life with ‘pearls of perspective.’” Rose enjoys talking with patrons and hearing their stories. She has learned a lot from those who stay at the property as she has listened to their experiences, calling their stories gifts because “they come in all shapes and sizes.” Another highlight of Rose’s experience running the inn has been making breakfast each morning for those who stay with her. Making breakfasts from ingredients grown in the area around the inn has been an important part of running the inn for Rose, especially since many of her patrons are active and value healthy breakfasts.

The heart of the village of Trumansburg is a short distance away from the Inn at Gothic Eves. In the village, there are many local restaurants and stores that visitors can explore. One restaurant Rose recommends that her guests try is Hazelnut Kitchen, a popular café in town. Trumansburg is also home to the Finger Lakes Grass Roots Festival that takes place every year in July. Outside of the village are many natural attractions such as rivers, lakes, and waterfalls that can be hiked or driven to. Taughannock Falls State Park is the closest to Trumansburg and it offers views of the park’s namesake, Taughannock Falls, as well as access to Cayuga Lake at the park’s north point.

The Inn at Gothic Eves provides guests with a variety of activities to do on the premises. The most prominent activity is visiting the inn’s spa, the Spa at Gothic Eves. The spa offers massages, crystal healing, and yoga classes in the summertime. The spa is not included with guests’ stays. Outside on the property are two hot tubs and a fire pit with a sitting area, both of which can be reserved by patrons wishing to use them. Outdoor seating is available, and for those with children, there is also a small treehouse in the yard. Guests are free to walk through the vegetable flower garden and pick what they would like, should they desire to. Pets are not allowed on the property.

The inn has received positive reviews from various people who have stayed there. Many have mentioned the quality of the breakfast and the location of the inn. Said one guest about their stay, “The Inn is historic, tranquil and luxurious. Trumansburg is a perfect home base for exploring the Finger Lakes. We can't say enough about Rose's warm hospitality and delicious gourmet breakfasts.”


In the mid-nineteenth century, the area that Trumansburg is now in was still largely forested. In 1855, an architect named Titus Hart built the home that is now the Inn at Gothic Eves and lived there for thirteen years, continuing to build more homes in the area and also opening a hardware store and lumberyard nearby. Hart sold the home in 1868 to the Smith family. It was their ancestors who helped to officially settle the town of Trumansburg, and the Smith family continued to help build up and further establish the town. The Smiths lived in the house for ninety years until they sold it to another owner who turned the house into lodging for travelers. The inn changed hands one more time to the previous owner, Dorie Norris, who operated the inn until she sold it to Rose around the turn of the century.

Rose bought the property after moving to Trumansburg from the “rat race” of Washington D.C and Maryland. It was a change of pace for her and her family to move there, but it was one that she was ready to accept. She initially expanded the inn from four rooms to five and then purchased the house next door, where the spa was eventually built. As time passed, more rooms were added to both buildings, and Rose continued to make improvements to each room. She continues to make updates to the aesthetic of every room each year to keep the inn visually fresh for her guests. She looks forward to continuing to provide guests with a stay they will remember and will help them to find peace from their own often busy lives for years to come.

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