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The Nauvoo Grand

Located in the western region of Illinois, The Nauvoo Grand is situated just off of the Mississippi River. A total of five rooms are available for rent inside a three-story building that is decorated on the inside with various antiques. The ceilings, floors, and woodwork are all original to when the house was first built in 1904, before it became a bed and breakfast. Many of the restored historic sites that can be found in close proximity to the establishment are the main draws for tourism in the area. Guests can also visit the nearby parks or the winery that is located across the street from The Nauvoo Grand. Breakfast is provided at the establishment, which offers items like French toast, eggs, waffles, fruit, and others.


The Nauvoo Grand is situated on the expanse of almost one acre near the Mississippi River. Five rooms are featured throughout the three-story building on the premises. The majority of rooms include a queen-size bed, with the exception of two units, one of which has an Olympic queen-size bed. The room on the third floor includes a queen-size bed and two single beds. Bathrooms are provided in some of the rooms, though, one room comes with a bathroom that can be found down the hall from the room itself and it is exclusive to the occupants of this particular room. Two of the rooms have jetted tubs. For guests who forget their toothbrush, the manager keeps extra toothbrushes and other similar bathroom items for patron use.

The manager of the property remarks that one of the most popular units is Beth's Forest, which she believes is frequently booked due to the furniture, d├ęcor, and overall ambiance of the room. All of the common areas of the establishment are located on the first floor, featuring a dining room, a parlor, and a living room space. Additionally, a porch is provided at the front of the house, including a seating area. Outside on the grounds of the acreage, there is an abundance of trees that can provide a fair amount of shade. Several flowerbeds can be found along the lawn and around the bed and breakfast. Views of the nearby orchards and vineyards can be seen from The Nauvoo Grand grounds. The manager mentions that the communities in the surrounding area of Nauvoo are relatively clean, and the architectural homes and places that are based throughout the city can be considered fascinating to those who visit the area. Furthermore, a fair amount of parks are also in close proximity to The Nauvoo Grand.

Breakfast is provided for patrons, and is served in the dining room. Some of the items that the breakfast consists of include meat, potatoes, eggs, pancakes, waffles, French toast, fruit, sweetbreads, and occasionally a combination of many of these options depending on the number of guests. There are also many drinks provided such as juice, milk, water, coffee, and tea, to name a few. The manager comments that the staff that cooks the breakfast tries to make a different meal each time. The cook can also accommodate those with dietary needs or restrictions, and the owners ask their patrons about such dietary restrictions before the visitor books their stay.

The Nauvoo Grand is in close proximity to the Mississippi River, which can provide visitors with various outdoor recreational opportunities including fishing, boating, and wildlife viewing. According to the manager, one of the more popular catches amongst fishermen who fish in the Mississippi River is catfish. Furthermore, the manager recommends a few restaurants that can be found in the local area, one of them being Hotel Nauvoo. She mentions that, though there may not be very many fast-food places, there is a sweet shop, a custard venue, and a sandwich place that patrons can visit.


The Nauvoo Grand is open year-round, with the owner reporting that the best season falls between summer and fall when tourism typically increases. Older couples make up the general demographic of the bed and breakfast, as a fair amount of them come to see the restored sites. The property does not receive many families, mainly because there isn't as much space to be provided for such groups. The manager recommends patrons to visit the website beautifulnauvoo.com, where a list of various restored sites can be found, which also features a Mormon missionary guide that tells about the history of the home. A few other recommended places from the manager are the LDS FamilySearch Center and the winery across the street of the property.

The owners, manager, and staff want their guests to feel as though they are visiting their "second home," as stated by the manager. They strive to provide their patrons with an enjoyable experience, where they can feel comfortable. In an attempt to achieve this, the manager comments on the provided books inside the bed and breakfast that those who are staying at the establishment are welcome to read, and she hopes that visitors will find that this adds to the experience.. Many visitors who have previously stayed at The Nauvoo Grand have mentioned the breakfast, as well as the quietness of the area. One particular visitor commented in a review saying, "Everything was clean, bright, and inviting; the food was delicious and so filling that we never ate again until dinner." The manager remarks that one particularly unique aspect of the property, in her opinion, is its location, as The Nauvoo Grand is about a mile away from the Nauvoo historic district.

Policies are enforced at the bed and breakfast, and visitors are expected to act in accordance with such policies. Pets are not allowed to stay on the premises, and though smoking is prohibited inside the bed and breakfast, visitors have the option to smoke outside the building if they would like. Occasionally, The Nauvoo Grand hosts events such as weddings, baby showers, and lunches, and oftentimes, they host historical groups that come to tour the home. The manager mentions that one of her favorite parts of operating the bed and breakfast is meeting new people.


The Nauvoo Grand was built in 1904 by one of the Baxter family members who had been there since 1857. The current manager's husband is part of the Baxter family, though he doesn't assist with managing the property. When the new LDS temple was built in the early 2000s, many of the locals in the area predicted a higher number of residents and new visitors to come to the area for the temple, and this caused the Baxter family to purchase the property and prepare for such circumstances. The property had been under the ownership of the Baxter family for many years until it was sold to a local in the town named Genevieve Simmons, who was the first owner to turn The Nauvoo Grand into a bed and breakfast. 

The current owners of the acreage, Kent and Cassie Barrett, were the ones who purchased the land from Genevieve, and the property has undergone several renovations since then. One such renovation that may be considered one of the major changes to the business is the addition of the third floor. Another update to the property was the kitchen and dining room, which were moved and separated from each other. Much of the woodwork, ceiling, and floors have been maintained over the years and are all original to the house.

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Kent and Cassie Barrett

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Genevieve Simmons

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