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The Pebbles

The Pebbles

The Pebbles is an adults-only bed and breakfast located in Weymouth, United Kingdom, about 500 yards from the shore of Weymouth Bay. It has seven rooms that guests can choose from, all of which are different sizes. Paul, one of the owners, says that the most popular rooms for guests to stay in are Room 1, Room 8, and Room 9 due to the larger beds they contain and the space they offer. An English breakfast is made to order each morning by Karen, Paul’s wife—the other owner of the business—between 8:00 and 9:30 AM. With regards to the service they offer, Paul remarks that they “try to give them that small hotel experience” while still retaining the qualities of a bed and breakfast. Various attractions are located relatively close to the property, including the Jurassic Coastline, Isle of Portland, and the Cerne Abbas Giant, among others.


Situated about 500 yards from the waterfront in the town of Weymouth, United Kingdom, is The Pebbles, a bed and breakfast with seven rooms available for guests to rent. Each of these rooms differs in size from one another, with the larger rooms generally offering more amenities than the smaller ones. Paul, one of the owners of the establishment, says that the most popular rooms among guests tend to be Room 1, Room 8, and Room 9. These three rooms are situated with a king bed. Common amenities throughout each room include smart TVs, mini-fridges, and complimentary Wi-Fi. The Pebbles is also unique in that it offers its guests free on-site parking, which is rare for a lodging establishment in Weymouth, according to Paul.

Breakfast is served each morning by Karen, Paul’s wife and another owner of the bed and breakfast, between 8:00 and 9:30 a.m. in the guest dining room. Some of the items offered for breakfast include bacon, eggs, sausage, beans, black or white pudding, hashbrowns, and other dishes typical of a full English breakfast. Karen makes breakfast for guests to order each morning and can accommodate dietary restrictions as necessary. For example, The Pebbles regularly serves breakfast with gluten-free bread, sausage, and other such items, along with their regular offerings for those who are gluten-free.

Aside from the dining room and guests’ rooms, there are no other accessible areas within the bed and breakfast for visitors. In the yard, however, guests are free to utilize the two patios with chairs and a large gazebo which has seating for six. The yard also features a hot tub, and Paul says they are currently adding a koi pond to the garden.

There are a number of attractions near The Pebbles, both in the city of Weymouth and the surrounding Dorset countryside. Weymouth provides a number of shops and restaurants that people can experience while they are visiting. Some restaurants that Paul recommends his guests try include Shalims Indian Restaurant, Restaurant Les Enfants Terribles, the Crab House Café, and Yalbury Cottage, which holds a Michelin Star. A number of events are also hosted throughout the year in Weymouth, such as a half marathon in March, the Iron Man marathon in September, and various seafood events. Those seeking natural tourist attractions can visit the Isle of Portland south of Weymouth, walk along the Jurassic Coastline, or visit the Uffington White Horse and Cerne Abbas Giant north of the region.


When asked how he wants his guests to feel while staying at The Pebbles, Paul, one of the owners of the establishment, remarks that he wants them to feel “that they have everything they need.” Both Paul and his wife Karen strive to provide an experience for their guests that is above what they would expect from a bed and breakfast. In his words, they “try to give them that small hotel experience, but give them the personal B&B experience at the same time.” Many reviews of the property mention the hospitality of their hosts as one of the highlights of their stay, as well as the quality of the rooms and the breakfast each morning. One guest appreciated that “Karen, the owner, was very accommodating in changing breakfast times,” so they could leave earlier in the morning.

For those who stay at the bed and breakfast, there are a few policies that Paul and Karen ask guests to follow. One of the most important policies is that the property is adults-only, and no pets are allowed to stay with guests. This intends to help create a peaceful environment for everyone at The Pebbles. Other notable policies include checking in between 4:00 and 7:00 PM. Those who need to check in later than this time window must notify Paul and Karen ahead of time. Smoking is not permitted inside of the bed and breakfast and must be done outside on the patio. The property is also only open seasonally from around Easter in April to the end of October. Most often, the busiest time for the bed and breakfast is during July and August due to the warmer weather and the proximity to the coast.


The building that now operates as The Pebbles was originally built in 1896. It functioned as a private residence until around the 1950s. Around this time was when the building had been turned into a guest house by Paul and Karen, the current owners of the establishment. Before entering the lodging industry, Paul worked as an IT consultant, and Karen was a housewife. Paul describes himself as someone who is not “easily managed,” and because of this, he had grown tired of working in the typical office environment. He decided with his wife that they wanted to run a guest house, and in January of 2002, they purchased The Pebbles.

A number of changes have been made to the property since Paul and Karen took ownership of it. Paul and Karen tried to keep in mind what they would want in a guesthouse if they were staying there when making changes to the property. Many renovations were made directly after they bought the house, such as replacing the carpets, walls, ceiling, and plumbing to make it more modern. Paul estimates that they have invested around £200,000 in updating the premises. Currently, Paul is adding a koi pond to the yard to add to the relaxing atmosphere he hopes guests find when they stay at The Pebbles.

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