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The Jarrell 1920 House

The Jarrell 1920 House in Juliette, Georgia, offers two rooms: The Guest Room and the Dick & Mamie's Room. The latter features an ensuite bathroom. Amelia and Phil Haynes receive guests by offering them complimentary cream soda and cookies. Those who stay at the property receive free admission to Jarrell Plantation State Historic Site and a free order of fried green tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. The Jarrell House property spans 10 acres with woods and outbuildings to explore. Breakfast includes biscuits, cinnamon rolls, egg-and-cheese casserole, and grits. Couples, small families, and retirees are frequent visitors and make up the typical demographic of patrons. Nearby attractions are Jarrell Plantation historic site and the Whistle Stop Cafe. Amelia and Phil prioritize creating a "nostalgic" and "welcoming" atmosphere while preserving the house's history, which has been in their family for generations.


The Jarrell 1920 House is located seven miles from the town of Juliette, Georgia, and offers two accommodations for reservation. The Guest Room, one of the rooms available at The Jarrell 1920 House, features two antique double beds. The room's walls, floor, and ceiling are made of heart pine. The Guest Room's bathroom is located down the hall. Although the room doesn’t have an ensuite bathroom, it is still a private bathroom. The other room, known as Dick & Mamie’s Room, offers a slightly different experience, featuring an ensuite bathroom. The bathroom is equipped with a clawfoot tub and a hand shower.

Each room has a private entrance and features central air conditioning. Additionally, both rooms are equipped with a ceiling fan and a propane fireplace in the chimney window. Bathrobes are available in the closet for guests to use. A stand-up guest shower is available on the second floor. Robes in each guest room allow guests to take the short walk to the stand-up shower in comfort.

Upon arrival, patrons at The Jarrell 1920 House are often greeted by one of the owners. They are offered complimentary old fashion cream soda and cookies. Additionally, one of the owners gives patrons a walking tour of the house, providing them with insights into its history and the family that lived there originally. Moreover, guests receive free admission to the nearby Jarrell Plantation State Historic Site and a free order of fried green tomatoes with the purchase of a meal at the Whistle Stop Cafe in Juliette, which is seven miles away.

Woods surround the Jarrell 1920 House, and the property spans approximately 10 acres. Patrons are able to wander through the acreage and enjoy the natural surroundings if desired. There are outbuildings, including a washhouse, which guests can explore. Communal spaces in the house include a parlor and a dining room.

Breakfast at The Jarrell 1920 House is served every day, and the host makes an effort to serve it at a time convenient for visitors, accommodating their preferences. The breakfast menu includes biscuits, cinnamon rolls, grits, a sausage and cheese casserole, and even french toast with strawberries and whipped cream for those staying longer. Special dietary restrictions or food allergies are taken into consideration upon request.

The house is located next to Jarrell Plantation, allowing guests the opportunity to explore and learn about farming practices from the late 1800s to the mid-1900s. The Whistle Stop Cafe, which is seven miles away, is where the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes" was filmed. The café is one of the biggest reasons people visit this area of Georgia.


The culture of The Jarrell 1920 House is centered around creating a comfortable environment and “nostalgic feeling” for guests, reports the owners. Amelia and Phil Haynes, the owners, aim to provide a genuine and welcoming experience, making visitors feel as though they are returning home or visiting their grandparents' house. The period furniture from the early days of the 1900s adds to the sense of nostalgia, which Amelia reports often sparks memories and conversations about visitors' own family heirlooms and cherished items.

Upon arrival, Amelia and Phil greet their guests and offer a tour of the house, highlighting the historical significance of the furniture and sharing stories about the family who once lived there. According to the owners, this personal interaction often fosters connections and a sense of friendship between the hosts and patrons.

Instead of hosting events or parties, The Jarrell 1920 House focuses on providing an environment where visitors can experience relaxation since Amelia states they “get people who want to relax.” The ban on smoking and pets contributes to maintaining a clean atmosphere within the house while also meant to preserve its historical integrity. The owners’ Shepadoodle, Sherlock, and two cats, Simba and Biscuit, stay in their allotted spaces, although Sherlock usually runs a "friendly security check" on arriving guests.

Guests of The Jarrell 1920 House primarily consist of couples and small families, often celebrating special occasions. Retirees and groups of sisters, mothers, and daughters often choose to stay at the house. While repeat visitors are common at The Jarrell 1920 House, new visitors frequently discover the bed and breakfast through positive reviews and recommendations.

Amelia and Phil have hosted families for over two decades. Those who have stayed at the establishment often leave reviews about their time at The Jarrell 1920 house. One such review said, “One-hundred-year-old pine board construction handcrafted offset with dark antique furnishings took me back in time, yet everything was as comfortable as my own home. Hosts were very gracious and provided loads of information on a wide variety of activities for all interests in the local area.”

Nearby attractions include Jarrell Plantation State Historic Site, located adjacent to the property offers guests an insight into the region's history. The Whistle Stop Cafe, featured in the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes," is another popular destination for visitors. Regarding dining options, the bed and breakfast is located between Macon, Forsyth, and Gray, Georgia. All are approximately a 15- to 20-minute drive away. Guests can explore the range of restaurants in these areas, such as the French-inspired Grits Cafe restaurant in Forsyth or establishments such as Bonefish Grill and Natalia’s in Macon, Georgia.

For those seeking outdoor activities, there is a nature trail nearby that winds through the forest, offering a scenic walk alongside a creek. This pathway eventually leads to the river, providing an opportunity to appreciate the natural landscape of the area.


The history of The Jarrell 1920 House is intertwined with the Jarrell family, particularly Benjamin Richard Jarrell, the grandfather of one of the current owners, Philip Jarrell Haynes. Built in 1920, the house has stood for over a century, witnessing the decline and regrowth of the property and the surrounding area.

Originally, the Jarrell family operated the house as part of a farm. They cultivated cotton until the impact of the boll weevil forced them to shift their focus. Amelia recounts how the family grew their own food, maintaining fields where the boys would work, and the girls would bring water to them in ceramic jugs. They also tended to cows and chickens.

Amelia and Phil Haynes became the owners of the house in 1984 when they inherited it from one of Phil’s uncles; Phil and Amelia decided to convert it into a bed and breakfast in 1996. With their children having left home, they saw an opportunity to share the history of the house with guests. The decision marked the beginning of their journey in the lodging industry, becoming the first generation in their family to venture into this line of business.

Since then, Amelia and Phil have welcomed numerous visitors into their home-turned bed and breakfast. Amelia remarks how they have enjoyed meeting new people from as far away as Perth, Australia, and Cape Town, South Africa. The two owners look forward to engaging in conversations with all their guests. While maintaining the historical character of the house, they made some necessary updates, such as adding bathrooms on the second floor, rewiring and modern access to electricity, and remodeling the kitchen.

Over time, Amelia and Phil discovered that operating with only two rooms suited them well. Currently, they have no immediate plans for expanding or making further changes to the property. The couple finds fulfillment in creating an inviting atmosphere for their visitors, appreciating the opportunity to share the history and charm of The Jarrell 1920 House. Over the years, Amelia has found that her favorite aspect of the bed and breakfast is “meeting the people” who come to the property from all over America and the world.

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