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The Log Canoe Inn

The Log Canoe Inn is located in the town of St. Michaels in Maryland. One of the most notable features of this property is its three private entrance suites, which offer their own individual space and deck. The main house has a central coffee station, tea, water, ice, and the three outside suites have their own mini-fridges, microwaves, and Keurigs with coffee and tea bars in the room. The property also features a waterfront view and front lawn space. While there are no activities hosted at the establishment itself, guests can walk to attractions in the town within 20-25 minutes, according to the owners. 


Situated in St. Michaels, Maryland, The Log Canoe has six units available for visitors to occupy. The property has a mix of modern amenities and antiques, with a view of the Miles River. The main house has three rooms, each with its own ensuite bath, a sitting room downstairs, a little library upstairs, and multiple hallway areas. Additionally, there are three rooms that are located in a separate building called the “sail shed,” each with its own private entrance. Two of these rooms also have decks, while one has a terrace with a pergola. The main house has a central coffee station, tea, water, ice, and the three outside suites have their own mini-fridges, microwaves, and Keurigs with coffee and tea bars. It should also be noted that the property has boat slips and a dock for guests who come by boat.

According to the owners, the most popular unit at the Log Canoe is the Island Birth Suite, which is the largest and has a kitchenette area. The suite has French doors that go out to the pergola, providing a waterfront view, and it is located on the first floor.

One particular effort that the owners have made to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere at the Log Canoe Inn is through the décor arrangement. The style is a combination of historical and modern, as described by Brittney, one of the owners. She explains that the theme they are trying to emulate is "a mix of keeping it historical while keeping it modern.


The owners of the Log Canoe aim to provide a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. They strive to take feedback to heart and make thoughtful changes based on patrons’ suggestions. The owners pride themselves on the personal touch they give to each guest and the opportunity to educate visitors on the history of the area, including the unique history of the Log Canoe. Moreover, the owners try to cater to those who seek a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere to unwind and enjoy their time away. They want to provide a memorable experience that incorporates the history of the establishment and the surrounding community. Despite the fact that events and activities are not offered at the property, there are a variety of events in St. Michaels throughout the year in which guests can participate. 

Brittney, one of the owners, reports, "We've really been fortunate with our guests, as they take care of our property and really treat it like their own.” Those who have stayed previously at the Log Canoe Inn have commented on their stay, as one person said, “The Inn itself is beautiful, and care has been taken to make each room special. From the towels to the bed linens to the décor in each room—they were all so carefully thought out and planned. The location is good in relation to the rest of town, and the view of the harbor is beautiful as well.”

The Log Canoe has a list of policies on its website, which involve check-in time and fire codes. The property does allow pets in their three outside suites that have private entrances, and they do not charge an additional pet fee. Children are also permitted on the premises, but there is a strictly enforced maximum occupancy of two guests per room due to state codes. Patrons should also be aware that the town implements quiet hours after 10:00 p.m., and the owners expect people to abide by this policy.

As the Log Canoe is open year-round, the owners recommend visiting during the fall, which is a relatively busy time in St. Michaels due to the warmer temperatures and the number of events taking place. The inn primarily receives couples, according to Brittney, and repeat guests who come multiple times each year. When it comes to dining, the owners recommend visiting Lemoncello, Bistro, and Eva, among others. As for nearby attractions, there is a wide range of options to choose from, including boat cruises, museums, art galleries, and shops. There are several parks and nature reserves in the vicinity as well, such as Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge and Tuckahoe State Park. These places present opportunities for hiking, birdwatching, and wildlife observation. The area is also home to several golf courses, namely Harbourtowne Golf Resort and River Marsh Golf Club. Some visitors are drawn to the wineries and breweries in the area, namely St. Michaels Winery and Eastern Shore Brewing, which offer tastings and tours. 


The Log Canoe Inn was originally the clubhouse of the Miles River Yacht Club, which was founded in the early 20s by William Green, who is the great-grandfather of one of the current owners, Jon. The Miles River Yacht Club is also the original home of the log canoe, a unique type of sailboat used for oystering and racing. The property is named after this sailboat, and each room is named after a specific log canoe. The current owner's family has owned an original log canoe for over 100 years, and they still race it today.

As the property had multiple functions before being converted into an inn, there is a diverse history, having been used as a fisherman's cottage, a yacht club, a private residence, and a boarding house before being run as an inn since the 1960s. The establishment has undergone renovations over the years, as the main house was built in the late 1700s and early 1800s. 

The Log Canoe Inn was previously owned by Todd and Kathy DuPont in the 1970s. The current owners, Jon and Brittney, purchased the property in 2021 after owning the neighboring boatyard and marina. They have since renovated almost every room with new furniture and paint as well as added new bathrooms. The owners have future plans to update their merchandise, finish some smaller interior details, and work on exterior landscaping, such as creating a fire pit area. "It's really fulfilling to see it all come together,” Brittney says.

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208 Carpenter St
St. Michaels, Maryland 21663
United States


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