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The Olde Lantern Inn and Vineyard
The Olde Lantern Inn and Vineyard

The Olde Lantern Inn and Vineyard

The Olde Lantern Inn and Vineyard is found in the city of Grand Pré, east of Wolfville and just south of the Grand-Pré National Historic Site. Various wineries, cideries, and distilleries can be found in the surrounding area, including a vineyard owned by The Olde Lantern Inn located directly on the property. Most of the other vineyards and distilleries in the community are within 10 - 20 minutes of driving. There are four rooms in the inn, and the property itself remains open during the course of the entire year. Visitors to the property can participate in ventures indoors, such as visiting restaurants or participating in outdoor activities including hiking and sightseeing.


The Olde Lantern Inn and Vineyard is a building on one acre of land. The inn offers four rooms in total for guests to choose from, and, according to previous guest feedback, the most popular room is 'In The Vineyard.' This is due to the fact that it has a private deck that faces north with a view of the vineyards as well as windows on three sides of the room that allow adequate lighting if desired. The rooms are decorated with a rustic country theme with the goal of being simple and uncomplicated. Each one offers a range of amenities, including high-speed internet, air conditioning, a television, and a hairdryer. These rooms are available at all times of the year, but the busiest times tend to be late summer, based off of previous years.

Breakfast is provided at 8:00 A.M. with several different options for a hot meal. One of the more favored items among guests are the cheese omelets with bits of ham and mushrooms. Fresh fruit and coffee are available as well. One thing that makes the property unique is how integrated it is with nature and the rest of the community. Several activities open to temporary residents include hiking, wine tasting at the nearby wineries, and the Grand-Pré National Historic Site. There are also many different restaurants in the area that offer various types of food. The most noteworthy one, from both the owner and most guests, is the winery next door. On that note, there are currently over ten wineries in the Wolfville area, with several of them having won awards for the products they sell. Another thing that makes the property unique is its heritage and history. The owner does his best to live up to the kinds of styles that someone would find in the 1700s, all while maintaining the quality and quantity of features expected in the twenty-first century.


The open outdoors and nearby wineries make it evident that The Olde Lantern Inn and Vinyard is a retreat that caters towards adults. Specifically, the most common demographic of guests to the property are the elderly. The inn appeals more to older guests looking to find a spot in the countryside for a brief getaway. Guests have found many activities to do and sights to see among the neighboring towns like Wolfville. Several activities that are well known and local favorites include making use of the nearby hiking trails. Several options include the Millenium Trail, which can be found in Reservoir Park on the east side of Wolfville, and the much longer trail, King's County Rail Trail that starts at the Grand Pré National Historic Site.

The King County Rail Trail weaves explicitly through a large portion of Wolfville and towards a town to the east. Additionally, the trail approaches a part of the beach known as Wolfville Waterfront Park. For guests looking for a quicker way to a beach of some kind, a short drive to the north of The Olde Lantern Inn will take travelers to another side of the beach that's known locally as Evangeline Beach. Another attraction available to guests would be the Grand-Pré National Historic Site. Here, there are different things to do, such as going to the Acadian Interpretive Center to learn about the local history of the previous settlers, known as the Acadians, walking the grounds and exploring the gardens, and visiting a long-standing church that's important to the people of Nova Scotia.

One visitor that had stayed at The Olde Lantern Inn and Vineyard noted that "It is well-situated next to a handful of vineyards, the Tangled Gardens, and the Grand Pré Historical site." In both previous years and currently, the property has been open at all times of the year. The busiest months of the year are usually July, August, and September. For guests that book from the 1st of November to the 31st of May for three nights or more may qualify to receive a 10% discount on their stay.


The Olde Lantern Inn and Vineyard was built about 20 years ago and has been a bed and breakfast since 1999. The current owners of the inn are Desmond and his wife Adriana Steinhobel, who have been the owners for roughly seven years. The innkeeper, Desmond, said that initially, he had a job working in an office, but didn't find enjoyment in that work climate, so he decided to try something new and became the next host of the Olde Lantern Inn and Vineyard. He enjoys the hard work involved to maintain the inn in as good of condition as possible while being able to meet so many new people.

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