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The Stepping Stone Inn

The Stepping Stone Inn

The Stepping Stone Inn is located in Salem, Massachusetts, and is within walking distance of a variety of attractions and recreational activities. There are six units available for reservation from April to November. Each of the rooms is unique in decoration, though they have similar amenities inside. Patrons who want to bring a pet can call ahead and inquire about rooms that can accommodate them. A light continental breakfast is offered each morning as well. Matt and Kelly, the current owners of the inn, would like their visitors to feel "secure and happy" at the establishment. One particularly notable aspect of the property is that there are two cats that reside on the premises and can sometimes be found roaming some of the common areas, though it is worth mentioning that they do not have access to the guest rooms.


The Stepping Stone Inn is a bed and breakfast with six guest rooms available for reservation, most of which are located on the second floor. The names of the units are Big Sur, Monterey, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Salem, and Boston. Each one is uniquely decorated after the cities they are named after and has books and pictures related to their namesakes. All units have private bathrooms. Four of the rooms have ensuite bathrooms, while the other two have separate restrooms that are within close proximity of the accommodations. They also have similar amenities, such as televisions, alarm clocks, and queen-sized beds. According to the owners, Matt and Kelly, the Salem room tends to be the most popular. The Salem unit is the only guest room located on the third floor.

The Stepping Stone Inn serves a fairly light continental breakfast for occupants. Breakfast typically consists of Biscottis, breakfast cookies, and fruit each morning, usually from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Matt also makes coffee to accompany the food, which is his own distinctive blend. The inn is unable to accommodate dietary restrictions.

Those who are staying at The Stepping Stone Inn have access to various common rooms in the building, namely the parlor and the dining room. The dining room provides coffee service throughout the day. Visitors also have a chance to see the two cats that live at the home. Blakey and Sonny, the house cats, typically roam the common areas but none of the guest rooms in an effort to keep the rooms allergen-free.

The establishment is centrally located to many different attractions nearby. A few noteworthy places that are within walking distance include The Salem Witch Museum and the historic Salem Common, which the town is built around. Pickering Wharf offers various shopping and dining options near the ocean's edge. According to Matt and Kelly, Salem has a reputation for being "a foodie town," and there are many restaurants available for guests to eat at. A few that they like to mention by name to inquiring visitors are Turner's Seafood, The Ledger, and Sea Level Oyster Bar, which offers views of the ocean. 


The Stepping Stone Inn owners want their occupants to feel "secure and happy" and "like a part of Salem." They make an effort to welcome people personally and provide information about some of the local attractions. While they try to maintain a level of good communication with guests, they also want to respect their patrons' privacy and refrain from bothering them if they would rather have time to themselves.

Several policies are implemented at the Stepping Stone Inn that visitors should be aware of during their stay. Pets are only allowed in specific units, so the owners recommend that patrons call ahead of time to ensure they reserve a room that can accommodate animals. Children under the age of five are not permitted at the inn. Quiet time begins at 10:00 p.m. each night and continues until the following morning. The business only hosts events or activities occasionally, but they may sometimes make accommodations for special occasions, such as weddings. However, they prioritize maintaining a peaceful and calm atmosphere and discourage activities that may be noisy.

Many patrons who have spent time at the inn have left reviews of their experience. One person wrote, "The location is convenient, and everything is within a five- to seven-minute walk. The owners were sweet, and Matt's famous coffee in the morning was delicious. The house is a historical marvel, charming and comforting with some cute kitties." The Stepping Stone Inn operates seasonally, opening its doors from April to November, with the fall season, particularly September and October, being the busiest period due to Halloween festivities in Salem. During October, the owners note that the town has a variety of Halloween-themed events. The typical demographic of visitors tends to be diverse, but Matt and Kelly remark that they frequently host couples and mother-daughter duos.


The Stepping Stone Inn is a historic bed and breakfast that was erected in 1846. According to the owners of the business, Matt and Kelly, the house has a rich history, as it has been the residence of notable figures such as Abraham True, who was a naval officer. Abraham True served as the overseer of the Customs House, during which time Nathaniel Hawthorne was a customs officer. The property transitioned from being a single-family home to a boarding house during the Great Depression. About two decades later, the home became a private residence once again. It wasn't until 1984 that the Turner family, the owners at the time, turned the house into an inn.

The current owners, Mark and Kelly, who purchased the establishment in 2014, have made a variety of updates to the bed and breakfast's interior. They put forth the effort to maintain the historical aspects of the home while adding and maintaining more modern amenities. According to Matt, the building sports a more "Greek Revival style." While no major expansion plans or changes are prepared for the property in the future, the owners explain that they want to focus on general upkeep and minor improvements.

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