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The Sunset Inn

The Sunset Inn is located in the village of Provincetown in Massachusetts. The inn is open from the spring until the fall of each year, with a peak in occupancy during the months of July and August. There are a total of 20 rooms available for reservations at The Sunset Inn. Many people who choose to come to the inn are those who enjoy traveling in groups. The inn can accommodate larger groups as it is a larger building and has a third floor available for housing groups of people rather than couples.


The village-city of Provincetown, Massachusetts, is home to many guest houses, inns, and bed and breakfasts. One of the lodging options available is The Sunset Inn, located a block and a half away from the coast of Cape Cod, and in the heart of the downtown district of Provincetown. This 20-room house was originally constructed in 1860, with many additional cottages and rooms that merged with the original building over the decades. Its size is a unique aspect compared with other inns of the area. The three-story house has maintained much of its old, rustic style as time has passed. Red bricks surround the foundation of the property, and the main proportion of the house is white, with accents of gray and dark green. There are balconies on both the second and third floors, overlooking the ocean. The city of Provincetown is situated on the very edge of the Cape Cod National Seashore. This landmass curls away from the main bulk of Massachusetts, providing an environment that is almost completely surrounded by the sea. Within Sunset Inn, guests will find an assortment of rooms spread across the three floors of the house. There are no specific themes to the rooms, and the decorations vary from suite to suite. Room 101 is arguably the most popular room at the inn, offering a king-sized bed, a location in the oldest part of the house, and views of the bay. Each room provides basic amenities such as small refrigerators, air conditioning, televisions, and clean bathrooms. It should be noted that while most of the rooms at The Sunset Inn have access to private bathrooms, the suites on the third floor of the house have shared bathrooms, making them more convenient for people traveling in groups. The various decks on-site come equipped with lawn chairs, glass-top tables, and beach umbrellas. Other sitting areas can be found inside, in either the main living room or the lobby. Due to the large size of the property, breakfast is served in a continental style. Muffins, bagels, cereal, oatmeal, fruit, coffee, juice, milk, yogurt, and other food items are provided on the first floor. The inn also serves as the home-owners' private residence. The Sunset Inn is only open from the spring season to late fall, with peak seasons of occupancy typically occurring in July and August.


The culture at The Sunset Inn can best be compared to that of a resort. The city of Provincetown is known for its rich history and culture, meaning that people are typically coming to the area with specific things in mind that they'll wish to do during their stay. Sunset Inn is a functional, central location within the city, allowing visitors to walk to most essential attractions. The larger size of the inn when compared to the surrounding competition, is a unique factor. It allows for more prominent groups to travel together. Andy—who has owned The Sunset Inn for 20 years—says that he thinks around 75% of their guests are repeat guests. He attributes this to the friendships that form when people come to stay at his inn. He enjoys meeting new people, yet he also considers it to be part of his job. "If you're an innkeeper and you don't like other people, you're in trouble," he says. "It's a people business." Andy makes efforts to hire staff members that share his same philosophy of friendliness. Guest reviews of the property are generally positive and frequently make note of the views the property offers, the prices of the rooms, the hosts' service, and the convenient location near downtown. One guest remarked, "The Inn was so lovely, and sparkling clean. Owners were very accommodating and welcoming. The location is excellent; everything you need is steps away." As a town, Provincetown is known for its emphasis on art and museums, in addition to its easy access to multiple beaches. Activities such as kayaking and whale-watching are prominent, capitalizing on the coastal atmosphere of eastern Massachusetts.


The Sunset Inn was originally built in 1860. For the first 80 years of the house's existence, little is known about its functions or history. It is suspected that the house first served as the private residence for a fisherman who owned a fleet of boats, yet that is all of the available information detailing the building's history predating World War II. During the war, the home served as a resting place for wounded soldiers. Additional sections were added to the house in order to accommodate the increase in its dwellers. In 1945, renowned painter, Edward Hopper, did an art piece showing the exterior features of The Sunset Inn, simply titled "Rooms for Tourists." It is currently exhibited in the Yale University Art Gallery. Starting in the 1950s, the building began to function as a rooming house. It was owned by a doctor, whose wife wanted people to be able to come and visit. During that time, most of the additions to the building that are seen today were constructed. Extra cottages and rooms were constructed on the premises. Eventually, those extra shoot-offs would be merged together with the main house to form a larger, more expansive building. Twenty years ago, The Sunset Inn came into the ownership of a man named Andy. He had previously worked in the lodging industry when he was younger but eventually chose to work in the corporate world. He did this for 40 years, eventually growing tired of it and seeking the same heart-felt profession he had known in his youth once more.

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