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The Roses Heritage Inn

The Roses Heritage Inn is located in St. John's, Newfoundland. The property has existed since 1905, being built by a man named Dr. Murphy. There are two buildings that make up the entire inn, with 17 units available between the two. One building, the Rose, has 11 of these rooms, and the other, the Jelly Bean, has the remaining 6. Each room has some basic amenities, including free internet, TVs, and free movie channels. All of the rooms are unique from one another, though many of them are furnished similarly and adorned with old-fashioned art. The owners of the property hope that those who stay with them feel comfortable and happy. They enjoy getting to know their patrons, often talking with them and recommending places for them to visit or eat at.


The property has 17 rooms available for guests to use while they stay there. The rooms are split between two buildings, 11 units in the Rose Inn and 6 units in the Jelly Bean. The buildings are situated on the same street, so visitors who stay at either building can have contact with the owners and various staff members. The Jelly Bean is purple, and The Roses Heritage Inn is yellow and red. The Rose is four stories tall, and the Jelly Bean is three stories. There are two top-floor decks with views of the harbor and of downtown. The inside of the property could be described as a "Victorian inn," says the business's current owner. There are common areas in each of the buildings located on the top floor, and in the main house, there is also a living room and a dining room.

Breakfast is served complimentary to a guests' stay from the 15th of April through the 15th of October. After mid-October, patrons are charged extra for their morning breakfast. During the off-season, the property provides complimentary tea and coffee for guests. At the Jelly Bean, there is also a daily coffee/tea, toasted bagels, fresh fruit, and some homemade jams. Many of the visitor's favorite menu items include the pancakes and French toast. Because of the limitations of options, special accommodations aren't made for those who have dietary needs, but the menu has a variety of foods that can be options for those with specific restrictions. 

There are sitting areas in both buildings, mainly on the decks, available to patrons. At the Jelly Bean, there is a firepit available for those who would like to spend some time outside and around it. The rooms in each of the buildings are all different from each other, and those in the Jelly Bean are named after places in Newfoundland. The Hearts Content is a room in the Jelly Bean that is said to be "the nicest one" they offer to guests. It is a relatively larger room when compared to others in the edifices and has views of St. John's Harbour available in some parts. There is a queen bed available in the room and a jetted tub. All of the rooms include free internet, TVs, and free movie channels. Smart TVs are provided in the Jelly Bean Inn.


The owner of the Roses Heritage Inn feels that her building's style, and the help of long-time employees, have helped her to bring more people to her property. The business is open year-round, with a busy season from June through September. There are many summer activities to do during these months, including music performances, whale watching, and touring icebergs. The owners of the property say that they love hosting people on their property that are there for activities. The owners and staff often recommend places to visit or eat at to those who are looking for things to do. Some of the places that they encourage others to go to are Signal Hill, Cape Spear Historic Site, and Bowring Park. Signal Hill has many views of St. John’s and the Atlantic ocean; Cape Spear offers an abundance of views of the coastline and can be a vantage point for spotting icebergs and whales. Bowring Park is a park that has been restored and preserved by Bowring Park Foundation Inc., which hopes to keep the park clean and available for visitors.

Besides places to visit, there are a few places that the owners recommend for their patrons to eat at. These places include Peaceful Loft, a Chinese food place that accommodates vegetarian and gluten-free options, Piatto Pizzeria, which is recommended more to those looking for a fancier place to eat, and Saltwater Restaurant, which also offers vegetarian and vegan options.

The typical demographic of guests that visit the business include older couples at the Rose and younger couples at the Jelly Bean. Many of these guests have visited the property before, making the inn a part of their traditions. There is one room during the off-season that allows for pets, but otherwise, pets are not accepted inside either of the buildings. The room that allows pets inside of it is called the Comfort Cove. There is no set quiet time required of patrons, but the staff asks that those who stay at the property be respectful of others during the late hours.

The owners of the property hope that their business will continue to improve. They hope that their visitors will feel comfortable and happy as they stay with them. To help them feel this way, the staff strive to create an atmosphere of "laughter and joy." The staff strives to talk with their guests often by walking throughout both buildings.

The owners claim that their inn is the largest and longest-standing bed and breakfast in downtown St. John. They are known for their rooms and their breakfast, many guests leaving comments about these in reviews. One patron, in particular, said, "My wife and I spent two weeks in the Comfort Cove room in order to isolate ourselves after traveling to Newfoundland. The owners and staff made certain we were as comfortable as possible during our two weeks." Another visitor said, "Very convenient location with parking available for a very modest fee. There was a delicious breakfast of yogurt, blueberry pancakes, bread pudding, turkey sausage, and more."


The property of The Roses Heritage Inn was built in 1905 by Dr. Murphy and his father, Jack Murphy. The initial purpose of the building was to help out-of-country businessmen who were visiting the town. Each of the upper rooms is fashioned in a way to reflect this history, being described as "timelessness you'd expect from a well-crafted St. John's guest home." Many of the other rooms have been adorned with local art and furniture that also reflects the historic décor one might have found back at the time that the building was established. Dr. Murphy helped many businessmen that and others that suffered from ailments until his passing in 1925.

The property has since been turned into the inn that it is today, the owners inviting all to come and stay with them. The owners have recently improved and expanded the third-floor dining room and the two third-floor decks. They hope to continue to keep things up to date and want to provide whatever is needed for those who stay with them.

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9 and 11 Military Rd
St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador A1C 2C3


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