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The Wolcott House Bed and Breakfast

The Wolcott House Bed and Breakfast

The Wolcott House Bed and Breakfast, located in Fenton, Michigan, has four accommodations available to guests year-round. Three are located in the main house of the establishment and have different décor styles that match the names of the rooms. The President's Room features "Americana style" furnishings, the Garden Room is decorated in green and white with floral decals, and the Honeymoon suite has shades of pink and white throughout. The cottage at the back of the property is rented on a longer-term basis, such as month to month. The exterior of the property features a Train Garden, constructed and maintained by Sean, one of the owners. The garden has different miniature buildings such as Wolcott Mines, Wolcott Lumber, and Wolcott Lake. Constructed for aesthetic appearance are ponds and fountains on the grounds as well. The motto of the establishment is "step back in time," fitting with the antique décor found in the home.


In the town of Fenton, Michigan sits the Wolcott House Bed and Breakfast. The two-story building has four guest units available, three in the main house and a cottage on the back of the property. Elaine, one of the owners, describes the interior as "decorated in victorian era" style, with antiques throughout the home. Each of the three rooms in the main house has a different theme, such as the Garden Room, the Honeymoon Suite, and the President's Room, which features "Americana-themed" décor. The President's Room features a red, white, and blue star patterned quilt, books, and antiques related to the former presidents of the United States, and a private half-bath. The Garden Room also has a private half-bath, and the two rooms share a shower room located down the hall. With a full bath and a jacuzzi tub, the Honeymoon Suite is, according to Elaine, the most popular accommodation at the bed and breakfast. It is also reportedly the largest of the three rooms in the main house, as it includes a fireplace and a seating area. The cottage located on the property is rented out on a weekly or monthly basis.

On the grounds, both inside and out, are common areas for those visiting the property. Inside the main house is a parlor room and a dining room. Books and Wi-Fi service are available inside the building for guest use as well. The exterior of the bed and breakfast features additional common areas for visitors. Such spaces across the two acres of land include fountains, ponds, sitting areas with outdoor furniture, a fire pit area, and a patio. There is also a "train garden" that has five G-Scale train tracks to places such as Wolcott Mines, The Wolcott Bros. Circus, The Tiny Town of Wolcott, The Wolcott Lumber Camp, and Lake Wolcott. Created by Sean, the co-owner of the bed and breakfast, the garden was inspired after Sean saw a similar display on a guided tour that he and Elaine went to. The rest of the grounds feature mature trees that make it so that, according to Elaine, at certain times of the year "you can't even see the neighbors."

Each morning at The Wolcott House Bed and Breakfast, a three-course breakfast is served. The courses generally consist of home-baked goods by Elaine, a seasonal dish of fresh fruit, and an entrée. Elaine reports that the "signature dish" of the inn is a baked egg dish. Normally, breakfast is served at 8:30 AM; however, Elaine says that she does make adjustments for people if they have morning plans or activities scheduled. Additionally, if given advance notice, she is willing to accommodate those with dietary restrictions as much as possible. 


Elaine reports that the atmosphere of the bed and breakfast is "more mature," stating that those hoping to stay at the property must be over 18 years of age. Other policies that guests coming to the establishment should be aware of include no smoking on the grounds or inside the home, and pets are prohibited from being inside the main house. Those who are renting the cottage as a "long-term" option are allowed to bring their pets, but for short-term patrons of the main home, pets are not allowed to accompany their owners. There is not a designated quiet time in the evenings for guests, and Elaine says that "it is pretty quiet around [the bed and breakfast] in general." 

While staying at the inn, Elaine and Sean hope that their visitors can feel relaxed, comfortable, and happy. They strive to provide "whatever [guests] need," during their visit, and they try to interact with patrons when possible. Those who have previously been to the Wolcott House have frequently commented on the "charming" ambiance in the home, the hospitality of Elaine and Sean, and the historical details of the décor. One guest said, "The owners did a great job decorating the place, with a lot of attention to detail. In the evening, a nice soundtrack was softly playing downstairs, which greeted me in the evening as I came in for the night. The gardens are beautiful and the rooms are clean." 

In the area, the owners report that there are various activities and attractions throughout the year. One such activity is the Renaissance Festival, taking place in Holly, Michigan at the end of August each year. Elaine says that many of her guests during this time of year are coming to see the festival. There is also a hot air balloon festival hosted by a local company called Balloon Quest, which allows visitors to ride in the hot air balloons. Some local places to eat that Sean and Elaine recommend include the Fenton Hotel Tavern and Grill, The Laundry, and Andiamo. 


The Wolcott House Bed and Breakfast has been functioning in its current capacity for the past 21 years. Elaine and Sean purchased the building in 1999 and began work to convert the structure into what would become the inn. After looking for a change, the couple stumbled upon the home which had been abandoned before they took ownership. After purchasing the property, they added the ponds to the grounds as well as adding the patio and a walkway. Inside, they made many cosmetic changes and styled each of the rooms to their current décor themes. 

The home was originally built in 1900 by a man by the name of Crane. Not much is known about the original builder; however, between 1923 and the early 1970s, the home was owned and lived in by the Wolcott Family, the namesake of the bed and breakfast. According to Elaine, Mr. Wolcott was a prominent businessman in the town during his life, and his family lived in the home for several generations. 

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