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The Mimosa Inn

The Mimosa Inn

Mary and Kevin Parker have been the owners of The Mimosa Inn since 2015. The inn itself was built in 1903 for the purpose of being a casino for a local hotel. Currently, eleven rooms are available for guests to make reservations. Every morning, a complimentary breakfast is served to all patrons of the inn. Some potential breakfast dishes include quiches, sandwiches, breakfast burritos, and a yogurt bar, among others. The location of the inn is relatively rural, and a view of the Blue Ridge Mountains can be seen from the front porch of the property. A few on-site activities are provided for visitors during their stay, including bocci ball, corn hole, puzzles, and a swing that hangs from an oak tree on the premises. Beyond the borders of the property, a few prominent draws for tourism in the area are attractions such as hiking, motorcycling, and attending events that are held at the nearby equestrian venue.


The Mimosa Inn is situated on a four-acre expanse of land in the western region of North Carolina. A total of eleven rooms are offered for guest reservation, two of which are "suite-style apartments," according to the manager, Kailey Beck. The guestrooms can be found on the second floor of the two-story building. From the words of Kailey, the inn is "vintage in many ways," considering that the building itself was constructed in 1903. She further explains that the establishment is "clean and more spa-like as far as the feel goes." With regard to the interior décor of each guestroom, all of the rooms vary slightly in their overall character.

Every reservable room contains similar amenities, including a bed, TV, refrigerator, freezer, coffee maker, walk-in closet, and bathroom. Property-wide fiberoptic Wi-Fi is additionally available to patrons throughout the duration of their stay. It should also be noted that the TVs in each room offer streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, and HBO. The majority of guestrooms feature a king-size bed, which can be found in five of the units, while three of the rooms have two double beds, and the remaining three have queen-size beds. The two aforementioned suite-style apartment rooms are relatively larger in size, as reported by Kailey. She also mentions that one of the two larger rooms had formerly been a maid's quarters at some point in the inn's history.  

A number of common areas are found throughout and around the building, namely the dining room where breakfast is served, the front porch with plantation-style pillars and a rocking chair, a conference room, a living room space, a back porch area, and a side patio. Considering that a view of the Blue Ridge Mountains can be seen from the front porch, many visitors lounge in this common area for this particular reason. Some of these common areas also feature on-site games for guest use, including puzzles, corn hole, and bocci ball, to name a few. These games may be played in the front yard, which offers a fair amount of space to do so. Mature trees surround the building, and walking trails wind through the encompassing neighborhood. Moreover, one of the oak trees in the property's yard has a swing hanging from one of its branches. On the premises can be found a stone patio, which is original to the property and is characteristic of an outdoor fireplace. 

Every morning, a complimentary continental-style breakfast is served to all guests who are staying at The Mimosa Inn. On the weekends, one hot breakfast option is available among other meal choices. Mary, one of the owners, frequently makes homemade bread, and she partners this bread with local jams and butter. She also makes muffins and other similar baked goods. A few other breakfast items that one can expect to be served at the inn are seasonal fruits, oatmeal/cereal with toppings, sandwiches, quiches, and breakfast burritos. The inn also occasionally offers a yogurt bar, as well as a build-your-own sandwich bar. The two most popular sandwiches, according to Kailey, are the ham and cheddar sandwiches, as well as the "granny smith apple and Gudda sandwiches." For visitors with dietary needs or restrictions, Kailey remarks that they can accommodate such food allergies/preferences. "We try to make sure there's something on the breakfast bar for everyone," she says. Typically, breakfast is served between 7:00 and 10:00 AM; however, many guests attend the nearby horse shows, and this may cause the need for an earlier serving time for breakfast. In cases such as this, the manager comments that they can be flexible to guests' schedules if necessary. Breakfast is generally served in the dining room, though visitors are also welcome to eat in their rooms or on the porches.

One of the biggest draws for tourism in the local area is the equestrian venue and the horse industry as a whole. A considerable amount of tourists come annually to attend these horse shows. Furthermore, western North Carolina is reportedly known for its outdoor recreation, such as hiking, motorcycling, or visiting wineries. The Blue Ridge Mountains are also located in close proximity to The Mimosa Inn. As for nearby places to eat, the owners and manager of the property frequently direct their patrons to Café La Gaule, a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Iron Key is another dining option that the owners and manager recommend.


The Mimosa Inn allows guests to host events such as weddings, concerts, fundraisers, memorial services, quinceaneras, and other similar celebratory events. In relation to this, the busiest time of operation for the inn is typically during the months of September and October as the manager, Kailey Beck, mentions that this is "the most common time for weddings." The Mimosa Inn is open year-round. 

A few policies are enforced at the establishment and visitors are expected to act in accordance with such guidelines during their stay. In an effort to create a relaxing environment, children under the age of twelve are prohibited from staying at the inn. For the same reason, guests must also refrain from bringing their pets to stay with them at the property. Kailey mentions that the "unofficial" quiet hours begin roughly around 10:00 PM, and visitors must keep noise to a minimum starting at this time. 

One of the goals that the manager and owners have for their property is to provide a comfortable atmosphere. "It's all about the relaxation," Kailey says. "We put a lot of attention into details when it comes to the amenities, the bedding, and the comfort that is offered in general," she further explains.

The majority of guests discover The Mimosa Inn through Airbnb platforms that allow the property to have listings on various different sites. Other online sources have also aided the overall success of the inn. A fair amount of online reviews from previous guests of the property mention that they felt like "part of the family" during their stay, as reported by Kailey. Many people also comment on the beds in the guestrooms. One visitor who was seemingly content with their stay remarked, "I stayed in the apartment, which has a full kitchen so it allowed me to keep and rewarm meals from some excellent Tryon restaurants. And the living room has a gas fireplace that generates a lot of heat. The atmosphere was peaceful and tranquil, with high-speed Wi-Fi, while offering close proximity to downtown Tryon, Columbus, and the I-26 highway."


When the building that is currently known as The Mimosa Inn was first constructed in 1903, it had originally been built as a casino. It was a gaming house with a bowling alley, pool table, and ballroom that a local hotel utilized for their guests. In 1916, the hotel burned down, and the owners at the time had decided to convert The Mimosa Inn structure into an inn rather than rebuild the hotel. The upper story was then divided into guestrooms. Since the early 1920s, the establishment has been operating as an inn.

Currently, The Mimosa Inn is primarily owned by Mary and Kevin Parker. Their daughter, Kailey Beck, is the general manager of the property, and she frequently assists with the inn's operations. The inn had been vacant for nearly a decade prior to when Mary and Kevin took ownership in 2015. Initially, in 2016, Mary and Kevin opened two rooms, to begin with, gradually opening up the other rooms "as time and finances would allow," Kailey states. It wasn't until around 2018 when the inn was fully operational, with all eleven rooms open for guests to reserve.

Mary and Kevin Parker were led into the lodging industry because Mary had a long-standing dream of owning a bed and breakfast. The couple moved from Ohio to North Carolina in 2012, and they decided that they wanted to buy a property in that general area. Through the direction of their realtor, Mary and Kevin eventually came upon The Mimosa Inn, and they purchased the property. "Structurally, it was very sound," Kailey comments as she explains the renovations that were required to be made. They redid the plumbing and fixed several major issues that the building developed over time. 

One of Kailey's favorite parts of being the general manager is "meeting lots of different people from lots of different places." She also enjoys seeing how happy their guests are "when they get to spend time making memories that they'll have for the rest of their life." Kailey remarks, "It's cool to share our space in that way." The owners and manager try to interact with guests "as much or as little as they want," as explained by Kailey.

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