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The Madison Hotel, Motel and Hostel

Currently under the ownership of Garrett and Jan Ostler, the Madison Hotel, Motel and Hostel is situated in fairly close proximity to Yellowstone National Park. In total, the property has 31 rooms available for guests to occupy, each of which is designated as either a hotel room, motel accommodation, or hostel room. Garrett believes that the most unique element of the Madison Hotel, Motel and Hostel is its historical significance, as it dates back to 1912. Garrett also says that the vicinity also resembles that of a historic town, and the inn is in a portion of West Yellowstone, Montana, which has a fairly Old West-style atmosphere. Many of those who stay at the Madison Hotel, Motel and Hostel are traveling to the area to visit Yellowstone National Park.


Located in southern Montana, the Madison Hotel, Motel and Hostel is situated in the town of West Yellowstone. The establishment offers 31 units in total, and as the name implies, each room is categorized into the following classifications: hotel rooms, motel accommodations, and hostel rooms. Eight rooms constitute the latter of these previously listed unit options. As for the hotel rooms, there are a total of six, four of which are equipped with queen beds, and the other two supply king beds. The remaining 17 accommodations are designated as motel rooms, and all of these units have private restrooms and mini-fridges. Notably, the motel rooms are the only accommodations that contain TVs. Regardless of which type of unit guests choose to stay in, property-wide WiFi is available over the course of their stay.

Beyond the rooms that visitors can reserve, the inn also has a front and back lobby. Coffee services are provided 24/7 in the back lobby and the breakfast nook. Some of the specific coffees and beverages that are available are iced coffee, hot coffee, five flavors of cappuccino, standard hot chocolate, and raspberry hot chocolate. The Madison Hotel, Motel and Hostel also has a 3,300-foot gift shop that sells hiking poles, games, bear spray, souvenirs, T-shirts, hoodies, drinks, candy, and huckleberry confections, among other items. It should be noted as well that the establishment has ownership over the adjoining Kimberline Restaurant, however, the owners of the lodging business, Garrett and Jan Ostler, do not operate this restaurant. Kimberline Restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner for those who are staying at the property, and the restaurant is open from 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. To add to guests' stays, Garrett says that people who book directly through the Madison Hotel, Motel and Hostel are given a $10.00 meal ticket. 

Outside the building, the premises features an area with BBQ grills and picnic tables for patrons to utilize at their leisure. According to Garrett, the Madison Hotel, Motel and Hostel is about two blocks outside of Yellowstone National Park—a prominent attraction in the vicinity. The encompassing land around the inn is fairly urban with several restaurants, shops, and attractions that visitors can explore.


Garrett and Jan Ostler, the owners of the Madison Hotel, Motel and Hostel, aim to provide a quality experience. Regarding the efforts made to accomplish this, Garrett says, "I interact with guests any chance I get." He further explains that the staff and management can operate as both clerks and concierge service because "they are familiar with the town." Moreover, the owners and staff have a map of the town and the national park that they use to inform patrons about attractions and activities in the surrounding area. "We get a lot of self-reward out of our customer service, and to me, that's my motivating factor every day," Garrett expresses. One person who stayed at the Madison Hotel, Motel and Hostel commented on their experience in a review, saying, "The owner was very personable. They have a gift shop located in the motel with family portraits lining the walls, making it feel very homey."

The owners also have the goal of making the business' prices affordable for families. "The payoff is when guests come again," Garrett says. Garrett and Jan have received visitors who have been returning annually for around 25 years. 

A few policies are implemented at the Madison Hotel, Motel and Hostel, which everyone is expected to conform to during their time at the property. Children under the age of five are not permitted to stay on-site. It should also be noted that smoking is prohibited at the establishment, and pets are not welcome to accompany visitors during their stay. For the purpose of health code standards, patrons must refrain from bringing any personal bedding, blankets, or pillows. 


The Madison Hotel, Motel and Hostel bears historical significance, as it dates back to 1904 when plans for its construction first began. Roxy Bartlet, a stagecoach driver, initiated the establishment's construction to facilitate transportation to Yellowstone National Park. With the help of some of his friends who assisted with its design, what is now known as the Madison Hotel, Motel and Hostel was built and opened to the public in 1912. The property was initially referred to as "Old Faithful Inn," according to one of the present owners, Garrett Ostler. Garrett also reports that the business is on the National Register of Historic Places. The two present owners, Garrett and Jan Ostler, have pictures of the property that were taken circa the 1930s, and Garrett remarks that the building's appearance is considerably similar to how it looked in the 1930s. In 1958, Garrett's grandfather purchased the establishment from the original owner, Roxy Bartlet. Since then, the inn has been a family-owned business.

"In the spirit of maintaining the historical property, we make very few changes to the hotel and the hostel," Garrett explains. While major changes are rarely made to the establishment, the owner notes that they are "always looking at ways that [they] can refresh, revitalize, and keep amenities current to meet [their] customer's needs while maintaining the historic appearance and feel." Garret has discovered that his favorite part about his job as one of the owners is "helping guests enjoy Yellowstone." He also takes pride in the knowledge that he has obtained since becoming the owner, as he mentions that he has learned more about carpentry, electricity, and plumbing from his father and grandfather, both of whom formerly served as owners of the Madison Hotel, Motel and Hostel.

Garrett and Jan were led into the lodging industry because of Garrett's father, who passed ownership of the business into their hands. Garrett had owned a catering business before becoming the owner of the Madison Hotel, Motel and Hostel, and he tries to implement the experience from this previous occupation into his current job in terms of customer service and the quality of each guest's stay.

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