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The Nutmeg Inn

As of January 2020, the Nutmeg Inn has been listed as one of New Hampshire's Historic Places. Located in the outskirts of New Hampshire's small town, Meredith, the inn has been around for a long time. It was built in the 1700s and has a rich history. The Nutmeg Inn continues to retain the 1700s feel to it to the best of its abilities. Though it has been refurbished, it still has the original hardwood floors and some original furniture. Meredith is a quaint town known for the local breweries and wineries, the lakes and beaches nearby, and many outdoor activities, including skiing in the winter, hiking in the summer, and leaf-peeping, which means people who come to see the leaves change colors, during the fall.


The Nutmeg Inn sits on a natural plot of land in central New Hampshire. On the seven and a half acres of New England's forested land on the outskirts of Meredith, New Hampshire, guests will find the main building—dating back to the 1700s—and a small side building called the Sugar Shack. The Sugar Shack is a separate suite with a loft bedroom and a living area on the main floor. Families often rent the Sugar Shack because the kids can stay downstairs, and the parents can have the queen-sized bed in the loft. The Sugar Shack and the Nutmeg Suite are the only two rooms at the inn that allow children under the age of five. One of the favorite rooms for many guests that stay at the Nutmeg Inn is the Rosemary Room. It is the inn's biggest room with a two-poster king-sized bed and an antique wardrobe and dresser. Each of the ten rooms comes with a private bathroom, extra towels and blankets, and toiletries.

In the morning, Mark, the chef and a business guru that runs the inn, creates a gourmet breakfast. Breakfast is served from 8:00 AM-9:30 AM, with coffee and tea available starting at 7:00 AM. Each breakfast has two courses: a fruit course and a main course. Mark and Lynn, the owner of the Nutmeg Inn, enjoy catering to the needs of other people. They are happy to take any dietary restrictions into account when planning and preparing breakfast. In the winter, Mark creates a warm fruit dish such as apple compote, and in the summer, he enjoys making minted watermelon salad or fresh fruit salad with a balsamic honey glaze for the first course. The main courses at the Nutmeg Inn are unique in nature. Mark specializes in specialty french toasts, especially with his homemade sourdough bread. Some guest favorites include caramel peach french toast and blueberry & cream cheese french toast. Mark also makes raspberry and white chocolate pancakes, Mexican frittata, or hash brown casserole, to name a few. In addition to a hot breakfast every morning, the Nutmeg Inn provides a homemade snack at 3 PM daily with coffee, teas, sodas, and local beer available to its patrons.

The inn has a number of activities for guests to enjoy. In one of the two parlors, there is an antique pool table that guests can play billiards at, an exercise room for guests who want to exercise, or guests can spend time by one of the five fireplaces and read a book. There are also two large decks outside where guests can sit in a rocking chair and enjoy the afternoon sun or play games with their families. On the grounds, there are extensive gardens for guests to wander and a heated saltwater pool to swim in during the summer months. Many leaf peepers (those who came to see the fall leaves) enjoy the fall colors and the cool, crisp air during the fall months. Though there are many activities that guests can enjoy while staying at the Nutmeg Inn, there are many activities guests can participate in in the surrounding area. There are many great hiking trails, indoor and outdoor theater, skiing, local breweries and wineries, concert halls, and summer camps.


Because of the rich history of the Nutmeg Inn, there can be found many unique aspects of the property. One of the unique aspects is the feeling that guests often have when they come to the property. The first time Lynn, the owner of the inn, walked into the main building, she said, "I went 'Ahhhh...' This place is so relaxing."

Many guests have commented that they feel at home as soon as they walk into the family-friendly inn. One guest said, "The house is warm and cozy...The smell, the warmth, the pleasant owners make you feel at home." Because of its location, the Nutmeg Inn is far away from "the grinding noise and static that you hear everywhere else," as Lynn says. It is conveniently close to downtown Merideth, yet private enough to make it seem as if it is worlds away. Another guest mentioned how at home they felt at the Nutmeg Inn when they said, "Lynn and Mark are the sparks of life in this Inn. We have never met two owners more interested in taking care of their guests. We were welcomed at the door and taken care of throughout our stay. Lynn and Mark never forget a guest's name, which makes it all the more personal."

The Nutmeg Inn is mostly family-owned and operated. Sometimes up to three housekeepers are hired during the busy season, which is the end of May to September so that they can keep up with guests' needs, but Lynn and Mark do most of the cleaning, all of the cooking, and the host duties. Because Lynn and Mark strive to keep every guest comfortable, there is a policy in place saying that any groups with children under the age of six must stay in either the Sugar Shack or the Nutmeg suite. This is to ensure the guests in neighboring rooms can continue to have quiet comfort throughout their stay.

Usually open year-round, guests come from all over the world to stay at the Nutmeg Inn. Guests staying at the Nutmeg Inn often find that other guests have unique connections. Once, three different couples were visiting from Italy. While they were sitting down to eat breakfast, they talked to each other and realized they all lived within 10 miles of each other. They were instant friends from that moment.

In the summer, guests can enjoy spending time outdoors, hiking, biking, boating, and golfing. In the fall, many guests come to see the picturesque fall foliage. Leaf peepers or tourists who come to see the fall leaves specifically come from all over to see the leaves and enjoy the fresh outdoor experience. Many guests can enjoy skiing at the nearby ski resorts in the winter, including Loon Mountain and Rugged Mountain Ski Area, or simply just enjoy the snow-covered landscape while snuggled up by the fire with a good book. Surrounded by lakes, trees, and mountains, Meredith, New Hampshire, is home to the Nutmeg Inn. Meredith is known for its locally brewed beers, scenic parks and beaches, and the hometown feel.


The Nutmeg Inn has not always been an inn, but it has always had a rich and charming history. In 1748, the original owner, Eliphalet Rawlings, bought the land that the Nutmeg Inn now sits on. Originally Rawlings built the homestead on 120 acres of untamed New Hampshire land. Rawlings then sold the property to a man called Joseph Cram. Cram started building the house, and it was finished sometime before 1768. Cram sold the partially built home and the property to William Davis (sometimes written as Davies), who finished building the homestead. The house was passed through many different families and other owners.

In 1927, Sarah Louise Arnold purchased the homestead from Russel Brown and turned the property into the largest Girl Scout camp in America. Until 1937, the Nutmeg Inn, known as the Clover Ridge Girls Camp, functioned as a place where girls could learn about the great outdoors, their American heritage, and other essential life lessons.

In October of 1937, the Clover Ridge Estate was deeded to American Youth Hostels Inc. for precisely one dollar. Many youth from around the world came to stay at the Clover Ridge Farm as it was later turned into a boarding school, not just a place for youth to stay. Because this was an international school at the height of World War Two, German youth would sometimes stay at the boarding school. A past owner of the property found several swastikas carved into furniture and even the hardwood floors. Despite multiple attempts to remove it from the hardwood floors, they still are a part of the inn's past, and they can not be removed even after refurbishing the floors.

It is unclear when the boarding school turned into a place for tourists to stay, but by 1948 it was an up and running inn called The Clover Ridge Inn. It was a dinner theater and inn providing entertainment and a place to sleep. In 1978 The Clover Ridge Inn was changed to The Nutmeg Inn and was open until 2003.

In 2013, Lynn bought the inn. She says it was a total accident that she bought it. She and Mark were married the year before she bought it. She was living on one side of the country, and Mark was living on the other. They decided that they wanted to retire from professions relating to science in New Hampshire. While looking for a house in New Hampshire, they both fell in love with the Nutmeg Inn. They couldn't justify buying that big of a home without some way to pay it off, so they decided making an inn would be a great way to stay busy in retirement. Mark and Lynn have loved being the hosts of the Nutmeg Inn. They devote much, if not all, of their time, helping guests enjoy their stay at the Nutmeg Inn. Lynn said, "I get more gratification in one weekend as a hostess at the Nutmeg Inn than I did in 40 years working for a corporate company." Working and serving at the Nutmeg Inn isn't just their livelihood; it's their life.

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