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The Sanford House Inn

The Sanford House Inn is located on two acres of land in Arlington, Texas. It has twelve units, various patios, an event center, some fountains, a restaurant—named Restaurant506—and a salon. There is parking for the guests and a place people can rent out for things such as weddings and corporate events. Breakfast is provided for those staying at the inn, and lunch and dinner are available to buy at the restaurant during the day. The owners of the establishment strive for an environment where people can feel at home without actually being at home. They and their staff try to keep the building clean, comfortable, and enjoyable.


The Sanford House Inn is located in Arlington, Texas, on two acres of land. Within the property are twelve units consisting of different types of rooms, each with its own features. Manor House Rooms have king-sized beds and a private bathroom. Carriage House Rooms have queen-sized beds, a bathroom, and access to a balcony. Cottage Suites have king beds, a living room space, a bathroom with a jetted tub, and a kitchen area with a minifridge and microwave. Finally, Bella Suites have two bedrooms—one with a king bed and the other with a queen-sized bed. The Bella Suites also contain a minifridge and microwave, a shared living room, and two bathrooms. Guests staying at the establishment also have the opportunity to park in gated, private parking.

The outside of the main building in the property is yellow with a dark green roof. Several white columns support porch areas in the front of the house with multiple levels. In the back, there is a courtyard that has been paved to allow various events and activities to take place there. Around the property are pots and garden hangers holding different kinds of flowers and plants. Above one of the multiple paths on the property is an arched covering that is decorated with an assortment of foliage. There are also numerous three-tiered fountains decorated with elaborate designs. During the Christmas holiday, the front porch and trees are often decorated for the season with lights and ornaments. Back in the courtyard, chairs are set up to act as a place where guests can sit and enjoy themselves.

Another feature that the inn offers are various event opportunities. There are several areas within the property that can be rented out for events such as weddings, baby showers, and collaborations. Multiple gazebos and fountains have been built over the years during the inn's development, and they can provide a suitable environment for special events.

For the guests staying at the Sanford House Inn, breakfast is provided. The breakfast often consists of things such as omelets, bacon, sausage, fresh fruit, eggs benedict, and more. There are available options for those who are gluten-free or lactose intolerant. The breakfast is served in the property's restaurant for patrons of the inn. In the afternoon and evening, the restaurant opens to the public and serves various dishes for lunch and dinner. These meals include menu options such as soups, salads, crab cake, croissants, and various meats and desserts. Guests of Sanford House Inn are able to eat at the restaurant during that time, though meals other than breakfast are not included in their room's price.

Within the main house of the establishment is the spa and salon, which is also open to the public. There, visitors can enjoy treatments on their hands, feet, face, and more. The spa is something guests staying at the inn can participate in, but an additional charge is required. Room prices do not cover things such as house events, which happen occasionally. The house events usually serve food and have some kind of activity in which guests can participate.


The owners of the Sanford House Inn strive for a place where people can feel comfortable and safe. The owner explains it as "a home away from home." To the staff, customer service is essential. Making the guests comfortable is one of their priorities while working on the property. Many guests have mentioned the hospitality the workers have shown, and a few guests have expressed personal appreciation of that fact. One, in particular, said that "Our waiter Anthony Pearce made us feel so special. He was very professional and always with a smile".

Guests who visit the Sanford House Inn are often there for an event that will be taking place on the property. Others go to the inn for a short vacation. There is a wide variety of people who stay on the property, including families and older couples. The establishment also gets a decent amount of repeat guests.

An example of events that take place frequently on the property is weddings. The weddings are held in the back of the property in a courtyard. There is a large patio that is often used for the place where the bride and groom stand during the ceremony. The patio has multiple white columns supporting a green roof. The roof is lined with tiny lights that can be turned on during evening and night weddings to produce light for the guests. The Sanford House offers catering services and provides much of the equipment that would be needed for a traditional wedding. Additionally, inside of the property, there are spaces where tables and chairs can be set up for receptions or similar events.

Rules at the property are simple and established in a document that guests are asked to sign. Respect is very important to the owners of the inn, and they want all of their guests to feel respected and comfortable.

When hiring people, the owners are careful to choose people who are willing to communicate with the guests and to interact with fellow staff members. It is also crucial to the owners that the staff can serve good food, provide quality service, and respect the guest's wishes and requests.

The hard work that the owners put into the Sanford House Inn has been mentioned by a few visitors to the property. According to a guest, "The décor is very appealing. The restaurant was excellent. The staff was very nice." Others have agreed with this and have left positive reviews regarding the staff, the property, the rooms, the breakfast, other meals at Restaurant506, and the overall cleanliness of the establishment.


The Sanford House Inn was built in 1997 by the current owner's family. It was built to serve as a bed and breakfast, and as a place to host events. The establishment has been owned by a single family since its opening a few decades ago. Since it has first opened, the property has been altered over time. These changes were made to make guests more comfortable. The changes also made it, so there was more space to hold events and more features for guests to enjoy. In 1998 the cottages were built to serve as a place for people to stay. Soon after the cottages, the event space of the property was created. After its creation, it started to be used frequently by people and started encouraging more people to stay at the inn. With the year 2000 came the salon, which was used by the guests and the public frequently. It became one of the property's most popular things to do. Six years after the salon was built, the ground was paved to create the courtyard. Chairs and tables were set on the courtyard soon after, and it quickly became a place where people could relax. In 2009 the Bella Suites were added to the house. Other additions were added to the house over a span of a few years. These additions include a bar and a large parking lot where guests could safely park their cars.

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