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The Star Inn

The Star Inn is located in the United Kingdom in the city of Baiton. Lynne Kardamis and Spiros Leivaditos, the property owners, lived in Greece and worked in the tourist industry before starting the bed and breakfast. Currently, there is a pub and a bed and breakfast on the property, and the establishment has five rooms available to be reserved. Each room is furnished with a bed and a shower room, with one room having amenities for those with mobility needs. Breakfast is not included in the base price; visitors need to check in for that separately. If a guest would like, they may visit and participate in the different activities in the area around the Inn. The Inn is open year-round, and Lynne notes that the busiest time for the property is during the summer.


Located in the city of Baiton within the United Kingdom is the bed and breakfast named The Star Inn. The property offers five rooms available for potential visitors. Inside, the rooms' color decor is creme with red and purple accents. Various amenities are available to patrons while staying at the establishment. One of the items included in every room is one or more furnished beds. However, the size of the available beds may vary depending on the room reserved. A private bathroom is another provided amenity, which includes a shower and a toilet. Suppose a potential patron requires mobility accommodations during their stay. In that case, it is recommended by one of the owners, Lynne Kardamis, to reserve the room with a "wet room" instead of the rooms with a private bathroom. Additionally, guests of each room have access from their unit to an exterior seating area. There is also a coffee maker and television in each room. As reported by Lynne, an additional feature of each room is that they are all "quite soundproof" and can reduce the noise coming in from the exterior.

Another central part of the grounds of the property is the pub which the other owner, Spiros Leivaditos, mainly runs. Everyone, including those not staying at the inn, is allowed to visit the pub. While an individual is visiting the pub, they are allowed to use the games available such as the dartboard, pool table, and dominos. Lynne says that the pub is also where the food is served to those visiting. Each meal is done in the pub's dining room, which is separated from the bar area, but the dining room doors have been removed recently, giving the room, as Lynne says, an "open feel and visibility of the bar area." 

While guests are making reservations, they can also add breakfast as an option to their experience for an additional fee. Breakfast begins at 7:00 a.m. and goes on until 8:30 a.m., but the time may be extended on the weekends. Various foods are served for breakfast which Spiros cooks, and if a guest would like the list of the foods, they can be found on the menu. Food on the menu may include but is not limited to sausage, poached eggs on toast, and coffee, and Lynn mentions that the Spiros can serve a "full English breakfast." Lynn also adds that they can generally accommodate dietary needs and restrictions that a visitor may have and that they are informed before or at check-in so that they may shop for needed supplies. According to Lynne, different options such as Greek-styled foods may be available for lunch and dinner.


Lynne says that she hopes guests feel "comfortable and at home" during their stay and can "be who they want to be." To create this culture, Lynne mentions that they try to meet the needs of each visitor, and each individual can determine how much interaction they have with others and staff. Additionally, Lynne says they have policies they would like each patron to understand and follow. There is to be no smoking in any reserved rooms or the pub. However, guests can smoke in the included outside area attached to each room. If a couple would like to bring children to the property, they must reserve two rooms. 

Previous patrons of The Star Inn have left reviews of the property. One former visitor who made remarks about the available amenities of the rooms said, "We had a large, clean room. The facilities are very good. The evening meal and breakfast were excellent. The hostess was also friendly." Another guest said, "Clean room and bathroom, comfy bed, pub outside the door, Greek food on the menu, nice dining room/bar. The breakfast was great." 

Lynne explains that the inn operates year-round. Lynne also adds that there are many reasons why previous visitors have stayed at The Star Inn and that they have a diverse "cross-section" of people who come. Some patrons have stayed to attend events such as weddings, business meets, birthday parties, and others. Lynne has noted summer to be a time when the bed and breakfast is busier. Additionally, Lynne says that different days of the week are used to host different leagues during winter. The sporting leagues hosted at that time may include darts, pool, and dominos, with men and women having separate organized leagues for each game.

There are various activities in the surrounding region that guests can participate in during their stay. Lynne says that there are walking and biking paths near the inn. If visitors enjoy fishing, Lynne also mentions that previous guests have traveled to lakes and rivers near the establishment to participate in that activity. Additionally, Lynne says that different past visitors staying at The Star Inn have gone bird-watching while others have researched the area's history. According to Lynne, the inn is also about a 20-minute drive to the coastline. If a guest would like to go out to eat, Lynne says that there are several dining areas ranging in styles of food, with some being listed by Lynne as Chinese and Indian. There are also restaurants that may serve pizza and others that offer fish and chips.


Owners of the Star Inn, Lynne and Spiros, have been running the property for around 13 years. They are not the original property owners but the first owners to use the property as a bed and breakfast. Lynne says that she and Spiros previously lived in Greece and worked in the tourist industry before moving to the UK. Lynne mentions that various reasons led her and Spiros to move from Greece to the UK. One reason was that they would be moving near Lynn's mother. After Lynne and Spiros started running the property, they made some changes which mainly consisted of updating the interior and trying to give the pub, as Lynne says, an "old pub feel." Additionally, Lynne adds that buildings on the property may have been constructed during World War II and may have been used for a beer house during that time. While updating the property, Lynne says that flowers were added to the ground to "pretty it up."

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